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Wholesale Kids Clothing To Sell Online

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Dropshipping kids clothing

Why Sell Kids Clothing Online?

Kids clothing is one of the most lucrative markets to sell to online and is predicted to continually grow in size over the next five years. The industry itself can be as diverse as you want it to be, with popular niches like baby girls clothes, juniors clothing, toddler clothes, newborn clothes, and cute baby boys clothes. But there is also seasonality and, of course, children grow so quickly that repeat purchases are an extremely worthwhile endeavor with this type of online store. The real question is why would you not sell kids clothing online? Wholesale children’s clothing is a consistent trend all year round, with obvious trends like Christmas and Halloween that you can rely on.

Start your online kids clothing business today. It’s free!

sell kids clothing online

Why Dropship Kids Clothing Online?

There are so many styles, sizes, and colors for kids clothes that a great option to get the most out of your business is to use dropshipping. Dropship kids clothes across the world using Oberlo’s amazing resources to get the best bang for your buck. With dropshipping there is no need to order and store large quantities of kids clothing which you feel pressured to move quickly. When you wholesale the cost for storage lowers the amount of return you get from each sale, thus reducing your profit margin. Dropshipping means that you only need to order the quantity that your customers need. You no longer need to incur the cost of storage, and you can reap the rewards you deserve.

Start your online kids clothing business today. It’s free!


Who Are the Main Distributors of Kids Clothing?

Due to the numerous different types and styles of kids clothing, there are many distributors across the world, but the majority of clothes distributors are located in China, UK, and the US. Oberlo’s distributor network is the most up-to-date in the marketplace, meaning that you can source both trending and ‘old reliable’ kids clothing easily and quickly. With a diverse array of wholesale kids clothing to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice from the vast amount of colors and styles to choose from. And you don’t need to stick solely to kids clothing as most distributors offer accessories also so you can invest in shoes, belts, hats, socks, and more.

Start your online kids clothing business today. It’s free!


Who Are the Main Manufacturers of Kids Clothing?

Kids are so active all day long that it is important to sell the highest quality clothing possible. Using Oberlo’s manufacturing partners you can ensure that you are providing the best options for your customers. Our kids clothes manufacturers and suppliers have been in the business for years so they know what they are doing and can make sure that your wholesale kids clothing is produced to the highest standards. Interestingly China provides 97% of kids clothing. Most kids clothing manufacturers and suppliers create clothes that are responsive to growth with adjustable waistbands and keep comfort at the center of their design creating clothes from cotton or a cotton blend.

Start your online kids clothing business today. It’s free!

What Platforms Can I Use to Dropship Kids Clothing?

Shopify has many marketplaces that enable you to find kids clothing products to sell online.

What’s more, some marketplaces automatically select the cheapest shipping method for you. Since some suppliers offer several shipping methods, you can click on the shipping option and choose your preferred one.

Begin your online kids clothing business journey.