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Oberlo solves the product challenge of ecommerce: You import products from a supplier into your store, and sell them directly to your customers without ever holding inventory.

This is the perfect setup for people who already knew what they wanted to sell. Go to Oberlo, search for your products, identify the best suppliers, and you’re ready to roll. No manufacturing, no items lying around in your warehouse (or your living room).

Just one problem — what about people who don’t know what they want to sell?

We just launched an update to answer that question. Now Oberlo will help you find products to sell, even if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

Introducing Product Discovery, a new way to find the hottest dropshipping products from the most reliable suppliers.

Let’s take a closer look at what Product Discovery means for you and your store.

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Most Popular Categories

Product Discovery has nine featured categories, including some of the most popular categories in ecommerce. In other words, these categories are specifically designed to help you generate sales.

And that’s really the inspiration behind this product launch — making it easier for you to find proven, popular dropshipping products to sell in your store.

Better Search Experience

The ways that you search for products have also been streamlined and optimized. Not only can you access popular categories to choose from, but making those choices is now easier than ever.

When you click on a product category, you immediately find sub-categories to help you zero in. Here, for example, is what you’ll see inside the “Toys & Hobbies” category:

If you narrow your search again by clicking on a sub-category, then the page adapts in a few important ways.

  1. Any searches you enter in the search bar will automatically be limited to your chosen sub-category. If you change the sub-category, the search will adapt to whichever sub-category you’ve selected.
  2. If you want to search a different sub-category or head back to the main categories, there are clickable breadcrumbs to navigate to where you came from. You won’t have to leave the page or wait for anything to reload.

Advanced Filtering for Dropshipping Products

Alright, once you find products that would look good in your store, you can dig deeper to find shipping options and prices that match what you’re looking for.

Shipping location

Let’s start with shipping, which is a vital part of every dropshipping product. After all, when you’re dropshipping, you rely on the supplier to ship products to your customer — wherever those customers might be. Thing is, not all suppliers ship to all countries. And if you want to target a country with products that can’t be shipped there — well, that will be a bit of a problem.

Which is why we are introducing the new shipping location filter:

You can use the shipping filter to make sure your products are aligned with your marketing strategy. If you are targeting the United States, for example, and only want to look at products that ship to the United States, just select it from the dropdown. You will then be shown only dropshipping products that ship to the US.

Shipping method

But maybe just shipping to a country isn’t enough. Maybe you need specific shipping options — like, for example, ePacket Delivery, which is the best way to deliver dropshipping products that come from China (and at the moment, most dropshipping products come from China).

So in addition to country, you can also filter on shipping methods. This tells you the shipping options available in your target countries. These shipping options include:


The price filter lets you see product recommendations that align with your pricing strategy. Just set a price range for how much products cost – this is the price you pay for the product, before you apply a markup in your store price – and products outside that price range are filtered out.

You can also sort product searches based on the following criteria:

Relevance: Find dropshipping products that most closely match your search.

Order Count: Discover the dropshipping products with the highest order count within a particular category or sub-category.

Lowest price: Identify dropshipping products in a particular category with the lowest price.

Highest price: You guessed it — find dropshipping products sorted most to least expensive.

Discover thousands of products you can start selling online. No commitment, no credit card required.

Get Oberlo Now. It’s Free.

Curated Modules

Finally, you can now browse specially curated modules. These modules are designed to help you find products that are either trending upwards or whose peak selling window is approaching.

Here is an overview of the modules that you can access today.

Recommended products

This module is personalized for you and your store. It suggests products based on your shop data. So if you sell watches, for example, you’ll see recommendations for popular watches. If you have a wide variety of items at your store, then you’ll get recommendations for the most popular products across your product categories.

Best-selling products

The best-selling products module features curated collections based on what’s hot. It’s an overview of the most sold items from the past 30 days across all niches.

Trending products

This module is hand-picked and reflects products that we think could experience massive growth over the coming weeks and months. It’s not necessarily the items with the most orders, but instead items that are poised to break out. This is also where you’ll find products whose popularity varies by season – like sunglasses in the summer, Santa hats around Christmas, etc.

David Vranicar
David Vranicar
David Vranicar is a Content Marketer for Oberlo. He wants to give store owners the tools they need to go from first sale to scale. Follow David on Twitter at @davidvranicar.