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10 Best Home Products to Sell in 2020

Chapter 6 by Nicole Martins Ferreira

Looking to spruce up your customers’ homes in 2020? Well, these home products will be a game changer this year. Below are some of the most reliable, quirky and fun home products people want – no, need – in their lives. So, don’t forget to add these household items to your online stores!

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10 Best Home Products to Sell in 2020

1. Orthopedic Pillows


One of the best home products to sell in 2020 are orthopedic pillows. These memory foam pillows conform to the shape of your head to give you a comfortable position during your good night’s sleep. The search term “orthopedic pillows” generates 14,800 monthly searches according to Keywords Everywhere. You can also jump on relevant keywords like “memory foam pillows” which has 60,500 monthly searches according to the same tool. Sleep products are always wildly popular, so whether you start a home products or sleep store, this pillow will likely be the perfect fit. 

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You can sell home products like this pillow by focusing on a search-based strategy. You can run Google Shopping ads for keywords like “memory foam pillows” or “orthopedic pillows” and similar keywords. Don’t be afraid of choosing keywords with smaller volume as well as you may find some that convert well. You can also create video content to share and show the benefits of having this product. You can run the ads on Facebook to find customers who may be in the market for a new pillow. ‘

2. Bath Towel Cap 


Every woman knows the struggle of having a massive towel on her head after coming out of the shower. Fortunately, there’s a compact home product you can sell to her: a bath towel cap. It’s designed to dry the hair faster and with less bulk. The term “hair towel” has seen massive growth in recent months when it comes to search traffic, so this is definitely one of those home products with high demand. In recent months, this product has even had over 20,000 orders proving its popularity. 

Selling this product will likely be easier on Facebook and Instagram. You can post influencer created video content on Instagram to promote your hair towel on social media. You can also ask the influencers to share it with their audience as well so you can get a bigger audience of people finding it. You can run video ads promoting the towel cap targeting women aged between 18 and 34. You can also reach out to beauty fan pages to have your video shared with their audience. You’ll need to pay a fee to make this happen but it’ll likely cost less than the cost of creating the video in the first place. 

3. Terrarium 


Terrariums have been selling well for a while now and in 2020 we’ll continue to see their sales rise. Take this terrarium for instance. There are 450,000 monthly searches for the keyword “terrarium” proving its popularity. Then, there’s a bunch of search volume for related keywords such as “terrarium plants” or “terrarium diy.” And with thousands of orders placed on only this terrarium alone, it’s safe to say that this is a worthwhile niche to explore.

To promote home products like this terrarium, you can focus on two key channels: Pinterest and Google. Both are search-based platforms. You can add your terrarium products to the platform optimizing them for keywords. Customers then find the pin, engage with it, or click through to your website. You can also invest in Pinterest ads to get immediate sales for your products. 

Another option is to focus on Google. With hundreds of thousands of monthly searches, you should consider running ads to your website. You can also build out blog content about terrariums to help Google identify your website as a terrarium store. 

4. Pet Grooming Products


So, we all know that shedding is an annoying problem for many pet owners. Dog and cat hair ends up all over your clothes, furniture, and floor leaving you feeling like no matter how often you clean, it’s never enough. Fortunately, this home product helps you groom your pet by gathering their hair before it ends up on the floor.

Pet grooming is a pretty stable niche as search traffic for it has been steady for a few years now. Notably, there are 110,000 monthly searches for “pet grooming”, making this a great niche to tackle if you’re in the pet space.

The pet niche is very popular across visual platforms like Instagram or Facebook and via search. A great place to start would be to create your own pet fan page.

You can repost other people’s pet pictures (with their permission, of course) to build your own pet brand. Occasionally post product pictures and videos to drive sales on your store.

Another way to tap into early sales on your store. You can reach out to existing pet fanpages and pay them for a post on their page. When I worked in the pet space a few years ago, reposts on fan pages often cost between $30 and $200 depending on the size of the audience. This was drastically lower than the typical sponsored post of an influencer.

5. Makeup Organizer


Some of the most popular home products are storage and organization products. This makeup organizer can help organize messy drawers and better organize makeup products.

In the past 30 days, this organizer has amassed over 210 orders proving its popularity. The storage organizer comes in three colors: black, white, and pink.

While its main function is as a makeup organizer, you can also position it as an organizer for some other function, such as a kitchen organizer, jewelry organizer, or art supply organizer.

You can position this home product in many ways, which allows you to reach a wide range of audiences. For example, if you take your own custom photos, you can create photos that target the kitchen, school supplies, jewelry, beauty and men’s grooming niches.

With this single product, you can capitalize on sales in many niches. This will allow you to increase your sales by serving different market segments. So you’ll likely want to explore Facebook ads to help you target whichever segment you hope to attract to your store.

6. Burrito Blanket


Not all home products are serious. Sometimes they’re quirky and fun. Kinda like this burrito blanket, your customers don’t realize they need until they see it. With over 3,700 orders in recent months, this novelty blanket proves to be a funny home product to purchase. But one thing you won’t laugh about is the massive search volume that’s wrapped around this little keyword. The term “burrito blanket” gets about 110,000 monthly searches

Instagram will likely be the platform where you promote your burrito blankets. You can pair up with influencers who will post pictures of the burrito blanket on their social accounts and tagging your brand. You can offer an affiliate commission to customers who purchase your product. By telling customers they can earn a commission for sharing with their friends, they’ll be more likely to post about it on social media. And since there’s massive search volume for this product, you might want to try dabbling in some Google Ads too. 

7. Pet Bed


Pets are often treated like members of the family. So, it only makes sense to have home products like this pet bed to make them more comfortable.

