Dropshipping Traffic Calculator

It’s important for every store owner to understand how website traffic relates to sales.
This tool will tell you how many visitors you need to attract to your store to hit your earnings goal.

My goal is to earn

  • What is the traffic calculator used for?

    Our traffic calculator is used to understand how, as a store owner, your website traffic relates to sales. It can direct you to learn just how much traffic you need to bring to your store in order to hit the sales target you have set yourself.

  • Why is the traffic calculator important?

    The traffic calculator is important as it can highlight how close you are to achieving your goals, therefore informing how much extra investment you need to put into paid advertising, or other important marketing channels. If you are working on improving your sales targets, this should be your go-to calculator.

  • How does the traffic calculator work?

    Simply enter your sales target in dollars, and the amount of days to achieve it. Now our calculator will calculate, based on our data, how much traffic you will need to generate to hit this goal. Now you can audit your traffic channels and find the best way to achieve this target.

  • Is the traffic calculator free?

    Yes, the traffic calculator is free to use, unlimited times. Feel free to try out different strategies to find the sales target that fits the investment you are comfortable with.

  • What types of business can use this traffic calculator?

    All types of ecommerce businesses can use our traffic calculator, but our data is based on dropshipping stores metrics. This means that if you are a dropshipping business this tool is closely suited to your needs.

  • What other tools should I use for my business?

    There are many other free tools you can use for your business. You can try a free QR code generator tool to get more people on your website, a free logo maker to create the perfect logo for your brand, or a barcode generator to identify and track retail products quickly.