By: Tomas Šlimas April 05, 2016

The internet has completely changed the game.

Nowadays, it’s possible to build a business around what you love from just about anywhere in the world on virtually anything you want.

And it costs next to nothing.

This is exactly how Jiri started RingToPerfection.com.

He started the site as a hobby. All he wanted was to find the right rings, bracelets, and other accessories without paying thousands of dollars for them.

Jiri started out just by curating jewelry from different designers on his blog and quickly built a community that loved what he was sharing. Eventually, he decided to use his platform to sell his own jewelry through a dropshipping business — using a Shopify and Oberlo subscription.

How to start an online business overnight

Dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to start a business from scratch almost instantaneously.

Through dropshipping, store owners can sell products to their customers without investing any money into holding inventory. Owners can sell a product, then buy it from their supplier and ship it directly the customer.

This way, you don’t have to invest a ton of money up front into building anything, buying up tons of products, or feel afraid of taking a “leap of faith”. Instead, you can get something up and running and immediately start testing whether your ideas are good.

For Jiri, the first sales came in within a few hours of setting up a dropshipping business.

“We picked a great product to start with and have not looked back since. At first, we couldn’t believe it would start selling that quickly.” — Jiri

It is possible to set up a business around your hobby, but a lot of your success is predicated on picking the right product to sell.

Here’s how Jiri did it.


How to pick the right product to sell

Before he even started selling, Jiri already knew that he was onto something. He knew that he had something people loved and would love to buy.

Most people think that quitting your job and risking everything is the only way to “make it” in business. But in reality, you can validate your product ideas before you ever even offer your product for sale, and virtually guarantee that it’ll be a success.

The best way to validate whether a product idea is good or not is by building an audience first.

You can do this through writing content around your niche that your audience would care about, seeing if people are willing to subscribe to an email list.

Jiri did this well — he started by creating content for his target audience, people who are interested in buying jewelry.

ring-to-perfectionIf people are attracted to your free blog content, if they love the product photos you post on Instagram, etc then chances are, many of them are also willing to buy.

In addition to building a loyal following, Jiri picks products based on price, images, reviews, and popularity, and always browses the internet for new trends and inspiration.

Marketing strategies

As Jiri started to grow Ring to Perfection, he had add in some marketing strategies to take it to a larger level.

“The biggest source is still Facebook and Instagram, but it’s slowly shifting to Google Shopping and organic search.” — Jiri


It’s important to find the right marketing channels to tell the story of your product.

For jewelry, clothing, and anything that’s visually appealing, Instagram can be a platform that gives you huge ROI.

In fact, through Facebook and Instagram alone (primarily), Ring to Perfection does a little over $100k / month in revenue in just 3 months.

Advice to aspiring business owners

Even though dropshipping businesses can be set up in a relatively short period of time, they’re not easy to run. Like any business, it’s hard work.

“[I would recommend to] test and be patient. There is no overnight success, you have to test a lot of different things and keep hustling. When you keep working on it and listen to your customers, you will become successful.” — Jiri

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  • Talberly D. House Jr.

    I saw, on Aliexpress, Pokemon t-shirts that I am interested in dropshipping for my clothing store. But, I heard that I could get into legal trouble if I do go ahead and add these products to my store to sell. Is this true? I’ve seen traditional brick and mortar stores have these very same products that I want to dropship from Aliexpress. Unfortunately, there isn’t much quality information on the matter of drop shipping anime products. I was hoping that you could help. Thanks.

  • Hey! I wouldn’t recommend selling unlicensed products. I’ve found that most of the branded products on AliExpress are knock-offs and you shouldn’t risk your store reputation selling them – though others are doing it.

  • Talberly D. House Jr.

    Thank you and I certainly wouldn’t want a store with a bad reputation. But, I still find dropshipping branded products from AliExpress confusing. On one of your blog posts, The Ultimate Guide to AliExpress subheading “How to Pick the Right Product to Sell”, you have a branded product, MEGIR watches, as a product idea that you like. But, in the above post to my first question, you mentioned that most of the branded products on AliExpress are knock-offs. My goal is to sell products with well known anime characters on them like Pokemon shirts, Naruto chains and etc. What filtering process do you use to know which products are knockoffs? Very much appreciated.

  • MEGIR is a Chinese Watch Manufacturer. When I talk about knock-offs/branded products I refer to popular western brands Nike, Apple or the likes. I’d double check with the supplier whether he/she has a license to sell some products I’m not sure about. There’s no copyrighted products filter on AliExpress and you should pick the products manually (which I know is extremely nuanced).

  • Talberly D. House Jr.

    Thank You. You’ve been a great help!

  • Sonia Cadogan

    Hi I been wanting to open a shopify for months now but there is one thing that I don’t understand. I am from Barbados and I have a scenario that I would like to know how it works out. Say I advertise on Facebook got like $10000 orders how do you gain access to the money to full fill those orders. I don’t have$10000 so the payment gateways let you have access to your money right away so you can use it to buy the products? I hope you understand what I mean. I need to understand how this works soon e I advertise how would I pay all these orders since I wouldn’t have this money. I wouldn’t be able to use PayPal. I would have to use 2checkout or netbilling

  • Gokay

    Hello Tomas. Thank you very much for this precious article. I have a question. Currently I’m using oberlo. While choosing products I didn’t focus on one or two suppliers. Currently there are many different products which have different suppliers. So if a costumer buy three different products and most likely they will have three different suppliers. In this case suppliers will send those products separately and most likely costumer will get those products on different days. What do you advice for this kind of satiations? you might advice to work with one or two suppliers max but in this time i can’t afford gokd price on my shop.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hey Gokay, I don’t think there’s something wrong with three different packages coming from three different suppliers. You could inform your customers in advance (e.g. in the shipping confirmation email) that the order might come in separate packages to increase the speed of delivery and save on shipping costs – I’ve heard a lot of Oberlo users do that.

  • Patricia Echeagaray

    Hi, I am seriously considering a Shopify store for a drop shipping business. Before I do so, I need to know how to avoid customer issues, as I wont have time to deal with this with a family and a demanding full time job. …or will I have time, as it isn’t an issue if I do “A”…… along with “B”……. Do “A” and “B” Exist? Also, in muy research, I am reading that yes, I should have an LLC and other readings say “no, not necessary”. which is it? thanks in advance.