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Wholesale Beads To Sell Online

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Dropship beads

Why Sell Beads Online?

Beads are a great store niche. Beads can be used for arts and crafts purposes or for making jewelry. If you are planning to use beads for jewelry making, you can expect to sell high quantities from store visitors who often buy higher volumes to create jewelry. If being used for arts and crafts purposes, you can also sell high quantities.

You can market your beads for different purposes easily in your store. For example, you can show your beads being used in centerpieces which is great for DIY projects or even for wedding decor. Showing a variety of purposes for your beads can allow you to reach a wider audience within a small sub-niche. You can also expand into other verticals to earn even more revenue. If you are starting a business, check out Hatchful's free bead logo maker to create artwork your customers will love.

Start your online bead business today. It’s free!

sell beads online

Why Dropship Beads Online?

There are a variety of beads styles and colors making it difficult to wholesale beads. When you dropship beads, you can add a wider range of products to your store as you don’t need to buy inventory. When you wholesale beads, it can be difficult to know which beads will be best sellers and how much to order for each. Since people often buy beads in bulk to create jewelry or decor pieces, dropshipping is appealing because you’re more likely to have a higher quantity of beads available for purchase. Thus, making your store more attractive to potential customers.

Start your online bead business today. It’s free!


Who Are the Main Distributors of Beads?

There are a number of distributors at Oberlo that supply beads. These can sometimes be found together with distributors that supply jewelry items such as beaded bracelets, necklaces, or anklets. Distributors at Oberlo offer beads in a range of different colors and varieties, including beads with gems or crystals, colorful beads, beads with delicate embroidery, pearl beads, or bohemian beads, and many more types. However, this niche is not just limited to women. There are also unisex beads available that can be found in the shades of white, off-white, beige, brown, black, silver and other colors. A new trend is “customizable beads”, with something written or crafted on the bead. That can also be a great gift idea, with some initials stamped on top of the bead. Bead distributors tend to have an extensive range of beads that can be a great addition to a piece of existing jewelry.

Start your online bead business today. It’s free!


Who Are the Main Manufacturers of Beads?

Most of the manufacturers of beads are located in China (mainland). Bead products are highest in demand in North America, Western Europe, and South America. The manufactured beads come in a variety of different colors and specifications. Some are rather small in size and are used primarily for arts and crafts. On the other hand, there are beads that are used as a decorative element or add-on to jewelry. The beads are manufactured using materials such as stone, shell, glass, plastic, wood, or pearl. It is common to see beads with a small hole in the middle that is there for the purpose of threading or stringing the beads together. Normally, the beads are manufactured by carving or casting a shape to acquire the desired structure. In other cases, the manufacturers of beads may also go into a lengthy process of specialized bead making using metalworking or glass-working techniques.

Start your online bead business today. It’s free!

What Platforms Can I Use to Dropship Beads?

Shopify has many marketplaces that enable you to find beads to sell online.

What’s more, some marketplaces automatically select the cheapest shipping method for you. Since some suppliers offer several shipping methods, you can click on the shipping option and choose your preferred one.

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