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10 Best Beauty Products to Sell in 2020

Chapter 8 by Nicole Martins Ferreira

Looking for the best beauty products of 2020? This year is all about looking and feeling great so we’ve also thrown in some health products that’ll help keep you feeling your best. Some of these beauty trends will be driving strong sales growth throughout the year and could very well help increase your store’s sales this year.

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10 Best Beauty Products to Sell in 2020

1. Magnetic Eyelashes


While fake eyelashes have been popular for a few years now, it’s pretty apparent that beauty trends like this will continue to grow. Search volume for “fake eyelashes” is steadily growing over time according to Google Trends.

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And while “magnetic eyelashes” had an all-time peak in August 2017, they’re beginning to rise again and will likely continue to climb throughout the year. Fake eyelashes are starting to become a staple in most makeup looks.

The reason why we’re giving a shout-out to magnetic eyelashes instead of ones requiring glue comes down to the simplicity of application making it perfect for the casual beauty enthusiast.

When marketing beauty products like magnetic eyelashes your focus will likely be on Instagram. While you can partner with beauty bloggers and create ads to get immediate sales, a stronger long-term strategy would be to create your own Instagram account with different pictures and videos of eye look with your fake eyelashes and other beauty products.

Long-term, this will keep your ad costs low since you’ll have built up your own audience and brand. You can also build a blog on your website so that you can drive organic traffic to your magnetic lashes and other beauty products on your store.

2. Shimmer Nail Polish


If you love beauty products, then your Instagram feed is likely packed with countless nail looks. Mine definitely is. And with nail posts constantly filling up beauty Instagram accounts, you could create a store around nail beauty products alone.

Shimmer nail polish has been taking over so many Instagram posts lately that this is a product you’ll want to sell asap. And this specific shimmer polish has had hundreds of purchases in the last 30 days, so you better polish up your Instagram account and start selling.

One of the most popular ways to make your shimmer nail polish stand out on Instagram is through carousel posts.

Carousel posts are scrollable posts that allow you to include multiple pictures or videos. They’ve become wildly popular for beauty products.

You can create videos or pictures of the nail polish being painted on yours or a model’s fingers. By having carousel posts, you’ll allow people to see various pieces of content. However, the great thing about carousel posts is that they often show up high in Instagram Search and Explore giving your content more visibility.

3. Hair Wigs


Lately, we’ve been seeing an increase in hair wig ads in the beauty products space. And if that isn’t proof enough, check out this Google Trends data: those “wigs” searches have been on an upward climb.

Some are choosing to use hair wigs instead of extensions as it is less damaging to the hair. You can target different hair communities such as novelty/cosplay hair, African American hair, cancer patients, or the casual consumer giving you a variety of customer demographics.

This long-haired colorful wig is one example of a product you can sell on your store. While you can choose to run a beauty products store and sell wigs, many online retailers find that focusing on wigs or extensions works well as a standalone store too.

By focusing on that specific niche, you can create blog content around wigs, hair tutorials, and other hair related topics. When you do this, you’ll be able to attract higher quality leads to your website that you can convert into paying customers.

It’ll keep your overall acquisition costs low. And since the wig niche has and will be around for a long time, you can build a long-term brand. Keywords like “hair wigs” get 27,100 monthly searches. There are countless other long-tail keywords that could bring you traffic.

4. Massage Gun


Those who’ve suffered from a recent injury may not be able to afford the regular massages they need to heal their injury. Fortunately, this deep tissue massage gun can be used at home to provide a do-it-yourself massage. In the past 30 days, this product has seen hundreds of orders making it a popular health and beauty product to sell. Search volume for “massage” has grown in recent years proving the strength in the category. And according to Keywords Everywhere, the term “massage” generates 4,090,000 million monthly searches making it a massive category to get into. 

To promote your massage gun, you should consider starting with an SEO play. Since the massage category is huge, you can start a massage-related online store with several massage and spa products. You can write blog posts about massages so you can build authority as an expert in the industry. To promote this specific product, you can run Google Shopping ads so that customers searching for the product will it. You can try various massage based keywords to determine which converts best. 

5. Travel Makeup Brushes


Over the past few years, we’ve been seeing makeup brush sales skyrocket. From trends like mermaid brushes to unicorn brushes, beauty products like this never go out of style. These travel makeup brushes add a new selling point to these classic beauty products.

