27 Hobby Ideas: Budget-Friendly & Fun To Try in 2024

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Hobbies are the perfect antidote to the boredom blahs, and are also good for your well-being. Research shows engaging in leisure activities is associated with less stress, positive mood, and improved health.  

In this article, we’ll share 27 fun and affordable hobby ideas that you can try in 2024.

27 fun hobby ideas to try (without breaking the bank)

Personal enrichment

1. Blogging

Did you know that a lot of people blog just for fun? You can start a blog and express your thoughts on whatever topic you want. Feel like cracking a joke about the corporate world? Go right ahead. The best thing about blogging is that there is no pressure to follow a certain format or schedule, so your brain feels brighter and happier. What’s more, you can pursue this hobby from the comfort of your home.

2. Reading

Studies show that just six minutes of reading can lower stress levels by 60%. It’s a relaxing hobby that’s great for easing anxiety and fatigue. Get started by picking a book that catches your interest, whether it’s a mystery, a romance, or a piece of history. You don’t need a lot of time or special equipment to enjoy this hobby—just a few minutes and a comfortable spot.

3. Learning a new language

Learning a new language is a great hobby—it enriches your life and connects you with different cultures. Apps like Duolingo have made this easier and more enjoyable. When using apps, start with basic phrases and gradually build up to more complex sentences. Regular practice, even in short sessions, can significantly improve your language skills over time.

4. Journaling

Few hobbies are as therapeutic as journaling. Writing down your experiences and emotions helps in managing stress, clarifying your thoughts, and understanding yourself better. Start with simple entries about your day or feelings. Gradually, you can explore more in-depth topics or creative formats, like bullet journaling or doodling.

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5. Staying informed

If you want to keep up with the news but find there’s too much of it, there’s an easy way. Big newspapers like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Washington Post have free daily briefs that you can sign up to have emailed to you. These short summaries provide the key points of the day’s news so you can stay informed about important events.

6. Gardening

Gardening is the perfect hobby for enjoying more fresh air and growing your own produce. All it takes to start is an inexpensive pack of seeds, fertilizer, soil, and basic gardening tools. If you’re new to gardening, growing some herbs or even just flowers is a pretty good starting point.

7. Hiking

If you love nature, hiking is one of the best outdoor hobbies for you. It takes you on adventures to places only accessible on foot. Starting is as simple as gathering some friends and choosing a trail nearby. For a wider range of options, use an app like AllTrails to discover exciting and exotic locations.

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8. Camping

Camping suits all types of adventurers. You can pick from car camping, primitive camping, or hammocking. Everyone can find joy in this hobby these days. For those new to it, YouTube channels like Homemade Wanderlust and Darwin onthetrail are helpful for learning about equipment, trails, and more.

9. Nature identification

Nature identification is an exciting hobby for those who love the outdoors. With apps like PictureThis – Plant Identifier, you can easily identify plants and animals around you. It’s especially useful for curious minds who want to learn more about their surroundings.

Embrace your inner artist

10. Writing music

If you’re looking for creative ways to express yourself, consider making your own music. You can use basic software or even a simple notebook to jot down your ideas. Listening to a variety of music and learning basic music theory can also inspire your compositions. Experiment with different melodies or lyrics, and don’t worry about perfection.

11. Nail art

Next on our list of hobby ideas is nail art. This is one of those creative pursuits where you can spend a little or a lot of money. You can start with basic nail polish and a few tools. As you get more skilled, you can try advanced techniques. Look up tutorials online for inspiration and guidance.

12. Origami 

If you’ve never heard of origami, it’s the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. You can make animals, plants, and other nature-inspired folds with help from YouTube. Origami is both creative and fun, and it helps with hand-eye coordination.

Origami inexpensive pastime

13. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is typically seen as one of the more expensive hobbies, but it’s definitely doable on a budget. You can get started with ribbons and material scraps lying around the house. When it comes to stickers, you can save by owning a printer. And the secret to cheap scrapbook accessories is the clearance racks in the arts and crafts section of retail chains. 

14. Creating your own game

Designing your own game is a unique hobby. It challenges your creativity and problem-solving skills. Start with a simple idea or theme. Then, build rules and objectives around it. You can make a board game, a card game, or even a digital game if you’re tech-savvy.

Exercise (at home or outside)

15. Running 

Running is a great way to stay fit and clear your mind. It’s also a low-cost activity requiring just a good pair of running shoes to get started. You can run anywhere, from the treadmill in your gym to the trails in a local park. Choosing to run outside can help you save money on a gym membership. This flexibility makes running an ideal hobby for both your health and your wallet.

