Dropshipping Tip of the Week #1

Despite the obvious benefits of dropshipping compared to other eCommerce business models, as a dropshipper you could encounter issues that you may not be fully prepared for.

One of the things that can get in your way is the issue of time. If you have processed a large number of separate Oberlo orders in one day, you probably spent many hours ordering products because you had to make numerous small transactions when processing each order individually. That time could have been better spent on marketing or developing new ideas for your business.

Plus, sometimes many separate, small transactions can trigger questions from your payment provider.

Here is a quick tip on how you can process a bunch of orders in only a few steps, which will allow you to save time and lower risks.


After you have placed an order and have been redirected to the payment page, instead of paying for each product separately, scroll down and click “Cancel payment and return to AliExpress”. This way you won’t have to continue with the payment right away, but your order will still be saved. You can later review it in the ‘Awaiting Payments’ section.

Awaiting Payments section


Repeat this with as many orders as you need and then go to the ‘My Orders’ page, where you will see all of the orders waiting to be paid. Now you can finish processing a large number of orders all at once instead of making small orders every time.

My Orders page

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  • This old and doesn’t work. The button now says “Confirm and Pay”

  • MushroomApe

    So what’s the new way of doing this? Is there a way to automate putting in customers addresses?

  • Here’s another workaround:

    Start fulfilling process until you go to “Review your order” stage. Select the option “Other payment methods” and click “Confirm & Pay”- http://take.ms/XSZUM

    When it redirects you to the next page, just close it and go to another order.

    All these orders will appear in AliExpress orders page as “awaiting payment.”

    Go to ‘Awaiting payments’ tab and select orders you want to pay for – http://take.ms/aMFqP

  • Ben

    Is it possible to have this feature built in to the extension?

  • It’s already automated – we could close the order for you automatically, but some people do want to place orders one by one.

  • pz

    How about a checkbox with “automatic/manual” ?
    Would be a great time safer. I mean that lets say you have 20 pending orders, you click on “automatic fulfillment” and oberlo opens one tab after another (if this is possible? otherwise all tabs at once and you have to limit it so ur browser won’t crash?`)
    and once all the orders are “in” (let’s say you eat / shower for a few minutes) return and checkout/pay ?

    Because otherwise if you have a few hundred sales you will have hours of clicking and clicking. I think this would be a big incentive for a lot more people to buy oberlo.

  • We’re building a platform separate from AliExpress to introduce fully automated dropshipping. As for now, I’m afraid we can’t automate this even more. Oberlo users who make 100+ sales a day usually hire a virtual assistant at Upwork.com or other platform to help them with customer support, orders fulfillment and general store maintenance. Anyway, I mark this down as a feature suggestion and I really appreciate you letting us know what features you’d like to see at Oberlo. Most of the features we do come from the suggestions like yours.

  • pz

    I wouldnt feel comfortable with virtual assistants being logged into my Aliexpress account and having my payment details?

    Or how does this work? Am i missing a point ?

  • You can sign up at AliPay, and then you won’t need to give your VA your credit card information. You might ask people at http://ask.oberlo.com how they work with their VAs.

  • pz

    Thanks for your help!

  • Shri

    Hi @tomasslimas:disqus I’d like to know more about your new dropshipping platform. Can you please send the link for that. Can’t wait to see how it works 🙂

  • Hey @disqus_9fCV4jR0DL:disqus,

    The new platform will be integrated with Oberlo. It’s not yet released, but you’ll be access it from the Oberlo app you’re using right now.

  • David Santana

    Is there a way to add multiple customer addresses prior to completing all purchases on Ali using this method?

  • Hey,

    Not sure I understand your question right.

    Note, that your customers’ addresses will be added automatically. If that doesn’t answer your question, get back to me with more details so we can discuss it 😉


  • David Santana

    I am new to drop shipping etc. If I rather place multiple orders at once versus one at a time, does Oberlo automatically upload a customer address per order? and when I place the orders all at once would it be with the specific customers info/address and item of purchase?
    The reason I ask if because I am hesitant on raising a red flag with Paypal and would probably prefer placing a few orders at one time versus placing each order one at a time. Am I making sense?

  • Yep, your customers’ addresses will be added automatically 😉

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