And with over 300,000 monthly searches for “makeup brushes,” it’s pretty safe to say that this is a product that has a fanbase. Makeup brush trends may change over time, with certain designs skyrocketing into popularity but this is a great product to sell on a beauty store.

The way you promote your makeup brushes will depend on what type of brush you’re selling. If you’re selling a novelty-style makeup brush, you’ll likely use Instagram or Facebook to find your audience.

However, if you’re selling a traditional set you might choose to create Google Shopping ads to tap into that massive search-based audience.

Stick to a beauty products store, and you can build the right audience who will buy products like this and others just like it. Build out your blog content to find new audiences and retarget them to win that sale.

6. Foot Bath 


Not everyone can afford to go to the spa or receive a foot treatment on a regular basis.Some people are also worried about the level of sanitation found at these spas. Fortunately, you can provide them with this foot bath beauty product so that customers can take care of their feet from home. There have been over 1,100 orders of this product in recent months, proving its popularity. The foot bath can be used to help your customers remove dead skin.

To promote this product, you might decide to target people who are fans of nail salons or spas to entice them to try an at-home treatment. You can look up nail salons and spas for popular cities like New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and so forth to find your target audience. You can also pair up with a beauty influencer to share content with your product and possibly create content you can use for your own advertising.

7. Beard Straightener 


Whoever thought hair straighteners were just for women didn’t see their full potential. A popular hair product to sell in 2020 is this beard straightener. It helps volumize beard hair, straighten curly hair, and flatten the hair on the sides. And your customers can get the job done in under three minutes. 

With over 9100 orders in recent months, it proves to be a great addition to any men’s grooming store. The search term “beard straightener” generates 60,500 monthly searches. So, there’s quite a bit of demand for products like this one.

To promote your beard straightener, you can create videos of someone straightening their beard on Instagram. You can also do before and after influencer photos to show the impact of the product. You can also run Google Ads for the term “beard straightener” so that customers looking for that product can find your website instead of a competitor’s. And since there’s a sizeable number of searches, you’ll be able to generate quite a few views (and possibly sales) to your website. 

8. Dental Scaler 


A smile is often the center of attention when you look at someone’s face. It’s no wonder that the teeth niche within the beauty sector is so popular. Not too long ago teeth whitening products were the best beauty products to sell. But these days, teeth health products like this dental scaler are taking over sales. It helps remove tartar and tooth stains. You could be selling your customers the same tools dental hygienists use on patients.

You can run ads with copy along the lines of “Hate going to the dentist? Use this dental scaler to take care of your teeth at home.” It shows that it solves the problem of going to the dentist (which many people fear) and it provides the solution with your product being it. You can promote this product to people who are fans of dentist pages, who work in the dental industry, or who are fans of teeth whitening pages. 

The keyword “dental scaler” gets about 6,600 monthly searches. You can run paid Google ads targeting that keyword and directing traffic to your product page. This will help you capture a search based audience who is looking for your product. 

9. Neck Pillow


When it comes to health products, popular items like these neck relaxation pillows can help your customers relieve pain and improve the realignment of your neck.

This product is so insanely popular that in the past few months it’s had over 1500 sales. With people hunching over their computers and phones all day, this is a problem-solving product you need in your store.

To promote this neck pillow, you can create content such as articles and videos detailing the benefits of using a neck pillow every day. You can create ads on Facebook to target people who are looking down at their phones.

Or you can create search-based ads for keywords like “neck pain” which has 165,000 monthly searches. You can also create educational video ads discussing the benefits of relaxing your neck for half an hour each day to help convert the sale.

10. Face Massage Roller


Beauty products like this face massager help massage the most beautiful part of your body: your face. The simple massager can be used to massage the nose, chin, cheeks and more.

The jade roller costs under $3 and includes free shipping, allowing store owners to make a substantial profit on the product. This month, the face massager had over 475 orders from customers proving its popularity.

To add to that, “face massager” even gets an impressive 49,500 monthly searches proving that this is a product people really want. You can market this face massager by creating Google ads targeting keywords like “face massager.”

You can also create simple videos showing your massager being used on the face to demonstrate its need and benefits.

Then, use those videos as ads for Facebook. You can also reach out to various blogs and ask them to share a link to your product to drive some referral traffic back to your website.

