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Below is a list of 10 actionable tips for successful Facebook advertising by the best Facebook marketing experts . After sharing several long articles, we wanted to make this list easy to understand and easy to do, so it only provides the tips that will benefit your business instantly. All of them are worth a shot, but we recommend that you try at least one of them.

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“People may not be eager to interact with a brand’s Facebook page — particularly a brand they don’t know — but you may be surprised by how enthusiastic users are about engaging around a passion.

This applies to all social networks without exception. When creating a Facebook, Instagram, or any other social network page, consider creating it around a topic relevant to your product (e.g. I

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I like to follow a simple (and fairly obvious) rule: Do more of what works, and do less of what doesn’t work. Turn off the poor performing areas, and allocate the budget towards the profitable parts of your advertising campaigns using the Facebook Breakdown reports.

In your Ads Manager, click the Breakdown button and quickly analyze your results by different countries, age, gender and placement. Identify which parts of your targeting work best, and optimize your campaigns by reallocating your budget towards them.

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Use Facebook Custom Audiences to exclude people who already took the action you wanted.

Create a custom audience for store visitors and exclude them from your campaign’s audience. When someone clicks your ad, they are automatically excluded from the audience and you can reach out to them using more relevant retargeting campaigns.

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Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. You gain attention from contrast, from creating an image that looks out of place.

Don’t use the same images that are used by everyone. Your goal is to stand out, and to do that, you have to be different. If everyone is using an image of their product on a white background, use photos of people wearing your product in a high contrast background or vice versa. Complement your image with a short 2-3 sentence description and end it with a CTA and a link.

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The boost button has become the go-to option for far too many people wanting to get their content seen by their target customers. I say far too many because it’s not the most effective or cost efficient way to market to your ideal audience on Facebook.

The Facebook Boost Post option is the easiest way to reach more people, but on the other hand, it limits your tools to make it effective. It’s hard to find an expert who says otherwise. Boost posts are not the right choice for doing Facebook Ads. Many people say Facebook ads don’t work for them, but it’s actually the limited capabilities of the boost post feature and the reluctance to dig deeper into the Facebook Ads benefits and functions.

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Use Pictures to Make Videos. It looks pretty awesome, and the reach and views you get, even without spending a penny on Facebook Ads, are incredible!

While it’s called a slideshow, it works like a video. Facebook allows you to add from 3 to 7 different images and use them to create a slideshow video. With booming video effectiveness, it’s definitely something everyone should try out. You can even use this feature when posting simple posts on your Fan Page. Just click Photo/Video from your status update field and select Create Slideshow.

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Facebook ads are an incredible tool to build an audience following, but the power of retargeting shoppers is what sets Facebook apart from other forms of paid social advertising.

Using Facebook Retargeting is a must. With the new Shopify feature, tracking your visitors takes just a few clicks. Think of your customer’s journey. Your potential customers were just scrolling their Facebook Newsfeed when they clicked on your interesting ad, but that doesn’t prove they want to buy from you. Recapture that interest by showing your products to them again. Retargeted customers are 3 times more likely to click on your ad.

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I love Lookalike Audiences. They are one of the most effective targeting groups you can use with Facebook advertising. Here’s why: Lookalike Audiences are a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to customers you care about.

It’s really hard to come up with an exact target audience similar to your existing customers. With the Facebook Lookalikes feature, Facebook does it for you. It analyzes up to 100 different parameters of your existing customers’ Facebook profiles, creates your customer persona, and finds the most similar people to it on Facebook. You’d probably never be able to do this work as accurately yourself.

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oCPM is built for large audiences of more than 1 million. If you have a small niche you want to target, chances are that it won’t be able to find the right optimization given the limited audience size.

When using the oCPM bidding model, Facebook learns who clicks on your ads and automatically narrows down your audience to the people who are most likely to click or take any other action. Because of this, it never reaches the entire audience. If you choose a smaller audience of 100,000 – 200,000 people, Facebook isn’t able to collect enough data to optimize your campaigns and won’t have enough room for optimization.

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A minimum of 20 daily conversions should be enough for the (Facebook) algorithm. If the amount of daily conversions is too low, the algorithm may not work properly, providing bad results and decreasing the amount of impressions delivered. You can increase the amount of conversions reported to the algorithm by moving your target action towards the upper end of the conversion funnel, where more users are taking action.

If you want to use the Facebook oCPM effectively, you need to provide Facebook with data so it understands the people who are most likely to take action on your ad. If you can’t get the minimum of 20 daily actions on your ads, try moving your conversions towards the upper end of the conversion funnel. Use your main goal as the “Add to Cart” action, rather than “Purchased”. You will provide Facebook with more conversions and your results will improve.

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