By: Tomas Šlimas May 05, 2016

Allen, a 24-years old student from Hangzhou, China never dreamed his side-hustle would turn into a viable business. Imagine his surprise when, after playing around with Shopify and Oberlo, step-by-step he led himself from getting to know how eCommerce works into hitting $800,000 in sales in the last year. Being an easy-going guy, he agreed to share the lessons he learned along the way with Oberlo readers.

Why Dropshipping?

“There’s a paradigm that one should take business very seriously, but actually otherwise is true.” says Allen. He was always in favor of just doing things for fun to see where they might go.

Before launching Leo Gary, Allen had already played with a few stores, as he says, just for fun, but he never made any significant sales with those attempts. “It was interesting for me to see how eCommerce works and put my free evenings to good use.” Because he was funding his startup from his personal savings, he was looking for ways to cut costs at each and every step, which is why he got into dropshipping with Shopify and Oberlo.

what is dropshipping

With dropshipping you don’t need to buy products in advance.

With dropshipping, eCommerce store-owners don’t need to stock inventory or buy products in advance and can efficiently launch and test a business with a very small budget. When you receive an order, you just buy it from a supplier and have it shipped directly to your customer.

Allen says dropshipping is not a perfect eCommerce model, which is why it’s no surprise Zappos turned away from it after it grew into a solid startup. But he does claim it’s the perfect model for beginners and is the easiest way to launch your eCommerce business.

Key take-away: Put your free time into learning and experimenting with low-cost eCommerce models. Chances are you’ll succeed, but even if you don’t, you’ll still learn a lot valuable lessons for your next venture.

Why Men’s Clothing?

Allen quickly learned a hard lesson: After launching a store, people don’t just automatically come to it. It’s not like you’re going to get “walk-ins” the way you might when people pass by a physical store.

“Launching an eCommerce business with Shopify and similar tools was the easy part. The hard part is sales,” says Allen.

He goes on to say that he doesn’t believe in extreme niche targeting because now it’s such a popular go-to option for new eCommerce merchants. He decided instead to pick a broad men’s clothing category and use specific niche products to attract visitors through his advertising campaigns.

Why Men’s Clothing?

Allen’s store LeoGary.com offers a broad men’s clothing.

Allen’s store LeoGary.com offers a broad men’s clothing.Allen explains it this way: “Dropshipping allows me to have a lot of products, and this allows me to be flexible. If my niche product doesn’t attract any visitors, I just pick another product for my store.” However, if he were to launch a bicycle gear store named bycyclefansgear.com, he’d probably never be able to a go of it selling only sports clothing. “I think every dropshipping store owner should offer a lot of different products, but use the niche products to attract visitors to the site.”

Key take-away: Be sure to conduct tests and don’t constrain yourself with an extreme niche. Instead, have a general store, but use carefully selected niche products for your advertising campaigns as a lead magnet for a highly targeted audience.

Why Facebook Ads?

Google Ads and Search Engine Marketing (SEM/SEO) are great ways to capture people who are already interested in your products. However, you have to create that interest first or you’ll end up fighting the big names and will eventually loose.

Oberlo allowed Allen to scale his business globally, and he complemented this with an equally global and flexible marketing channel: Facebook.

Facebook has a vast amount of data about its users. If you know how to make the most of it, you can achieve amazing results. Allen goes on to share his top method of using Lookalike audiences.

“Most of my sales came from Facebook Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences.” When creating a Lookalike Audience, you give Facebook a base audience and ask it to find the most similar people to those on that list. For example, you can take a list of your own Website Visitors and ask Facebook to create a list of people who are most similar to those website visitors.

Why Facebook Ads?

A screenshot from LeoGary.com Google Analytics account representing revenues from Traffic brought by Facebook.

A screenshot from LeoGary.com Google Analytics account representing revenues from Traffic brought by Facebook.This is not a secret tip, and a lot people are already using the method. Facebook’s advanced data capabilities for knowing who your website visitors are and how they differ from the average Facebook user vastly outstrips anything you can do with your own analytics. Keep in mind that the more visitors you have, the more accurate Facebook is at finding other people similar to your visitors. Combined with Facebook retargeting campaigns, these techniques alone generated Allan almost $600,000 in sales.