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Sandy Taylor, Beauty Blogger and Makeup Artist of Foundation Fairy Sandy Taylor, Beauty Blogger and Makeup Artist of Foundation Fairy, shares, “It is without a doubt that the world is becoming more aware of the effects of climate change and this trend will continue in 2020. Major beauty brands like Olay are already moving toward refillable, reusable and recyclable packaging. On the consumer front, people are moving away from single-use products and heading towards a “zero waste lifestyle”. Therefore, we may see an upward trend in the use of the following types of beauty products:

  1. Reusable Makeup Pads – These pads are usually made of soft organic bamboo fibers.
  2. Reusable Sheet Masks – These masks are usually made of soft silicone and can be worn over a daily serum or facial creams to hold in facial moisture.
  3. Reusable Beauty Blenders – These blenders are usually made of soft silicone that helps with the application and blending of makeup products such as primers, concealers, and foundations.
  4. Reusable Silicone Swabs – These swabs are made of soft silicone and are meant to replace cotton swabs. They are great for the application of makeup and skincare products.”

Desiree Delia, Makeup Artist Desiree Delia, Makeup Artist, tells us, “In 2020, we are going to see the continued desire by the consumer to do their own research on which skincare and makeup products they are choosing to use. Our mindsets on how we can achieve our beauty goals are changing. 

We are looking for effortless longevity when it comes to the youthfulness in the appearance and health of our skin. We are going to see people continue to peel back their makeup foundation layers and invest in the right skincare services to treat concerns rather than cover them up. Hydro Jet & Jet Peel facials will continue to be mainstream and advanced eye rejuvenation treatments will trend! 

In 2020, we are also going to see people’s tolerance for animal testing dwindle and the demand for more transparency in the cosmetic industry increase. Clean Beauty will no longer be viewed as a “trend,” rather becoming the new normal because mindfully created and produced beauty products without any proved or suspected toxic ingredients are here to stay. We are also going to see people scaling back and stepping away from that over the top eyelash extension obsession and wear a more natural look. Natural lashes are ready for their comeback!”

Margina Dennis, Makeup Artist Denitra Townsend-Gregory, Makeup Artist, says, “The beauty products we will be seeing in 2020 are even more tech-savvy, personalized skincare products and treatments. Leading beauty companies are improving their existing facial sensory programs and apps to detect targeted skin issues and for more accurate complexion readings for foundation matching. Beauty subscription boxes will continue their popularity and so will face stone rollers. Additionally, men’s grooming and product marketing will increase and more advanced hair loss treatments will roll out in 2020. We’ll also see sleek facial and body hair removal tools that are easier to use and to travel with. Additionally, more DIY beauty products, such as hair color, manicure kits, facial kits, aromatherapy and self-care kits will become more popular in 2020.”

Nataliya Ogle, Founder of Style Tomes Nataliya Ogle, Founder of Style Tomes, shares, “We’ll be seeing many more products from beauty influencers and a lot more “unusual” color palettes. We’re moving toward beauty experimentation, so pigments will be bolder in palettes and many more loud combinations will be hitting beauty store shelves. The future looks bright. People are willing to experiment with post-Euphoria vibes. Expect to see more takes on face adhesives like gems and glitter products. Don’t be surprised if a favorite influencer or big brand releases a loose face glitter collection. Because graphic eyes dominated runways and TV shows, more people will be scouting for bright, smooth eyeliner to recreate those richly hued looks. And while colored eyeliner is nothing new, the selections will grow rapidly. Metallic texture in bright hues will have its moment. Instead of fussy individual products, expect multi-use tubes you can swipe over lids, face, and lips to create quick, bold looks.”

Irma Stefanova, Model, Fashion Blogger Irma Stefanova, Model, Fashion Blogger, and Digital PR Specialist at Independent Fashion Bloggers, says, “I think that the best product in the beauty trends for this upcoming year 2020 is the at-home hair removal laser. Here is why: it’s a safe home alternative to a beauty salon’s procedures. It’s a simple and comfortable device adapted for easy operation. It’s inexpensive compared to salon treatments. It’s excellent for healing acne, red spots, scars, etc. It is a trendy and innovative at-home product that provides many benefits for your appearance and beauty routines.”

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