Growth Hacking

What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking refers to a process of blending marketing, product and data strategies and employing rapid experimentation across different marketing channels to pinpoint the most effective ways to drive accelerated and accumulative business growth. Growth hackers focus on testing unconventional techniques to discover scalable and repeatable methods to grow the user base with minimal spend.

Why is growth hacking so important?

To achieve the astounding growth that they did, the majority of highly successful startups, such as Dropbox, Shopify and AirBnB, have relied heavily on growth hacking during their startup phases. Growth hacking isn’t here to replace the traditional marketing, though. It’s a completely novel approach to acquiring new business.

Growth hackers are often referred to as T-shaped marketers that have a wide range of basic knowledge across a number of different disciplines and deep knowledge in a single field. They draw on product, design, technology, data, content and analytics insights to find ingenious ways to achieve sustainable and often incredible growth. Although creativity and ability to employ unconventional thinking is what determines a growth hacker’s success, growth hacking itself is not some secret book of ideas that can be copied from product to product. It’s a strategic process, which, if applied correctly, can help solve problems hindering any company’s growth.

Although traditionally employed by tech startups, thanks to its phenomenal impact on generating sales and driving traffic, growth hacking is rapidly gaining momentum in eCommerce. Adopting this growth mindset can help you boost your e-shop’s performance and gain new customers at minimal costs.

Best growth hacking techniques and ideas for eCommerce

Growth hacking is a constantly evolving and changing practice, so you shouldn’t try to follow blindly in the footsteps of those who succeeded. Make sure that all the tactics you’re employing are relevant to your audience and the type of business you’re running. Experiment with these evergreen growth hacking ideas to kick off your efforts:

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