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10 Best Home Products to Sell in 2019

Looking to spruce up your customers’ homes in 2019? Well, these home products will be a game changer this year. Below are some of the most reliable, quirky and fun home products people want – no, need – in their lives. So, don’t forget to add these household items to your online stores!

10 Best Home Products to Sell in 2019

#1. Travel Map

When you think of home decor, you usually think of focal pieces like a nice lamp or vase or a stunning wall art. This trending product is an interactive and unusual conversation starter.

In recent months, we’ve been seeing sales for scratch off travel maps skyrocketing. Why? Because not only does it show off which countries you’ve been to, it’s also perfect for hanging on a wall.

So if you’re looking to promote a fun home decor piece targeting travellers, home products like this are just what you need. This article is so popular that countless suppliers are selling different styles and designs that you can sell to different types of audiences.

What I love about household products like this is how clear-cut the target audience is. The people likely buying this travel map are likely people who travel regularly.

When choosing targeting options, you might choose to target people based on the type of traveler they are and their travel-based interests to find your ideal customer. The great thing is that there are so many different travel-based segments to choose from so you can explore your options as much as your customers explore the world.

#2. Crystal Water Bottle

We’ve been seeing the rise of crystal water bottles lately. And the styles they come in keep on evolving. Google Trends shows that a really high search volume trend started in November. However, we expect to see other styles grow in popularity.

The crystal bases add a fun look to the inside of your water bottle and while trends may change, we’re likely to continue to see other designs take shape within the bottle over the next few years.

Some believe that having crystals in your water offers healing properties. This type of water bottle is very popular among people who practice Feng Shui and paganism, as well as those who are into New-Age wellness.

While the water bottle design is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, its marketability comes from its Feng Shui element. Since it’s believed that crystals have healing properties, having a water bottle that includes it allows you to market it that way.

Like all home products that make claims, the secret is to be careful with phrasing. For example, instead of saying that this water bottle will heal you, you’d say something like “people believe this crystal has healing properties.” Otherwise, you can experience a lawsuit for false advertising. Never make a direct claim when marketing home products like this.

#3. Hair Stopper Shower

Home products like this shower hair stopper prevent things like hair or food from clogging the drain. Considering how expensive a plumber can be, your affordable shower hair stopper can help solve a pretty big problem.

Keywords like “sink plug” get 8,100 monthly searches, and there are other trending keywords such as “hair catcher,” “sink drain stopper,” and “shower plug” which prove that people are searching for products like this.

Marketing your shower hair stopper will likely be best done visually. You can create videos showing how your hair stopper catches hair or prevents food from going down the drain. The same videos can also be used to create Facebook and Instagram ads.

If you’re positioning it as a hair stopper, you might target women as it’ll likely be a problem for women with longer hair. However, if you’re positioning it as a food catcher, you might target people who like cooking or people who recently bought a home.

#4. Pet Grooming Tools

So, we all know that shedding is an annoying problem for many pet owners. Dog and cat hair ends up all over your clothes, furniture, and floor leaving you feeling like no matter how often you clean, it’s never enough. Fortunately, this home product helps you groom your pet by vacuuming their hair before it ends up on the floor.

Pet grooming is a pretty stable niche as search traffic for it has been steady for a few years now. Notably, there are 110,000 monthly searches for “pet grooming”, making this a great niche to tackle if you’re in the pet space.

The pet niche is very popular across visual platforms like Instagram or Facebook and via search. A great place to start would be to create your own pet fan page.

You can repost other people’s pet pictures (with their permission, of course) to build your own pet brand. Occasionally post product pictures and videos to drive sales on your store.

Another way to tap into early sales on your store. You can reach out to existing pet fanpages and pay them for a post on their page. When I worked in the pet space a few years ago, reposts on fan pages often cost between $30-$200 depending on the size of the audience. This was drastically lower than the typical sponsored post of an influencer.

#5. Makeup Organizer

Some of the most popular home products are storage and organization products. This makeup organizer can help organize messy drawers and better organize makeup products.

In the past 30 days, this organizer has amassed over 1400 orders proving its popularity. The storage organizer comes in three colors: black, white, and pink.

While its main function is as a makeup organizer, you can also position it as an organizer for some other function, such as a kitchen organizer, jewelry organizer, or art supply organizer.

You can position this home product in many ways which allow you to reach a wide range of audiences. For example, if you take your own custom photos, you can create photos that target the kitchen, school supplies, jewelry, beauty and men’s grooming niches.