This pet bed has seen over 1200 orders in recent months. It comes in six colors: brown, green, orange, gray, sky blue, and wine red.

The comfortable fleece bed gives your pet a comfortable place to rest or sleep. With the pet niche, your best bet will likely be promoting your pet bed products on Instagram.

There are countless dog fan pages on Instagram you can tap into to capitalize on sales. Even more still, there are popular dog breeds with fan pages in the hundred thousand or millions that you can do sponsored posts on as well.

As mentioned earlier, on average, the cost of a sponsored post on a pet fan page tends to be between $30 and $200, making it one of the more affordable influencer marketing strategies. So feel free to reach out to fan pages by direct messaging the page to work out a deal.

8. Couch Slipcover 


Sofa covers are one of the most popular home products of 2020. We’ve seen sales tick up in late 2019, but the trend will continue to grow in the coming year. The couch cover essentially protects the couch from stains, dirt, and other debris. The cover can also be used as a decoration to make your couch look a certain way with a changeable fabric. The fabric can be sold for single, double, or triple seat couches, thus accommodating most homes. The keyword “sofa cover” has been seeing more search demand according to Google Trends

When selling home products like this sofa cover, you’ll likely want to start with a search-based strategy. The term “sofa covers” gets 165,000 monthly searches. You can target that keyword and others just like it to see which keywords convert best for your products. You can also post these sofa covers on your Pinterest account or on group boards. You’ll want to make sure you include the right keywords on your pins so you gain the most visibility for your products. You can also run ads on Facebook, targeting women age 25 to 45 who own homes. 

9. Reversible Umbrella


Reversible umbrellas have been growing in popularity in terms of sales. In the past six months, they’ve amassed over 1400 in customer orders. While we’re still in the dead of winter in the northern hemisphere, expect this umbrella to grow in popularity in the spring.

With 21 different styles to choose from, customers will be more likely to find an umbrella in the color they love.

In the past couple months, searches have been skyrocketing for “reversible umbrella” according to Google Trends. Want to make the reversible umbrella sales pour in? If you sell on Facebook, you might choose to target cities with a lot of annual rainfall, creating ads for each separate city.

If you’d rather do a search-based approach, you can create Google Shopping ads for keywords like “reversible umbrella” which gets 4,400 monthly searches or “umbrella” which gets an astounding 450,000 monthly searches.

10. Reusable Straws


Several restaurants around the world are moving away from plastic straws to reduce their overall plastic waste. If you’re passionate about selling home products that lower overall waste or have a socially conscious brand that focuses on marine life, this may be a good product to sell on your store.

There will be a growing number of people, businesses and restaurants who will be turning away from the consumption of plastic straws and move towards something more environmentally friendly like these reusable straws.

When it comes to promoting your reusable straws, you’ll likely want to create an educational video ad that focuses on the environmental benefits of having a reusable straw versus buying a plastic one.

You can also highlight that your brand is socially conscious or donates a portion of sales to marine life to help your customers feel like their purchase contributes to the betterment of society. Research shows that customers are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a brand that practices sustainability. Of course, if you say you’ll donate a percentage of sales, you’ll need to actually do that.

Ashley Spencer, Artist of Casart Coverings Ashley Spencer, Artist of Casart Coverings, shares: “The three home product trends we’ll be seeing in 2020 involve the “3 C’s,” Comfort, Color, and Conscientiousness. For comfort, diffusers help create a cozy interior ambiance using a scent that adds a welcoming, fresh atmosphere for entertaining. They also help to relieve stress. Color continues to be a trend aligning with both Maximalist and Minimalist design styles. The easiest way to get a pop of color is with accessories, such as pillows and more substantial side tables. Finally, being conscientious about each purchase is key. Ask will it be used long term and not just be thrown in the trash? Can it be recycled, reused or repurposed? The items mentioned above, as well as Casart wallcoverings, fit these trending criteria. Casart self-adhesive designer wallcoverings are high-quality and reusable. They can be donated and depending on the state, recycled. Gone are the days of wastefulness. Meaningful purchases are a must.”

Josie Abate, Interior Designer of Ambience Express Josie Abate, Interior Designer of Ambience Express, says, We all crave the benefits that being in nature can give us, including a healthier body and mind, however, most people are lacking one of the most important elements for improving their daily well being, and that is natural light. Aligning your internal clock to be more in sync with the natural daylight cycle will allow you to reap many health benefits such as improved mood, optimized metabolism, and increased cognitive performance, to name just a few of the advantages.The year 2020 will bring us a new solution in the form of LED skylights. These innovative skylights produce artificial light that closely mimics natural sunlight. This product can be installed on any type of ceiling without having to make costly roof alterations, making it a great alternative to traditional skylights. Put this cutting-edge LED technology to good use in refreshing the ambiance in your space.”

Antonia Korcheva, Zero-Waste Living Enthusiast of Escape Waste Antonia Korcheva, Zero-Waste Living Enthusiast of Escape Waste, tells us, The eco-trend is overtaking the planet. More people ride to the sustainable living trend of conscious choices about home purchases. Plastic-free and zero waste products are on a huge rise and demand will grow throughout the decade. The easiest way to make your home more eco-friendly is to opt for reusable swaps in the bathroom and kitchen: Products for a zero-waste bathroom: bamboo toothbrushes, solid shampoo bars, safety razors, cotton pads, silk dental floss, and biodegradable cotton swabs. Products for a zero-waste kitchen: wooden dish brushes, loofah sponges, beeswax wraps, glass food containers, bamboo or stainless steel utensils, French press for plastic-free coffee and tea, unpaper towels, reusable silicone zip lock bags, and reusable straws.”

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