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Make Email Newsletter

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, it’s essential that you optimize your marketing efforts. Marketing campaigns will drive your business’ growth, and helps you to draw the necessary mass of potential customers to your store. One great marketing tactic, which is often underutilized by ecommerce entrepreneurs, is the email newsletter.

If you create email newsletters you’ll be able to communicate directly with your existing customers, and potential new ones. You can offer them information about your latest product updates, alert them about your latest sale, or even let them know about new website developments. It’s a great marketing technique which is affordable, so entrepreneurs who are running their store on a shoestring budget can still take advantage of email newsletters.

We believe that this channel can help you grow your ecommerce business, so we’ve created this article to provide you with all the information that you need to nail your business’ email newsletters. At the end of this article you’ll have all the vital information that you need to start taking advantage of this great marketing technique.

Let’s get started.

What is an Email Newsletter?

Make Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is a powerful marketing technique which you can use for various different functions. Email newsletters allow you to communicate with your users directly, which will help you to build vital relationships with people who engage with your ecommerce business.

Successful email newsletters need to bring value to your customers, so it’s critical that you’re selective with the information that you include. If you offer relevant, timely, and informative information in your email newsletters, people will see the value in them, and will be more receptive to the messages which you send.

Why Should I Use Email Newsletters For My Business?

You may be asking yourself: “Do I really need to create email newsletters for my business?”

Ecommerce is a competitive field, and you’ll want to do everything in your power to get an edge over your competitors. If your competitors are taking advantage of email newsletters and you aren’t, you’ll be letting a great chance to help your business grow slip by.

It’s also important to note that email newsletters, and email marketing in general, are much cheaper than other marketing channels, like PPC advertising. If you’re an entrepreneur who isn’t willing to commit funding to PPC campaigns immediately then email newsletters, and email marketing in general, is a great choice for your marketing efforts.

The only real costs which you’ll incur whilst you’re creating and running your email newsletters is time. You can use stock image websites to source high-quality images and graphics, and you can use a variety of free tools to create your email newsletters, and distribute them to your users. These email tools will also allow you to create templates for your email newsletters, which makes it much easier to create them in the future — all you’ll need to do is fill in the appropriate information.


Signing up for a Newsletter

Before you start creating your email newsletters you’ll need to generate a list of email contacts who will be receiving them. It’s important that you make the idea of receiving email newsletters appealing to your customers, and that you ensure that they understand the benefit which they’ll gain from signing up.

Before you start creating your email newsletters you’ll need to generate a list of email contacts who will be receiving them. It’s critical that you make the idea of receiving email newsletters appealing to your customers, and that you ensure that they understand the benefit which they’ll gain from signing up.

Offer Discount Codes With a Sign Up

One great tactic which you can use to add value to signing up to your email newsletters is to offer a discount code. If you offer a 10% discount code to your customers when they sign up to your newsletters, they’ll see it as a worthwhile exchange — all they need to do is give you their email and they’ll get a discount on products which they’re interested in. You’ll receive a lead who is likely to purchase products from your online store, and they’ll be interested in your future marketing campaigns too, as they’re already sold on your brand. This means that they’re much more likely to become a repeat customer, so that 10% discount code seems like a slim investment for the potential benefits which it can bring to your store.

Be Upfront With Your Email Newsletters

You’ll find a lot of value from telling your users exactly what they will receive from your email newsletters. When you’re upfront with your customers, and you inform them about what you’ll be including in your email newsletters, you’ll find that those who sign up will be more response. These customers are ready to consume the information which you’ve sent to them, so you’ll find much more success with your email newsletters.

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Add a Check Box For Email Leads at Checkout

You can also add a check box to collect email leads when a customer is about to make a purchase from your store. The success which you’ll find from this tactic will stem from the fact that these customers are about to make a purchase, so they’re already sold on both your store and your products.

What Are the Best Tools for Creating an Email Newsletter?

If it’s your first time creating an email newsletter for an ecommerce business then it’s critical that you’re aware of the tools which you can take advantage of. Thankfully, there are a lot of great free tools which ecommerce entrepreneurs can use to create email newsletters. We’ve put together a list of some of the best tools which you can use:


Make Email Newsletter

MailRelay is another great email platform which you can use to create email newsletters for your ecommerce business. MailRelay provide a simple yet effective platform for creating your newsletters, so it’s a great tool even if you’re not proficient with design already. They also have a wide range of free templates which you can take advantage of. 

MailRelay offers a great analytics tool, which will provide you with vital information about your users, and will provide you with feedback on your past email newsletters. This will allow you to review your past marketing efforts, and will give you the necessary information which you need to improve your future email newsletters.


Agile CRM includes marketing automation feature which allows you to create effective newsletters. The best part of Agile is that it comes with multiple other solutions for marketing, sales, and customer service, all clubbed into one single platform.

 It is easy to create and send newsletters with Agile. They provide a wide variety of free HTML templates and you can also upload your own HTML code.

Agile offers a full range of features for your newsletter marketing campaigns. You can easily compose rich-text or plain text email newsletters with their email editor. You can also import external HTML files to their platform, and choose between static and responsive templates for your campaigns.


Make Email Newsletter

FreshMail is another great free email platform. You can use FreshMail to send up to 2,000 emails per month to 500 subscribers — if you have more subscribers than this you’ll need purchase one of their paid plans which start at $14/month. Their platform is great for creating email newsletters, and offers you a wide variety of essential features including time-scheduled messages, A/B tests, and auto-responses. It’s a useful email marketing platform for small ecommerce businesses.

Designing Your Email Newsletter

When you’re designing your email newsletters there are a few things which you’ll need to bare in mind. Depending on the type of email newsletter that you’re creating, the messaging and layout will differ quite a bit. Here’s a quick overview of what to watch out for when you’re creating a few different types of email newsletters:

Sales Email Newsletters

When you’re building an email newsletter to alert your customers about a sale you’ll need to place emphasis on the products which are included in the sale. Provide some images of the top products from your store that are on sale and the interested recipients will be engaged with your newsletter. It’s also a great idea to use time sensitive copy like ‘Sale Ends Tomorrow’, as this will instill a sense of urgency, and draw customers to make a decision quickly.

New Product Newsletters

When you’re designing an email newsletter to promote new products which you’ve added to your store there are a couple of things to bare in mind. Product images need to be the focal point, and your design needs to created with the goal of complementing them. Try to make sure that there is enough space between each image so the recipients of the email newsletter aren’t bombarded with content. Keep the content short and simple — let your products do the talking.

Start Making Email Newsletters Today

Now you know everything that you need to start making email newsletters for your ecommerce business — congratulations!

Take some time to test out different types of newsletters and assess how they work for your store. If you find that one type of email newsletter doesn’t resonate with your audience then think about why this is. Is there an issue with the design? Are you promoting the wrong type of products? Does the messaging need tweaking? It’s import to assess your store’s marketing efforts so you can stay on top of the game.

If you have any other questions about creating an awesome email newsletter for your business then let us know in the comments below — we’re happy to help you on your ecommerce journey.

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Which email marketing strategies have worked best for your ecommerce business? Let us know in the comments section, below!

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