Landing Page

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a unique, standalone web page designed solely to drive a single conversion objective. The objectives of a landing page can vary from capturing a visitor’s data through a lead form to persuading users to click-through to another page.

Types of Landing Pages

It’s important to understand that all landing pages are essentially web pages, but not all web pages are landing pages. For instance, your homepage is not a landing page because it’s built to perform multiple functions and has various objectives. A key characteristic of any landing page is that it’s designed to achieve a single objective, but that objective varies based on the type of a landing page.

Landing pages are an excellent marketing tool to drive direct sales (product landing page in eCommerce), generate leads (commonly used in content marketing), and to build relationships (focused on micro conversions). There are essentially 6 different types of landing pages, each with a distinct purpose:

How to optimize a Landing Page?

Targeted landing pages can help you increase the likelihood of converting traffic from advertising, email or social media campaigns into leads. By aligning your campaign goal with the goal of a targeted landing page, you’re minimizing the risk of visitors dropping off, and have created a smooth experience. First, decide what action you want the visitor to take and then build a landing page that focuses solely on prompting that one action.

If you start looking into conversion optimization tactics to improve your store’s performance, you will quickly notice that landing page optimization is an integral part of that process. You won’t be able to achieve a robust ROI on your marketing efforts (PPC ads, social media ads, email marketing, etc.) if your landing page bounce rate is through the roof. Keep in mind that landing page optimization is a long-term game that will require heaps of experimentation and A/B testing, but there are some general rules of thumb that you can follow to apply the best practices.

Quick eCommerce product page optimization tips (make sure you A/B test everything):   

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