We keep saying that first-time entrepreneurs need to start lean – open the store and get going. But inevitably, you will need help from someone else. Something that can easily be done in minutes might take days to learn to do it yourself. Advice from someone who has more experience can give you a conversion boosting tip that could have taken you days to figure out.

Friends with different skillsets often partner up to cover all the tasks themselves, but that can only happen organically. If it doesn’t, you will need help from outside of your circle.

Do you know where to look for help?

We are sharing our thoughts on what tasks you could have done by others, how to do it, and where to look for help for your eCommerce business. Whether it be a place to get an advice or somewhere to find a new colleague or partner, all of them are legit and have people who can offer you wonderful results for minimal costs in 24 hours. These are the places we look for help ourselves.

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What Tasks Should I Outsource?

First, delegate time-consuming tasks that could be easily (and cheaply) done by others so that you have more time on things like marketing or sales. Why should you spend time creating custom descriptions for all of your products? Outsource it.

Then look for partners to help you with tasks that take time, to learn properly, especially ones that aren’t in your skillset. You could learn how to do Facebook Marketing, but designing Facebook Ad Banners isn’t something you need to know long term, but it requires a lot of time to learn. Outsource it.

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Don’t waste your time looking for solutions to a specific one-time problem that you don’t know how to solve. If you need to edit your product page layout, you could spend several days doing it and then notice that the website doesn’t work on mobile anymore. Outsource it.

Value your time and invest it where you can get the best ROI.

You should be left with a few core responsibilities like road mapping your entire business strategy, taking care of the main traffic source, and determining your inventory list and positioning.

What Tasks Should I Outsource?

Where to Look for Help?

While some of the tasks like logo design can be done with the help from sites like Design Crowd, the best way to find help is by using general freelancing platforms. By using sites like Upwork.com or Freelancer.com, you can find help with absolutely anything. Literally anything.

Do you need someone to help you with Advertising? Do you need someone to help you fulfill orders? Upwork has over 17 million freelancers ready to work with you. From ex-Googlers to amateur beginners willing to gain experience for low payment terms, you will be able to find the best person for your individual needs.

Top sites to consider:

UpWork.com Freelancer.com
PeoplePerHour.com Guru.com

All of them are free to join, simply publish a job listing and see what candidates apply. No obligations.


At Fiverr.com, you can get a job done for a fixed price of $5. That job can be any small task: a simple logo, an ad banner, a short Instagram video, or a product description. The majority of freelancers accept only one time tasks.

Highly praised by eCommerceFuel.com, it’s a place to hire and train remote Filipino employees. You can hire a full-time English native speaker virtual assistant at as low as $250/mo. However, hiring a full-time assistant may require investment in careful employee hiring so we suggest considering this alternative in the later stages of your business.

Browse through a community of proven experts in various fields from eCommerce entrepreneurship to social media marketing, hop on a call and ask for advice. Even Mark Cuban is there! You won’t get something done, but you can get valuable insights from been there – done by professionals.

A platform to have small Shopify tasks done for you. If you need a small Shopify theme adjustment or help setting up a newsletter subscriptions box – HeyCarson.com is for you. It might be pricey in comparison with other platforms: $49 payment per task or $200 per month for continuous support on hand, but it’s the best option at the beginning of your store launch.

Where to Look for Help?

How to Look for Help?

Always write an extremely detailed job description, and try to be as specific as possible. Check each candidate profile, portfolio, and read his/her reviews. Once you have picked a few freelancers, have a call with them and discuss your needs. Look for freelancers who could assist you with future tasks and can be easily reached using email or Skype.

On the other hand, be a good client. Provide the right resources to get the job done, pay on time, and set clear but not ridiculously short deadlines.

Don’t look for one-time hires to help you finish a small task.

Your goal is to build your contact list over time and have freelancers in all eCommerce fields. Whenever you need someone, you already have a positive history with an experienced freelancer that you can hire.

How to Look for Help?

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