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How to Get Verified on Instagram (Yup, Even You)

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Getting your Instagram verified is one of the most prestigious honors a person or brand can receive. You know, aside from winning a Nobel Peace Prize. And fortunately, getting that Instagram blue tick just got a tiny bit easier. I mean, Instagram now let’s absolutely anyone apply for Instagram verification. But if I’m being honest, unless you’re a public figure or brand, it’s still pretty hard to get. So let’s break down why you need that verified badge and how to get verified on Instagram today.

What is Instagram Verified?

Instagram verified is a way for Instagram to help users find notable brands and public figures on Instagram. The Instagram verified badge, also known as the Instagram blue tick, is an icon shown beside a username showing users that the account has been formally verified by Instagram.

Oberlo instagram verifiedAn Instagram verified badge is a way to distinguish reputable brands and public figures from fan pages, copycat accounts, and impersonification. Instagram requests identification to ensure that the account being verified is the right one.

Benefits of Instagram Verification

  • Exclusivity: Pinterest verifies every brand with a website, but Instagram verification doesn’t come as easy. So accounts that get verified on Instagram belong apart of an exclusive group. Truth is, Kanye West could have zero posts on Instagram and still keep his Instagram verification. And you might have more followers, more posts and end up with nothing. Ultimately, Instagram decides who gets the Instagram blue tick. And not being able to give it to yourself makes it more valuable to anyone who receives it.
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  • Reduce brand identity theft: With so many accounts popping up on Instagram every day, it’s only a matter of time before the copycats come out. If you create a massive Instagram following, your competitors could very well copy your exact strategy and steal your brand name, which can lead to some confusion for your fans and customers (it happened to me once and it was horrible). But with verification, fans and customers see that your Instagram account is the real deal. And it gives your brand the real competitive edge.
  • Strengthen brand power: Getting your Instagram verified is a big deal. It shows that out of the millions of Instagram accounts out there, yours matters. By having that Instagram blue tick beside your username, customers will be more likely to follow your page. Instagram verification also has a bit of prestige, so your brand appears to be more elite than some of your competitors who don’t have it.Increase visibility on Instagram: Have you ever noticed that verified Instagram accounts show up higher in search? Or how recommended pages to follow are often verified? Well, the Instagram algorithm likes verified accounts. That Instagram blue tick can help you gain more followers, show up higher in search results, and increase your presence on Instagram. People searching for brands by keywords might find yours before others due to your Instagram verification.shoppinkblush verified on instagram
  • Get access to cool perks: When Instagram first started testing out links (to blogs, landing pages, etc.) in Instagram Stories, they tested it with their verified Instagram accounts first. And with Instagram rollin’ out new features all the time, it’s likely that those verified on Instagram will always be first to see and try out new features.


How to Get Verified on Instagram: Tips for Instagram Verification

1. Meet the eligibility requirements

Instagram shares its verification requirements clearly on their website. There are four criteria Instagram uses to determine the public interest before verifying an Instagram account:

  • Authentic: Is your account for a real person or legal business?
  • Unique: Is the Instagram account unique to that person or business? For example, you build an online presence around yourself instead of a fan page around a celebrity. So only one Taylor Swift account could be verified, but there could be multiple Taylor Swift fan pages but they won’t get verified. Keep in mind that if you’ve built a fan page around animals, makeup tutorials or some other niche, your page will not be eligible for Instagram verification.
  • Complete: Have you filled out all the sections in Your Profile? Did you make your profile public? Instagram users who prefer having their accounts private aren’t eligible to verify their Instagram accounts.
  • Notable: Are you well-known? Do you show up in search results? Do you have a big following online? Does your website get a lot of traffic? Instagram only verifies accounts of people that are of interest to the public, so global brands and internationally-known public figures are more likely to have their Instagram verified.

2. Build a massive audience

Before you apply to get your Instagram verified, make sure you build a massive following.

How can you get more followers? Create and share content several times a day. Emulate the best-performing content for people in your niche. Join engagement groups to get people actively following your brand. Use the best Instagram hashtags. Maintain a consistent style so people know that they can count on you to continuously pump out the same style of content.

If you struggle to build a massive audience on Instagram, don’t fret. A lot of popular influencers from other social networks can actually apply for the Instagram verification badge. For example, if your YouTube channel gets lots of video views, you might be able to score that Instagram blue tick. You don’t need to be Insta famous to get it. You just need to be known by a big audience in the world.

how to get verified on instagram

3. Get press for your brand

Being a notable person or brand means that you’re worthy of attention. Beyond followers, how else can you show that people in the world know who you are? Press coverage.

You can get coverage from the media pretty easily. If you’re just starting out, you can respond to media requests using HARO. On HARO, reporters ask the general public for insight to complete their stories. In return for a short paragraph response, you can submit a link back to your website. You can then create a Press page on your website to showcase your media features.

If you’re a store owner trying to get your brand verified on Instagram, you can reach out to the Shopify team to share your success story and use that to add to your collection of press coverage around your brand. Keep in mind that you need to be a successful Shopify store owner to be featured on the Shopify blog.

4. Emulate verified Instagram accounts

In your niche, look through accounts that are verified. What do they have in common? Say you want to get verified as a fashionista. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • Do verified fashion influencers have their own blogs?
  • How many followers do they have across all social platforms?
  • How often do they post on Instagram?
  • What style of content do they share?
  • What’s their website’s Alexa ranking?
  • What’s their most popular post?
  • What’s their most popular blog content?
  • How long have they been around?

After answering all these questions, you’ll likely realize that their Instagram verification wasn’t from an overnight success. They spent years building their audience. From your learnings from your answers, you can then set goals to help inch you closer to the success that they have.

How to Request Blue Tick On Instagram

You can request the Instagram blue tick within the Instagram app under Settings. It’ll require a few scrolls and is slightly hidden, but it’s now available on every user’s app.

how to get verified on instagram

When you click on the Request Verification page, you’re sent to an application form.

instagram verification

It clearly states that Instagram verification is for accounts that represent an “authentic presence of a notable public figure, celebrity, global brand or entity it represents.” So if you’re an influencer, politician, musician, or popular online retailer you’re eligible for having your Instagram verified.

The application process for Instagram verification is short and sweet. Your username will automatically be included in the first space, then you’ll need to add your full name, include the name people know you as, select a category, and attach a photo of your ID or official business documents. And after you hit Send, you’ll receive a response from Instagram with news that your account is verified or to try again in 30 days.

Pay attention to that disclaimer: “Submitting a request for verification does not guarantee that your account will be verified.” However, you can apply to have your Instagram verified each month. But remember, the easiest way to increase your likelihood of Instagram verification after getting rejected is to create a bigger brand, get more publicity, gain more followers, and ultimately become more notable.

Can you Lose Your Instagram Verification?

Yes, Instagram can remove your verified badge if you provide false information during your verification process, try to sell your verified badge, aim to get verified outside of the Instagram application process (for example, buying an Instagram verified badge on the black market), and if you use your Instagram bio, profile picture, or name to promote another service instead of the one you applied for.


While you don’t need to be Instagram verified to build a powerful personal brand or iconic Instagram account, that Instagram blue tick does come with perks. Like showing up higher in search or proving to your competitors that you’re a bigger deal. Take that, copycats! By building an online presence around yourself or your business, you can work towards become notable enough to earn Instagram verification. And that Instagram blue tick can make you feel pretty cool.

Why do you want Instagram verification? Drop your answer down below!

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