Augmented reality is expected to rapidly grow to $120 billion in revenue by 2020. As a result, augmented reality ecommerce will likely disrupt the ecommerce industry with its ability to personalize and enhance the shopping experience for customers. Approximately 40% of consumers would be willing to spend more on...

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If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to drive more traffic to your store and land more sales, you need to learn how to get free media coverage. Even dropshippers can find a way to captivate a journalist with a story so compelling that it lands them in a...

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Coming up with a great brand name that resonates with your audience, has a great backstory, and an available .com domain can be difficult. You might want something that’s easy to spell or has a nice ring to it. You might’ve been trying to come up with a brand...

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By: Andrew Roach May 30, 2017 Topic: Business Development

It doesn’t matter if you’re an ecommerce veteran, or if you’re just getting started with your first store, it can be difficult to manage an ecommerce business on your own. There are plenty of tasks which you may need to take care of, like customer complaints, or bookkeeping, which...

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A well-written product description has the power to move your customers through your sales funnel. By injecting creativity and product benefits into your product description, your store becomes more likely to convert the casual browser. While most customers make their purchase decision on the product picture, the product description...

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If you’ve ever looked at your abandoned checkouts under ‘Orders’ in your Shopify store you might be overwhelmed by how many customers are abandoning their carts. According to Baymard, 69.23% is the cart abandonment rate for the average online store. Despite the high number, it is possible to recover...

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Creating a customer loyalty program allows you to recognize your customers for their loyalty to your store. Whether they’ve purchased from you once, or they’re on their hundredth visit, it’s important to appreciate every customer who engages, visits, or buys from your store. According to Harvard Business Review, acquiring...

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By: Andrew Roach April 24, 2017 Topic: Business Development

If you’re an ecommerce entrepreneur then you’ve likely already experienced the difficulties which come with managing your store’s inventory. It’s often a time consuming and laborious process, but it’s an essential task for ecommerce entrepreneurs. You may feel that you’re better off dedicating your valuable time to tasks which...

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By: Andrew Roach April 13, 2017 Topic: Business Development

There are a wealth of ecommerce platforms, like Shopify, which are designed to make it easy for entrepreneurs to launch and run their own online store. If you’re an entrepreneur who is already running a successful ecommerce business, however, then you may feel that the current platforms don’t offer...

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By: Andrew Roach March 16, 2017 Topic: Business Development

DISCLAIMER: This article is for informational purposes only, and doesn’t constitute professional legal advice. Oberlo is not liable to you in any way for your use or reliance on this article. It’s essential that ecommerce entrepreneurs know how to register a business, especially at the start of their entrepreneurial...

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