With this single product, you can capitalize on sales in so many niches allowing you to increase your sales by serving different market segmentsSo you’ll likely want to explore Facebook ads to help you target whichever segment you hope to attract to your store.

#6. Knitted Throw Blanket

There are over 15 different colors for your customers to choose from allowing them to match the color with the color scheme of their room. With so many colors to choose from, it’s not too surprising that this product has seen a pretty substantial order volume: over 1350 orders in 30 days.

To get this product purchased by your customers, you’ll want to promote the throw blanket on Facebook and Instagram as a home decor product. You can take custom product photos or have an influencer take them for you to get different types of photos to provoke different emotions.

For example, a blanket in front of a fireplace evokes a different emotion than the product photo above. You can then use those photos for your ads to help attract more sales.

#7. Pet Bed

Pets are often treated like members of the family. So, it only makes sense to have home products like this pet bed to make them more comfortable.

This pet bed has seen over 1600 orders in the past month and over 9100 orders in the past six months. It comes in six colors: brown, green, orange, gray, sky blue, and wine red.

The comfortable fleece bed gives your pet a comfortable place to rest or sleep. With the pet niche, your best bet will likely be promoting your pet bed products on Instagram.

There are countless dog fan pages on Instagram you can tap into to capitalize on sales. Even more still, there are popular dog breeds with fan pages in the hundred thousand or millions that you can do sponsored posts on as well.

As mentioned earlier, on average, the cost of a sponsored post on a pet fan page tends to be between $30-200 making it one of the more affordable influencer marketing strategies. So feel free to reach out to fan pages by direct messaging the page to work out a deal.

#8. DIY Wall Art

Homes around the world have their walls decorated with art. But what about artists and painters who want to pursue their passion – what’s the best art for their wall? Fortunately, this popular home product is taking over.

It’s a DIY wall art that allows people to paint by number to create their own special piece of art for their home. This product is perfect for people who’d rather have art in their home share a significance, in this case, the significance is that they painted it themselves.

And since it’s had over 2700 orders in the past month, this is proving to be a product that people love buying. Since this wall art is DIY, the target audience of it will likely be artists or amateur artists.

You’ll likely want to target people who like painting or art in general. You might even target people based on their job titles or school major to attract the right audience.

You can also create videos showing an artist painting by number to show how easy it is. This will demonstrate that the product does require you to paint your own art rather than buy it pre-made.

#9. Reversible Umbrella

Reversible umbrellas have been growing in popularity in terms of sales. In the past six months, they’ve amassed over 2100 in customer orders. While we’re still in the dead of winter in the northern hemisphere, expect this umbrella to grow in popularity in the spring.

With 21 different styles to choose from, customers will be more likely to find an umbrella in the color they love.

In the past couple month, searches have been skyrocketing for “reversible umbrella” according to Google Trends. Want to make the reversible umbrella sales pour in? If you sell on Facebook, you might choose to target cities with a lot of annual rainfall creating ads for each separate city.

If you’d rather do a search-based approach, you can create Google Shopping ads for keywords like “reversible umbrella” which gets 4,400 monthly searches or “umbrella” which gets an astounding 450,000 monthly searches.

#10. Reusable Straws

Several restaurants around the world are moving away from plastic straws to lower overall plastic waste. If you’re passionate about selling home products that lower overall waste or have a socially conscious brand that focuses on marine life, this may be a good product to sell on your store.

There will be a growing number of people, businesses and restaurants who will be turning away from the consumption of plastic straws and move towards something more environmentally friendly like these reusable straws.

When it comes to promoting your reusable straws, you’ll likely want to create an educational video ad that focuses on the environmental benefits of having a reusable straw versus buying a plastic one.

You can also highlight that your brand is socially conscious or donates a portion of sales to marine life to help your customers feel like their purchase contributes to the betterment of society. Research shows that customers are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a brand that practices sustainability. Of course, if you say you’ll donate a percentage of sales, you’ll need to actually do that.

Home & Garden Trends to Look Out For in 2019

Garden Trends in 2019

The tropical look

With climate change at the front of gardeners minds across the world it is no wonder why garden owners are opting for the tropical look. There is nothing more beautiful than looking out your window to lovely greenery. If your dropshipping niche is home and garden be sure to stock colorful synthetic plants and ornaments that customers can place in their tropical wonderland.

Urban jungle

Urban Jungle

More and more people are maximising their creativity when it comes to city living. Who says you cannot have a garden in an apartment anyway! So many great influencers are sharing ideas of how to use apartments and small spaces in a smart way, creating great urban jungles in bathrooms, balconies, and anywhere you could think of.

