Doba.com Review – Is It Good for Dropshipping?

As entrepreneurs, we need to make sure that we make logical and profitable decisions. I’m constantly looking for new tools to use that either save me time or make me money. I’ve recently been looking into Doba as many Oberlo users have asked us to explain the difference between the two platforms. In this Doba.com review, I will detail how Doba dropshipping works, pros and cons, Doba reviews from customers and more.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is when a retailer doesn’t carry inventory of product but rather uses a manufacturer to hold inventory. Then, the manufacturer ships the products directly to the customer on the retailer’s behalf.

Dropshipping appeals mostly to two types of entrepreneurs: new and risk averse. New entrepreneurs dropship products as they may not have experience running an online store. However, new marketers may have strong marketing skills that allow them to experience and succeed in entrepreneurship. Risk averse entrepreneurs also prefer dropshipping as they aren’t required to buy products in bulk saving them money. They also don’t have to hold inventory or meet minimum sales thresholds. Thus, making it a conservative business model that still allows great potential for big profit.

When comparing dropshipping to wholesale, dropshipping tends to be more favorable. When wholesaling, you buy products at a much cheaper rate but you need to buy and carry inventory and ship them out yourself. Also, you put yourself at risk if you don’t sell your inventory.  When dropshipping, you don’t carry inventory, you don’t ship products, and you don’t need to hire staff to package and ship orders. Buying products as a dropshipper might be slightly more expensive (but not by much) when compared to wholesaling but the benefits of reduced workload while minimizing risk makes it a better alternative. You also benefit from much lower shipping costs.

What is Doba Dropshipping?

The Doba dropshipping platform connects entrepreneurs or retailers to products they can sell. Their website boasts a selection of over two million products ranging from apparel to books. Doba provides retailers the tool they need to find products to sell, export them into their store, and ensure that the supplier ships the product out when an order comes through.

How Does Doba.com Work?

Sourcing Doba Products and Suppliers

There are two main ways to find Doba products: ‘Catalog’ and ‘Suppliers.’ Under Catalog, Doba users can search for Doba products via search bar or by scrolling through trending products in various niches.

Under ‘Suppliers,’ you can either search through their newly added suppliers or search their listings to find suppliers you’re familiar with. With the new suppliers, you might not be familiar with their quality but it allows you to test it out to see if they’re worth continuing with. With their supplier listings, you can choose brand names you know and trust or check to see if a supplier you use has added any new products to add to your store.

Managing Your Inventory

When you first create a store during your trial period, you’ll find that there are already 20 items pre-loaded into your Inventory. This can be frustrating if you started adding products first. However, the items can be removed manually when you go to each product page and click on the remove tab above the product image. They’ll likely be easy to spot as there isn’t a consistent niche among the products preloaded into your inventory.

When it comes to building out your product line for your first store, make sure they have a consistent theme. For example, if your store is a clothing store for women, you might not only sell fashion items. You could also sell jewelry, shoes and handbags as it’s still relevant to your audience. You need to make sure that you keep your ideal customer in mind when selecting items for your inventory.

Exporting to Your Store

Once you have chosen your inventory you can export product information into an XML spreadsheet or other format. The final spreadsheet will detail valuable information such as the dropship fee, supplier, product name, product description and more.

Managing Doba Orders

As orders come in through your website, you can manage them in Doba. You can place orders and make payments on their platform. Under status, on the left-hand side, you can easily view items that are pending payment, shipping pending, have been shipped, and more.

Doba.com Review – Pros

Doba Reviews –  Cons

Also, many of their trending products are in the high-end range ($80+) though they have a couple of items featured under $10. As a dropshipper, you’ll want to ensure you have enough variety in product prices so that you can ensure you have products that appeal to your ideal market. However, choosing only expensive products makes marketing more difficult as it doesn’t appeal to a great majority. It’s harder to find customers who will buy high end products that you can find affordably with ease.

Doba Vs Oberlo Review

While Doba and Oberlo are both in the dropshipping space, they both differ from each other greatly. Here’s why:

Doba.com Dropshipping Review – Is it worth it?

At first glance, Doba offers a wide selection of branded products. The product brand recognition alone can draw in a dropshipper in quickly. However, their high prices is likely going to make your dropshipping business short-lived. It’s a competitive marketplace out there. In order to create a sustainable, long-term thriving business, a retailer needs to have access to affordable products with margins that’ll allow them to market their business, cover necessary business expenses and make a profit.

For someone to succeed using Doba, they’d need to be able to create low-cost ads in order to make any real profit off their product. They’d also need to promote their products on their own website as they wouldn’t be able to offer competitive pricing even if they wanted to despite a big angle of how dropshippers can sell on Ebay and Amazon.

This Doba review shows that Doba  may not be worth pursuing. However, that doesn’t mean you should rule out dropshipping altogether.

Best Doba Alternative

Oberlo is the best alternative to Doba. Here’s why:

When it comes to dropshipping, Oberlo is definitely worth exploring.

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