28 Dec, 2016

Can You Please Give Me Feedback On My Store?

I always see new entrepreneurs on forums asking others the same question. ‘Hey, can you please give me feedback on my store?’ They ask not realizing that their competitors are in the same group. Getting online store feedback is important as you’ll need to ensure that your website is presentable for potential customers. However, who you ask for the feedback is crucial in the success of your business. Here’s a general overview of who to contact and what I look for to provide myself feedback on my store:

1. Online Store Feedback – Make sure your store has all the necessary information

Before asking for feedback on my store, the first thing I do is ensure that my website is complete. I ensure that shipping information is available for customers to read. Since shipping times tend to be longer than expected, it’s important to have that information easily accessible in the footer of the website.

Next, I look over my Returns and Refunds page and double check the content of the information. Afterwards, I’ll look over my About Us page. I might add in a couple of extra images to better create a human connection. Then, I ensure that the Contact Us page has several ways for a customer to contact me. I add a live chat app. I double check to ensure that the email address is working.

Also, I read over How I Launched my eCommerce Store in Less Than 30 Minutes for any other pages and things to do. Having all this information on your store helps build customer trust.

Lastly, I do one final proofread of the website. I ensure there aren’t any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

2. Feedback On My Store – How to have a perfect product page

Your product pages have to be perfect. Why? Your product pages will likely be the landing pages for your ads. They need to be optimized to help convert the sale.

When importing products to your store, ensure that the product images are high quality. If the store number or brand name is written on top of the model, don’t import the product. Find another supplier or another image instead. If the logo is on the top corner and doesn’t interfere with the product image, remove it in Photoshop, Canva or Paint. Otherwise, you’ll lose potential customers who choose to look up the brand and realize that they can buy it more affordably on AliExpress.

A big mistake many make with their copy is that they import the bullet points provided from AliExpress without making adjustments. Many of the bullet points can be removed. Also, you might want to stick with a consistent format. For example, you might want fabric information listed first for all product pages. Next, having a couple of sentences describing the product will also help convert the sale. Oberlo doesn’t import product descriptions so you’ll need to write your own. Keep the copy consistent with your brand. For example, if you sell funny t-shirts you might have funny copy to go with it.

On your product page, having a countdown timer will help encourage conversions. On one of my stores, we temporarily removed the timer and our sales drastically decreased. Personally, I use Hurrify Countdown Timer on my store, but you can choose the one that works best for you.

Your product pages should also have badges such as free shipping or money back guarantee. What does your store offer customers that you want to highlight? Create a badge for it and add it to your product page.

3. Online Store Feedback – Does Your Product Selection Make Sense?

When I first started creating stores in 2013, I made an epic product selection mistake. I didn’t focus on one niche. When I asked people for feedback on my store, they told me to start with one focus and grow into categories that make sense. For example, if you sell women’s apparel, selling furniture or electronics on your store doesn’t make sense. However, if you sell women’s apparel, you can eventually expand into jewelry, shoes, and handbags.

When it comes to product organization, there most common mistake I see from people asking for online store feedback is that the product categories aren’t specific. For example, they’ll have categories called women’s or men’s. In the women’s category, all their women’s products are there with no organization. However, trying to browse through an unorganized women’s category can be overwhelming. Thus, having specific categories like dresses, blouses, skirts, etc, under a women’s category tend to be easier to browse through.

A great benefit to Oberlo is that you can view the order volume and product reviews for each AliExpress product. Thus, if you choose products with high order volume and positive reviews then your product selection will be validated. When starting out, stick to the best sellers.

4. Feedback On My Store – Are you marketing your store?

Typically people ask for a new store critique when they launch their store and don’t get sales right away. As an experienced marketer, I tend to get sales from day one. However, if you don’t have a background in marketing, you might need to sign up for an online course to learn how to market your store.

You’ll need to experiment with Facebook ads. Most people don’t create their best ad first. They test different products. They test different copy. They test different audiences. To succeed with Facebook ads, you need to create several ads before you start creating a sustainable business. You can start by creating several $5 ads to determine your best products. Then, once you’ve narrowed down your best-sellers, you can start tweaking the demographics to maximize your ad spend. Don’t give up on a niche after one failed ad.

If you struggle to get any sales with Facebook Ads, then you should try Instagram influencer marketing. You can also check out Snapchat or YouTube. However, even with influencer marketing, you’ll need to experiment. There are some influencers who aren’t good at converting customers. For example, if an influencer is posting products too often their audience may become exhausted. It takes time finding influencers that convert well.

In addition, you should also be focused on building a social following. If your website links to a social media, and you have no posts or followers, potential customers won’t feel comfortable buying from your store. You have two options. First, you can grow your social media following with Facebook and Instagram Ads to grow your number of followers. Second, you can only put the link to your social media after you’ve grown a small following such as 500+ followers.

5. Online Store Feedback – Other ecommerce store feedback ideas

Before I get feedback on my store, I check both desktop and mobile versions of my website. Sometimes, a popup looks great on desktop but is annoying on mobile. Other times, a banner looks great on mobile but looks bad on desktop. Checking both will give you insight on what needs to be fixed.

Next, a big mistake inexperienced store owners do is pick a bad store name. I often see new store owners naming their store after popular brands. For example, naming your store after another brand but tacking on store, shop, fashion or other word is going to get you in trouble. If the name is trademarked, you’ll get sued. If it isn’t you could create an enemy. It’s bad for branding and SEO. Take the time to come up with a unique brand name.

Also, limit the pop-ups on your homepage. Most find pop-ups annoying. Having one pop-up can be effective for collecting email addresses or calling attention to a sale. However, having multiple popups all at once will likely result in potential customers bouncing off your website, especially on mobile. For example, if you use the FOMO Shopify app, don’t use an email pop-up. You should also avoid themes with too much movement where the text and images popup as you scroll.

6. Where to get feedback on my store

You can always reach out to both Oberlo and Shopify support to get feedback on your store. Gurus have experience analyzing and giving feedback on websites to help you find areas of improvement. Plus, since you can contact them by phone, email, or on social media, it gives you feedback privately without exposing your store to your competitors.

Another option is to ask other entrepreneurs in Facebook groups for feedback on your store. However, by doing this, you expose your niche and website to people who may be competing with you. You’re also getting advice from people who run stores. Instead, seek online store feedback from people who’d be interested in buying your product. Also, sometimes the advice people give conflict with the opinions of others making it difficult for a new entrepreneur to know who’s online store feedback they should listen to.

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Nicole Martins Ferreira: Nicole Martins Ferreira is a content marketer at Oberlo and experienced ecommerce entrepreneur. She’s been building online stores since 2013 and sharing her secrets with Oberlo users since 2016. Follow her on Twitter @nicolemarfer.