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Oberlo allows you to easily add dropshipped products directly into your Shopify store and ship them to your customers – in just a few clicks.


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Why should you dropship t-shirts?

Everyone loves t-shirts, and dropshipping them via our app is easy. Designing t-shirts is risky because you could spend your time and money on designs that aren’t popular with your customers. If you wholesale t-shirts, there is always a risk of having to pay for storage for stock that won’t sell.

By dropshipping t-shirts through Oberlo, you eliminate these risks because you order only when some has purchased your t-shirt. It not only saves money but also your time, as all supply ordering is done automatically.


More than 30,000 eCommerce shops are using Oberlo and have made
$155,000,000+ in sales so far.

Oberlo enables thousands of people to run
their t-shirt dropshipping stores with ease.

Easily Add and Ship Products

Import hundreds of products to your store – and after you receive an order, have it shipped directly to your customer –all in just a few clicks.

Save Your Time

Success doesn’t come without efforts. But Oberlo automates your products & orders management so you have more time.

Earn More Money

Oberlo automations gives you more time to focus on generating sales. Only the sales will give you the opportunity to grow.

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