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Why Sell Fidget Spinners Online?

Fidget spinners are the hottest product right now. According to Google Trends, they started shooting up in popularity in late March early April 2017. As a new trend, you can quickly market your brand before everyone else jumps on it. It’ll be easier to rank for long-tail keywords as the topic is still fairly new allowing you to quickly dominate within the niche. Many of the top articles under the keyword ‘fidget spinner’ are from media outlets meaning it’ll be easier to rank for the keywords if you own a brand that exclusively sells fidget spinners. They’re a popular toy among children giving your brand a chance to go viral due to their sudden popularity.

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Why Dropship Fidget Spinners Online?

With popular trend products, it’s better to dropship than wholesale. It can be hard to know how many products to wholesale as it’s hard to predict the growth of a trendy product. When you wholesale fidget spinners, there’s a delay as you need to wait to receive a shipment before sending items out to your customers which may cause missed sales. You can easily test a range of different fidget spinners with dropshipping. You can even eventually expand into other toy related verticals to continue your store’s growth as dropshipping allows you to add up to 30,000 products without having to buy any bulk inventory.

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Who are the Main Distributors of Fidget Spinners?

With the increasing demand of fidget spinners, distributors have started offering a wide variety of fidget spinners. Despite the traditional fidget spinner still being the one that is the most popular, distributors have increased the choice for customers. There’s a tonne of fancier varieties that are on the market now, which include multi-colored gyro finger fidget spinners, fidget infinity cubes, colorful stretchy fidget spinners, fidget spinners with LED lights, and so on. Additionally, the products are not just limited to fidget spinners alone, but distributors are also offering fidget spinner holders, and fidget spinner cases, fidget spinner keychains, as well as apparel with printed fidget spinners.

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Who are the Main Manufacturers of Fidget Spinners?

The main manufacturers of fidget spinners are located in China (Mainland), USA, and Switzerland. These fidget spinners are mostly in demand in North America, West Europe, and South America. Some of the fancier varieties of fidget spinner can take longer for manufacturers, as nowadays there are even fidget spinners with bluetooth speakers and LED lights. The materials used by manufacturers in the production of fidget spinners mainly include rubber, PVC, and Alloy.

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Can I use Oberlo Supply Suppliers to Dropship Fidget Spinners?

Yes. Oberlo Supply is a marketplace where you can find a wide variety of products, including fidget spinners from suppliers who provide fully automated order fulfillment services. Oberlo Supply is a marketplace available only for the Oberlo app users. The suppliers at Oberlo Supply are aware that Oberlo users are dropshipping, which is why they don’t add any promotional material or other invoices to the packages that they are shipping to your customers. As a result, you don’t have to spend extra time to inform the suppliers not to do this. The Oberlo Supply suppliers are picked based on their quality and experience. If the supplier doesn’t meet the requirements set out, their products are removed from the listing. Also, Oberlo automatically selects the cheapest shipping method for you.

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