Key take-away: Learn Facebook Ads. Start small and increase your budgets step-by-step. Facebook says it will have 3 billion users in 2030, and you will be able to reach every one of them.

Any Other Secret Tips?

Everyone says the US is the go-to market for dropshipping store-owners. “The problem is in that sentence,” adds Allen. The more people do something in terms of marketing, the less effective that particular marketing method becomes. Living outside the US, it was easier for Allen to resist targeting US residents, and he argues that everyone should look to try other markets as well.

This is especially true when you’re a beginner. You don’t have the budget or experience to serve the very demanding US market, and the advertising costs to reach that market are prohibitive.

Key take-away: When dropshipping with Oberlo, you can ship anywhere in the world. Use it to your benefit.

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  • VossenWheelOwner

    My question is about Allen and his story.. He mentions selling a bunch of products in his store “I think every dropshipping store owner should offer a lot of different
    products, but use the niche products to attract visitors to the site.” So if i’m selling gym, cycle, and cross fit gear, I’m not gonna sell something random like jewelry because the gym apparel is my niche correct? Even though i have an idea of a niche, website name, etc… I’m still a little confused if i should have multiple items pertaining to my main focus or many different products.. thanks

  • That’s right. It should be either a supermarket where everyone can find everything, or a store with multiple products from related categories. I believe OP was trying to say that it’s important not to sell only cross-fit gear (example), as it’s a too small niche, and your customers won’t feel the browsing experience at your store.

  • VossenWheelOwner

    thanks Tomas… Its going to be a niche store with multiple items related to the same niche… I think it will be great.. The setup will take some time..

  • Vikrant Rayate

    Thanks for the article Tomas. Its great and inspiring. Did he share any detailed on the Facebook ads, what was the content of the ads, whether he used videos or images? Any other strategies that made the ads more efficient?

    I plan to start a drop-ship store for fitness supplements and accessories. Any word of advice for me?

  • Sal

    This “you can ship everywhere” thing gets me confused. I am from germany and want to start a dropshipping biz. What do I have to look into when I want to sell internationally? What about taxes, foreign laws etc? Nobody talks about that… In germany itself are some stupid rules and using ePacket takes way to long anyways (plus high price). My only options seem to be the US, UK etc. So what should I know before I sell into those countries? Really hope I can get some good advice here.

    2nd… having so many products. What if my products are from to many different suppliers?

  • Brendan Hsu

    Except most people don’t know to do that yet….

  • Noam

    …that is why I said “almost”. It’s only a mater of time.

  • marius stoicescu

    This site don’t use Oberlo ?! 🙂

  • miniwatches

    Ok, 500k facebook ads , 300k cost of goods ??? , 800 revenue, where is PROFIT ? )))

  • LoLo

    Add me on Skype: Michael.Gapol, you’ll get some decent answers.

  • Orchidee Diffusion

    i try to sell with oberlo on ebay and shopify, result 0 profits 100% problems 🙂
    i get many negativ feedback on ebay, many complaint on paypal, many bad messages….

    my website proposed everything, cases, clothes,………

  • Benedict Umo

    how can I put product in my store? would I just pick the product and display it in my store? thanks!

  • Mushroom overlord

    how much minimum do you have to spend on FB ads to get off to a good start?

  • Georgi P. Yanev

    The ads didn’t cost 500K. This is the revenue that he made from the ad campaign alone.

  • Mateus Do Vale

    Really cool story.
    But the main question of this success stories is: do we have to pay US tax as non resident dropshipper?
    People never cover this topic. The most important, btw.

  • Pascal Ca

    Why is the shop down now?

  • Marco Cahuana

    Tomas, Could I show you my store to give me your opinion or feedback?

  • Hey there!

    Allen has probably closed the store. I don’t know the reason why, I’m afraid.

  • Hey there!

    You should check out our Community forum. We have a dedicated topic there, where you can seek feedback for your store from your fellow dropshippers: http://ask.oberlo.com/t/your-store-feedback

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