Fab lighting

Gardens are not just for kids to play in, they are meeting places for adults to sit and relax at any time. Help your customers create a chilled environment for the whole family with great lighting products. From fluorescent flowers, solar powered outdoor decorative stakes, to glow in the dark lights, the lighting trend that is happening around the world can be led by your dropshipping store.

Upcycling homehold products

Upcycle Garden

The garden niche is great to be in as you can be as creative as you want — especially when it comes to upcycling. The upcycling trend is not new but for gardening it gets better and better every year. This trend is branching into repurposing old kitchenware, clothing, books, shoes, and so much more. You can find a variety of products on Oberlo to sell to customers when it comes to this trend.

Home Decor Trends in 2019


Rugs have never been more popular than in 2019. Why? Because there are so many to choose from, and let’s face it, rugs are great in any room in the house. As far as home decor trends go, if you are not selling rugs in your online store you should start today. In terms of choice you can stock oversized rugs for open plan rooms, superhero rugs for kids rooms, and even 3D ocean prints for the bathroom. Go ahead break free from the generic categories and start selling rugs in your online store today.

Abstract looks

Abstract Home Decor

If you are targeting new home owners then this can help identify new home products for your ecommerce store. Abstract looks can be anything from minimalist to otherworldly so if this home decor trend tickles your fancy you have a wide berth on what to sell. With Oberlo abstract home decor products includes artwork, furnishings, sculptures, shower curtains, and so much more. You can really expand your product offering within this home decor trend.

It’s all in the detail

Sometimes it is good to overthink something to make it perfect and this is the case for this home decor trend. When decorating a kitchen, it can be interesting to overthink the details to organise artwork around kitchen equipment and other important things you need in a kitchen. This is where resizable artwork, cute tea infusers, and creative shelving units,  available through Oberlo, can be great additions to your online dropshipping store.

Retro injection

Retro Home Decor

When you first think of retro home decor you might think over the top decorations with large pieces of furniture, and that is not wrong. But that is not what this home decor trend is all about. The retro injection is all about putting only a bit of retro into your home. Maybe you have a very monotone living room and want to draw extra attention to the room with retro cushions. Or your bathroom is a bit boring so you can add retro bits and bobs to add a splash of adventure. Think outside the box when choosing retro products to stock in your store – the sky in the limit.

Home & Garden Trends According To Experts

Claire Coutts, PR & Content Assistant Manager of The House Shop, shares, “With 6 digits in monthly visitors at The House Shop, we are a hot spot for renters throughout the UK and what we can tell for sure is that the high mobility of millennials and Gen Z is what thrives the necessity to adapt to a new home fast and also the higher demand over technological and clever household solutions, which are what make the wide product range of portable appliances top sellers and of high demand.

Products such as portable stoves, smart fryer pans, mini rice cookers, induction hotplates and infrared grills that are both healthy and eco-friendly, also oil-free fryers, and all-in-one breakfast centres slowly but surely become a core part of modern kitchen inventory.

Although most are unisex, products such as portable beer systems ‘bottle-to-draft’ and also cocktail scales could be a peculiar hint to dropshippers and shed light on male or female-focused accessories and campaigns.”

Dean Signori, Managing Director of, shares “At HomeDirect365 we’ve narrowed the focus to a tight vertical of products and we can confirm that demand over French interior & decor has been on a solid rise throughout the entire year. We also witness a parallel increase in inquiries over products to accompany French interior & decor such as vintage cooking ware, wooden and ornamental cutlery, Frenchy bakeware sets, teacups, coasters, bread baskets and other French-themed tableware, as well as smaller luxury accessories like leather wallets (for men), vintage cones, and even floral hairbands (for women) and also soaps.

People would rather stick to a particular trend whether it is French design, the Scandinavian Hygge, Lagom or any other as long as they are consistent.

That’s why for 2019 we plan to expand our catalogue to meet such untapped but “hot” demand for the French. We also plan a range of 100% French-styled vanity and bathroom accessories and sets possibly in collaboration with well-known and established designers specialising in French interiors and decor further established our brand.

To sum our ecommerce know-how and tips, what we advise sellers to look into products business models related to specific themes/trends and thus maximise conversions, upsells and combo sales of matching products or entire sets. A rather simpler comparison would be the Chinese, Mexican, Indian, British, African, Asian and etc. restaurants. This model proves to work great for home decor and furnishing and our company is living proof.”

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