User Experience (UX)

What is User Experience (UX)?

User Experience (UX) is every aspect of the user’s interaction with a product or company that contributes to the overall perceptions and satisfaction of using it. The perceptions left in the user’s mind encompass everything from how they feel when they’re using it, to how well they understand how it functions, to how they feel when they’re interacting with it and how well it meets their needs and expectations.

Why is User Experience (UX) important?

User experience is the overall experience that a user has with a product, so it makes a huge impact on the performance of the product and ultimately, the bottom line. It focuses on understanding users, their needs, values, abilities and limitations to improve the quality of interaction that a user has with a product.  

There are several benefits often ascribed to UX:

What makes for a good User Experience?

When it comes to creating an enjoyable UX on an eCommerce site, there are several important aspects that stand out:

Ways to measure User Experience

If you’re not measuring user experience, you don’t understand the usability issues hindering your site’s performance. If you don’t understand them, you can’t improve. There are a lot of different metrics that can be used to measure UX, but the most popular ones include:

What is the difference between UX and UI?

User experience focuses on the user, her overall experience and journey through the product, and concerns itself with meeting the exact needs of a customer. User interface is all about the surface of the product, the visual aspects of the design, how they function on a screen and how a user interacts with them.

UX and UI are different things but must go hand in hand to create an intuitive and beautiful product experience.

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