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10 Best Jewelry Products to Sell in 2020

Chapter 7 by Nicole Martins Ferreira

The best jewelry products come in the form of jewelry trends such as hip hop jewelry, charm bracelets, and more. If you run an online jewelry store be sure to add these 10 jewelry products to your store ASAP. In this section, you’ll find bracelets for women, necklaces for women, and other jewelry online that you’ll want to snatch up.

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10 Best Jewelry Products to Sell in 2020

1. Hip Hop Jewelry


Hip hop jewelry started growing in popularity in 2019, we saw the rise in chains, blinged-out jewelry and more. In 2020, jewelry products with a hip hop flair to them will continue to rise. For example, this blinged-out personalized pendant for necklaces. Personalization is the absolute hottest trend in 2020 with various categories offering custom products. But in the jewelry niche, personalization is always a goldmine. Your customers will order the letter that means most to them, so be sure to have a note box on the product page so that they can tell you which letter they’d like to purchase as they order from your website so you don’t need to contact them to check. 

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To promote your hip hop jewelry, you can target people who are interested in hip hop or streetwear clothing brands. You might decide to target fans of those pages to create a lookalike audience off of. You can also choose to target people who like jewelry or who are in relationships so they can get their partner’s initials around their neck (just like Taylor Swift).

2. Charm Bracelet 


Each year charm bracelets take over sales and 2020 will be no exception. This charm bracelet has been charming customers in recent months. It’s expected to continue selling well throughout 2020. Recently, it’s generated over 17,400 orders proving its a powerhouse for jewelry online. Jewelry products like charm bracelets have been popular for years. The keyword “charm bracelets” gets about 110,000 monthly searches according to Keywords Everywhere. So, this jewelry category isn’t going away anytime soon. 

To promote your charm bracelet you can run ads on Facebook and Instagram. You might target fans of pages like Pandora or other popular charm bracelet websites to find your target audience. You might find that women ages 18 to 24 or 25 to 34 convert best. You can also run paid Google Shopping ads for keywords like “charm bracelet” and other relevant keywords to capitalize on the search-based audience. 

3. Solar System Bracelet


Looking for a women’s bracelet that’s out of this world? Fortunately, this solar system bracelet is as far out as it gets. This product has been taking over sales on AliExpress.

This simple bracelet has eight planet-like beads using natural stone. This bracelet can be worn by both men and women due to its simplistic style and mass appeal.

Want to get an astronomical number of people wearing your solar system bracelet? Try targeting people based on their interests.

You might target people who are studying astronomy in school or people who’ve liked popular space-themed movies on Facebook. You can also target people who like specific planets or general space-themed or astronomy terms.

4. Pendant Necklace


Searching for the best necklaces for women? Consider selling something sentimental and completely unique. This pendant necklace has a stunning design and projects phrases onto a wall when light is flashed into it.

It comes in two colors: silver and rose gold. And its price with ePacket shipping is under $10, allowing you to make a decent profit off of it if you sell it for $29.99, which is within market value.

When the necklace phrases project on the wall, customers will find phrases for “I love you” in various languages, making it a great gift for a romantic partner.

Help your customers shout “I love you” from the rooftops by promoting this to couples celebrating anniversaries, newly engaged couples, or couples who’ve recently gotten married.

The best thing about this necklace is how many languages are shown in the projection, allowing you to target couples in various countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria and more. This is a perfect product for stores looking to sell to an international audience.

5. Initial Necklace


In the past six months, this initial necklace has received an astounding 23300+ orders. So it’s pretty safe to say that necklaces for women like this one are flying off the shelf.

What makes this necklace spectacular is the personalization element to it. Personalization will continue to be one of the best jewelry trends in 2020. Over the past few years, Google Trends saw a rise in name necklaces.

And while an initial necklace only has one letter, sales prove that it’s still wildly popular. These types of necklaces sell particularly well around the holiday season. However, you can still promote them year-round by focusing on milestones such as anniversaries and birthdays.

Spread the love by promoting your initial necklace to people celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, and holidays such as Mother’s Day. While women are the target audience of who will be wearing your necklace, men may want to buy the necklace for them.

So don’t be afraid to target men who might buy jewelry for their girlfriends or wives. But still be sure to target women in your ads too, as some may buy for themselves or send links to friends to buy for them.

6. Multilayer Necklace


Religion plays a role in millions of people’s lives. This multilayer cross necklace is just one example of a popular religious jewelry item. It only costs $4.99 and includes free shipping to various countries.

In the past six months, it’s had over 150 orders. “Multilayer necklace” searches have also been steady for a number of years.

So whether you decide to sell general multilayer necklaces or focus on the religious aspect, you’ll surely find an audience that’s a great fit for your store. The benefit of selling religious jewelry like this women’s necklace is that marketing becomes a lot easier.

If you sell a standard multilayer necklace it can be difficult to know who to target. However, when you add a religious element to the mix, you can target the specific religion the jewelry belongs to.

