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Wholesale Watches To Sell Online

Discover everything you need to easily run your online dropshipping business. And it’s free!

Dropship watches

Why Sell Watches Online?

Starting a watch dropshipping business is easy to do and can be very profitable. Notably, AliExpress has a range of watches and related accessories with high order volume proving strong sales demand. The watch niche covers a range of products such as straps, smartwatches, fashion watches, sports watches and more. This wide range allows you to naturally expand within the niche. Sales have been increasing for smartwatches making this a niche to watch out for (pun intended). The diversity within the watch niche allows you to target a range of different audiences which diversifies ads.

Best selling watches include:

Start your online watch business today. It’s free!

sell watches online

Why Dropship Watches Online?

With Oberlo, you’ll be dropshipping products from AliExpress. Notably, China and Hong Kong alone produce over 1,017,000,000 watches each year making them the top choice for manufacturing. Dropshipping watches allows you to process and ship orders quickly. When buying wholesale watches, you’ll need to wait to receive shipments before selling them. Depending on how long it takes for inventory to arrive, this may lower conversions and sales. Also, due to the size of a watch, when dropshipping you’ll be able to find ePacket shipping for most watches making shipping rates affordable for your customer.

Discover the best watches to dropship today and start selling today.

Start your online watch business today. It’s free!


Who Are the Main Distributors of Watches?

At Oberlo many different distributors offer a range of watches in different types and for different age groups and markets. The types of watches include analog, digital, automatic, chronograph, dress, quartz, field, smart, luxury, and so on. Depending on the type of watch, the design differs. So for instance, there are straps made of leather, stainless steel, silver-plated metal, gold plated straps, plastic, rubber, and even cloth. Distributors also offer watches for children made of plastic or rubber, with colorful patterns or animations on them. Watches are no longer worn just for an indication of the time but are also a fashion item and a status symbol.

Start your online watch business today. It’s free!


Who Are the Main Manufacturers of Watches?

The main manufacturers of watches are located in China (Mainland). The manufacturing of watches requires a bunch of different materials. For instance, electronic watches use plastics and alloy metals. The cases of watches, however, are made of plastic or metal. Manufacturers also use silicon for the microchips. Electronic watches are manufactured under strict quality control measures. For instance, quartz crystals are tested for their frequency before they are used in watches. Similarly, microchips are tested and carefully examined for accuracy before being used for watches. In addition to this, watches that are waterproof or water-resistant have to be tested for these claims, along with testing a watch for timekeeping accuracy before it is shipped to the market.

Start your online watch business today. It’s free!

What Platforms Can I Use to Dropship Watches?

Shopify has many marketplaces that enable you to find watches to sell online.

What’s more, some marketplaces automatically select the cheapest shipping method for you. Since some suppliers offer several shipping methods, you can click on the shipping option and choose your preferred one.

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