Whether it’s the holidays, a birthday, or a special occasion, finding awesome gift ideas can be surprisingly tough. You might feel like everyone has everything they could need, or you might feel like you’ve seen it all before.

Don’t fret. We’re going to look at the five steps on how to find a unique gift, as well as some ideas for specific people, like gift suggestions for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in your life.

Let’s go!

gift ideas for everyone

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5 Steps on How to Find a Unique Gift

1. Brainstorm about your gift recipient

The key to finding unique gifts that people will truly love is finding something that truly interests them, or something that’s useful in an unexpected way. Ask yourself: What do they do for work? What gifts might help them do their job easier? Can I find any fun, quirky items that fit the bill?

Sometimes, all it takes is a quick search to save the day. If you’re shopping for an entrepreneur, you can type in a search like “unique gift ideas for entrepreneurs.” Same goes for others, like “unique gifts for teenagers” and “best gift ideas for men.”

3. Look through curated lists

Once you type in your Google searches, you’ll find lots of articles with lists of gift ideas. Take your time to look through them, because you’re bound to find some great suggestions. This is especially true for highly customized lists that come from the specific types of searches we discussed in the last tip. 

4. Consider unconventional ideas

It’s easy to give something that you can wrap and hand to someone. But have you ever considered giving them something that’s not tangible? Consider giving them the gift of an experience. For example, if you know an aspiring entrepreneur, you can give them an online course like Dropshipping 101, which teaches them everything they need to know about starting an online ecommerce business.

5. Take notes throughout the year

This one is what we like to call “playing the long game.” But if you know you’d like to impress someone with an amazing gift, keep a digital or physical list where you can jot down any ideas you have. That way, anytime they mention something they want or love, you can take note and come back to it later.

9 Unique Gift Ideas for Special People

Confused what to buy? Don’t have time to search on your own? Here are some gift suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

Gift ideas for small business owners

Gift Idea #1 - Ideas Notebook

gift ideas for entrepreneurs

Staples has loads of stuff that business owners can use. Check out their holiday gift ideas list, with cool suggestions like this Ideas Notebook. This is an ideal gift for a creative small business owner so that they always have somethint to write in when a brilliant idea strikes them.

Gift Idea #2 - Winning Products course

winning products course

If they’re looking to sell winning products online, this course is just the right place. The course is perfect for small business owners who want to branch into new products but don't know where to start. By the end of it, they’ll know how to find profitable items and avoid ones that are too competitive.

Gift Idea #3 - Instagram Marketing course

instagram marketing oberlo course

Running a small business can be a lot to deal with and normally social media is the last thing on an owner's mind. Because Instagram is a massive opportunity for business owners they could be missing out on a profitable sales channel. Tell your entrepreneur friend or colleague that you care about their success with a course that helps them master marketing on Instagram.

Gift ideas for women

Gift Idea #4 - Relaxation & Sleep Pamper Hamper

relaxation hamper for women

Gift Loft has great gifts for women, like pamper packs, beautiful jewelry, and stylish homeware. For instance, this Relaxation & Sleep Pamper Hamper will really help someone to relax after a long day. If your friend or partner has had a lot on their plate lately at work, this is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Gift Idea #5 - Design Your Dream Life course

online course for women

Know someone who’s been daydreaming big time? Maybe they are stuck in a rut of dreaming but they don't know where to begin. Set them up to find just what they’re looking for out of life. This Design your Dream Life course helps you to set realistic goals to achieve success in whatever makes you happy.

Gift ideas for men

Gift Idea #6 - Gentleman Woodford Gift Hamper

practical gift hamper for men

Purpink has plenty of cool gift hampers for men, from engraved cufflinks to leather washbags. Their Gentleman Woodford Gift Hamper is designed to make men feel special and loved. What better way to show you care, than a care package made in heaven.

Gift Idea #7 - Product Photography course

product photography course gift

Each year photography is becoming more and more popular as a hobby come side hustle. If you are looking for a perfect gift for a business owner who’s been dabbling in photography and wants to start an online store consider this photography course. It is packed with actionable insights on how to take stunning product photos, and will also help you to start your online business -- two for the price of one if you ask us.

Gift ideas for teenagers

Gift Idea #8 - “Celebri Dogs” mug

celebrity dog mug

Shut The Front Door has loads of fun gifts for teenagers, like this quirky “Celebri Dogs” mug. Let them have a go at identifying famous personalities from their hilarious furry versions. It is guaranteed fun at a good price.

Gift Idea #9 - TikTok Marketing course

TikTok course

TikTok is all the rage with teenagers these days so why not let them discover branding while doing it? Show them how to master marketing on one of the most popular social media channels out there. Set them up for a future in entrepreneurship.

Gift Ideas for Everyone

Finding the perfect gift can be overwhelming, but there’s plenty of inspiration out there if you look in the right places and keep an open mind.

Sometimes gifts don't need to be tangible. As more people are looking to make money online, consider gifting a course, or subscription to help them along their journey.

We hope these tips and gift ideas help you on your quest to make someone feel special.

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