For this necklace, you might target Christian customers. You could create a blog on your store about Christianity, Christian values, and content around Bible verses so you can attract more of your audience to your store.

This general formula works well for any religion’s jewelry that you choose to focus on such as Muslim pendants, Virgin Mary necklaces, Om necklaces for Hindus, or Buddha necklaces.

7. Magnetic Bracelet 


Magnetic bracelets grew in popularity for their healing benefits. They reportedly help improve circulation which protects the body during injuries while ensuring good health. The term “magnetic bracelet” generates 27,100 monthly searches. It’s a high-intent search, which means people are likely looking for this exact product you’re selling. In recent months, this product has received thousands of orders proving its popularity. 

When it comes to marketing, you might want to promote it to people who suffer from circulation issues. This might be people who regularly suffer from blood clots or people who take aspirin on a daily basis such as heart attack victims. Remember that you can’t make any direct claims about the product as that can get you in hot water. However, you can advertise this product as a magnetic bracelet that helps with circulation.

8. Locket 


In 2020, we’ll see a rise in jewelry products like lockets. Lockets are jewelry that can open and unveil a photo or message inside. One of the best-selling jewelry products right now is this You Are My Sunshine locket. On the outer part, the pendant is a sunflower. However, the locket opens to reveal the message ‘you are my sunshine.’ In the past 30 days, this locket has generated over 2100 orders proving its rapid popularity. Other styles are available with other messages such as “in a world full of roses, be a sunflower.”

To promote this locket, you can run a carousel ad showing all the different messages each locket contains so customers can buy the one with the message they like best. Another option is to create an influencer video of them putting on the locket and opening it and unveiling the message. The video should then be used in ads. You can run the ads on Facebook and Instagram to entice people to your product. 

9. Hoop Earrings


One of the biggest jewelry trends right now is hoop earrings. Fortunately, finding jewelry online in this style isn’t hard. This rhinestone hoop earring has the perfect amount of sparkle your customers will love.

According to Google Trends, “hoop earrings” searches have been steadily growing since 2015 making it a must-have on your store today. In recent months, there have been 11200 orders for this product, making this a high-potential product as it has a high conversion rate.

Selling jewelry online like these hoop earrings can be tricky. It all comes down to finding the right audience. You might want to target women aged in their twenties and thirties who like jewelry.

You might also try to capitalize on special events such as New Years, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and wedding season for both guests and bride. Create ads around special occasions can help you find your customers without needing to target based on interests.

10. Personalized Letter Rings 


Personalized letter rings are all the rage in the jewelry products world. Personalization has always been one of the most popular trends in this niche and this ring is no exception. Customers can choose to purchase their initial to wear around their fingers. If their name is only a few letters long, they may choose to buy each letter in their name (or nickname). In recent months, over 4,000 orders have been placed by customers for these things. You can promote these rings on a jewelry store or even a personalization store where you sell products that can be personalized to the customer.

To promote these rings, you might partner up with an influencer who takes custom photos and videos of the rings that you can use in your ads. Your best bet for advertising would be to go for the impulse buy and run ads on Facebook and Instagram. You can also post pins of your jewelry products on Pinterest as well. You can even join jewelry group boards on Pinterest so you can reach a bigger audience even if you’re just starting out. 

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Al Sandimirova, Founder and CEO of Automic Gold Al Sandimirova, Founder and CEO of Automic Gold, shares: “In 2020, we’ll be seeing more jewelry that caters to plus-sized clients in larger sizes. We’ll be seeing more diverse representation, with models of all sizes, skin colors and genders who are not photoshopped. The earrings will be more futuristic-looking with unique styles. There will be more personalization and boldness to make a loud statement. In addition, we’ll be seeing more unique rings for pinkies, thumbs, and pointy fingers.”

Jeff Moriarty, Marketing Manager of Moriarty's Gem Art Jeff Moriarty, Marketing Manager of Moriarty’s Gem Art, says, Our family has been in the jewelry business for over 40 years. In 2019, we sold the most colored gemstone engagement rings we have ever in the life of our business. This holiday season this trend has continued, with it being the biggest percentage of engagement type jewelry we are selling. This trend is not something we expect to decrease, as we can see the searches and sales increasing into 2020. Within this category, the top sellers are Morganite, Sapphire and Tanzanite. We are expecting the type of colored gemstones to expand, but these top three will continue to trend upward for engagement rings into 2020.”

Amber Smetana, Marketing and Operations Manager of Rogers and Hollands, tells us, “We have been seeing a big trend with lab crafted jewelry in 2019. In the past, these non-mined Diamonds were seen just in engagement rings, but over this past year, and especially during the holidays we are seeing a big trend in customers purchasing lab crafted Diamonds in necklaces, earrings, and bracelets as well. With the current statistics we are seeing, this trend will continue going into 2020.”

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