How to Sell Intimates Online 2018 – Instagram Influencer Guide

We have the feeling you watched our video, How to Sell Intimates Online – 2018. No? Then you should! Here it is:

At the end of the video above we promised you a guide to finding suitable Instagram influencers for your online business. And some real-life intimates influencers too! Well, everything is below. If you have questions, suggestions, need help, or just want to say hi – write us in the comments!

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Look for Instagram Influencers for Free: Quick Guide

You can pay agencies or go to a paid virtual tool to find influencers. But if you’re on a budget, or don’t mind putting in the elbow grease yourself, this quick guide to finding influencers for free is for you.

One of the most affordable options for any business when it comes to finding influencers is to use Instagram itself to find influencers. The price you actually pay here is your time. Instagram has millions of users – this quick guide will help you find a suitable one for your business without losing too many of your precious seconds, minutes, and hours.

You’ll be able to sort through the millions of users to find the ones who may actually want to work with you, and to identify the ones who aren’t the right fit for your brand.

We generally recommend working with micro influencers. What are micro influencers?

Micro influencers have an audience of 1,000 to 50,000 users, are community oriented, and are often seen as an authority in a particular niche.

When you choose micro influencers, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Look closely at their posts and content. Do you think they would complement your brand identity? Can you picture them showing off your product with genuine passion?
  • Check the engagement of some posts. Aside from the number of likes, what do people say in the comments? Are they generic, spammy, or plain odd? Do the same people comment on every post, or is it good, varied mix?
  • Are they already running sponsored content. This can give you a picture of the ease and cost of working with them. For example, if they’ve just started, they may be less expensive (though they may also need more guidance).
  • Be choosey and don’t rush the process. It may take some time to find the perfect micro-influencers, but they’re more than worth the hassle if they understand and amplify the core of your brand.

How to Find Influencers on Instagram for Free

  1. Take a look at your brand’s followers. If you don’t have any followers yet, then follow this process but instead, look at your competitors’ followers or the followers of brands similar to yours.

People who follow your brand or your competitors are the ones most likely to have an interest in your product. Go through your/your competitor’s follower list and look out for any user who seems particularly engaged in your/their brand. Is there anyone who posts regularly? Does a follower constantly like posts? These people could be your first influencers!

Go through this group and check their profiles one by one: do they have around or more than 1,000 followers? Do they have more followers than accounts they follow? What kind of content do they share? Make sure you choose someone for your shortlist whose posts are relevant to your business and product.

This tactic will get you small influencers who may be looking for their first gig. But when you’re starting out, actually getting started is the key. The only way is up from here on out!

  1. Search hashtags or use the Instagram discover tool.

If your search through your own list of followers – or that of your competitor’s – doesn’t lead to anything, then it’s time to put on your goggles and take a DEEP dive into Instagram hashtags.

Hit the search icon and use the search bar to type in a hashtag you associate with your brand and / or product. Search the “Tags” section. You’ll get a bunch of results. Tap the “Recent” tab to view recent tags for your search. (Results in the “Popular” tab will include posts from influencers that are probably out of your league for now.)

Have a good look through the posts – which ones stand out for quality in terms of the image and text? Do any of them “speak” to you and your target audience? Found some? Voila! These are your go-to influencers.

Compile a shortlist of these users: include their handles and any other information they have in their bios and accounts that is relevant to your business. You may find that some micro influencers include things like their email addresses. Others don’t, which means you will have to slide into their DMs.

When it comes to direct messaging potential influencers, remember: Influencers are just like you. Whether hugely successful and established, or just starting out – they want to work with people to get their side hustle moving in the right direction.

This video is about a pro dropshipper who ran his business while traveling the world. He leveraged the power of Instagram to power up his online business – and he shares his Insta tips, including how to approach influencers – with Oberlo. Watch it here:

And, as you read all the way to the bottom, here are ten influencers we have selected for you that are suitable for selling intimates products – for growing businesses like yours:








K A D L E X R A M M 


If you use any of these tips or work with any of these influencers, let us know – we love to hear from you.

Happy dropshipping!


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