16. Dancing 

Learning how to dance—either alone or with a partner—no longer requires you to go to a studio. Nowadays, dance studios are offering their classes online in breakdancing, ballroom, hip hop, jazz, tap, and much more. You can easily join these classes and try different dance styles to find the one you enjoy most.

17. Yoga

Yoga is perfect for at-home workouts. Do it in your bedroom, office, or living room. Want fresh air? Try your balcony or backyard. To improve your skills, follow channels like Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. It’s an effective way to exercise and save money by avoiding expensive classes.

18. Rollerblading

Nineteen-nineties-style rollerblading is making a comeback. It’s perfect for those with good balance and strong ankles. You can also try roller skating to increase your stability. Both are fun ways to get active. Plus, wearing a neon visor adds to the retro vibe.

19. Slacklining

Slacklining—an activity of balancing on a flat, narrow strip of webbing stretched between two treesis an affordable and simple hobby. You just need two trees and some flat polyester webbing. It’s excellent for improving balance and toning leg and ab muscles. This activity combines fitness with outdoor fun, making it a great way to exercise and enjoy nature.

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Give the oven some lovin’

20. Baking

Baking has become a favorite hobby for many because it’s both creative and rewarding. You start with simple ingredients and turn them into delicious treats. Begin with easy recipes like biscuits, cookies, or pies. As your skills grow, you can try more complex recipes, like artisan bread and pastries.

21. Cooking

Embracing cooking as a hobby allows you to explore your culinary creativity. You can start with simple recipes and gradually progress to more complex dishes, building your confidence and expertise along the way. If you’d like some guidance, websites like tasty.co provide step-by-step video tutorials for both basic and gourmet cooking.

22. Cheesemaking and home brewing

Cheesemaking and home brewing are two interesting hobbies that put the “fun” in “functional.” While they require initial investment in equipment, the rewards are worth it. Once you have the necessary tools, you can experiment with various cheese and beer recipes to create unique flavors.

Craft your heart out

23. Handicraft

Handicraft (knitting, embroidery, cross-stitch, quilting, clothing construction, and crochet) is no longer just a hobby for your grandma. In fact, handicraft is making crazy waves right now between young people upcycling thrift store finds, irreverent cross-stitching, and DIY tutorials that anyone can follow.

24. Woodburning

Basic woodburning kits cost about as much as a fast food dinner date, but they can bring hours of entertainment and produce countless gifts for your loved ones. From coasters to wall hangings, woodburning can add a little rustic charm to your life.


Financial fun

25. Budgeting

Budgeting can be an engaging and practical hobby. It involves exploring money management blogs and podcasts to gather advice and ideas. You can turn budgeting into a game by setting personal finance goals and challenges for yourself. Digital envelope apps on your phone can help you track spending and savings.

26. Short-term investing

Short-term investing is one of several hobby ideas where you can make a little cash without tying up your money for a long time. Investing in mutual funds and certificates of deposit require just a couple hundred bucks to begin, but can grow quite a bit over time. If you want a little more risk, day trading may be right for you.

27. Thrift shopping

Few things are more thrilling than finding a screaming deal on that perfectly unique outfit at the thrift store. By cleaning up and reselling thrift store items, you can even make a good chunk of change.  

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Benefits of hobbies

There’s no shortage of reasons to pursue a hobby, but here are the main benefits:

Hobbies help us grow

Hobbies constantly push us to learn something new. Some hobbies even introduce skills that we never thought we could apply. The result? Self-improvement that helps us grow in various ways. 

Hobbies encourage us to socialize

For those who find socialization near impossible, hobbies offer an opportunity to engage in a meaningful conversation. There’s something about connecting with a common interest that feels different (in a good way).                             

Hobbies enable us to recharge

Starting a new hobby gives us a break from the daily grind. With never-ending work stress and personal issues, many of us need an outlet where we can relax, recharge, and refresh. It turns out hobbies provide the perfect way for us to renew our spirit and get our mojo back.

benefits of hobbies

Hobbies allow us to beat boredom

Hobbies fill our time and reduce our chances of feeling bored or imprisoned. Whether we’re self-isolating or working from home, we can count on our hobbies to help us stay sane. And the good news is that there are plenty of home hobby ideas we can pursue, some of which are covered above.


Learning a new hobby doesn’t have to take a ton of time, energy, or money, but doing so can yield some pretty impressive results. 

By devoting just a few minutes a day and setting a goal to learn a new skill, you may find yourself becoming proficient in something you never dreamed possible.

The hobby ideas list above is just a starting point to get your self-improvement juices flowing. Soon enough, you’ll not only have another skill in your toolbelt, but the mental and physical health benefits will leave you healthier, happier, and feeling more fulfilled.

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