What is Fulfillment?

Order fulfillment is all the steps a company takes between receiving a new order and placing that order into the customer’s hands. The process involves warehousing, picking and packing the product, shipping it and sending an automated email to the customer to let them know the order is in transit.

What are the steps of Order Fulfillment?

What is the Order Fulfillment Process?

The eCommerce order fulfillment process is pretty straightforward. As explained above, order fulfillment comprises the process of receiving, processing, and shipping the order, but can be broken down into smaller steps in chronological order:

  1. Order is received (online, in person, via email or on the phone)
  2. Order request is registered in the inventory system
  3. Order confirmation is sent to the customer
  4. Order request is sent to the warehouse
  5. A warehouse worker locates and picks the ordered item
  6. Order is packed and prepared for shipping
  7. Order is shipped
  8. The customer is notified that the order is on its way
  9. Order is delivered
  10. If necessary, order returns are handled and refunds processed
  11. Inventory is updated

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