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10 Best Men’s Clothing to Sell in 2020

Chapter 5 by Nicole Martins Ferreira

In 2020, men’s style will be evolving more than ever. You’ll still see some of the popular staples like plaid shirts bringing in a ton of sales. However, you’ll also discover that athleisure will be changing up the game for men everywhere. Compression shirts are also a big hit, making men’s clothing one of the top niches in 2020.

So let’s dive into the top men’s clothing items you’ll want to stock in your stores in 2020.

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10 Best Men’s Clothing Items to Sell in 2020

1. Men’s Plaid Shirt


In 2020, people will be mad about plaid. There was a sudden growth in search volume for “plaid shirts” in September 2018. But let’s be honest, plaid is an evergreen style that’s popular year after year. And hey, it’s been steadily growing each year too.

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So, if you’re selling in the men’s fashion niche, make sure you have several different plaid styles available on your store like this plaid shirt. It has had over 1,000 orders in the last six months, proving that this is a timeless item of clothing men really want.

When it comes to men’s clothing, you want to make sure every style of the plaid shirt is visible.

So instead of having all these styles hidden on this one product page, you can actually “Split Product” under “More actions” in Oberlo, which will create separate product pages for every style on that product.

How does that help you? It shows that you’re adding more products to your website which gives you an increased chance of getting found through search engines like Google. But remember, you don’t want to write the exact same copy on all those product pages. That’s called duplicate content, and it can hurt your Google rankings long-term.

2. Hooded Sweatshirt


Men’s clothing needs to be fashionable, but appropriate for everyday wear in order to sell well. Fortunately, this hooded sweatshirt fits that combo perfectly

This product’s sales have remained steady over the past six months, with over 1,600 orders. This sweatshirt comes in seven colors: black, white, khaki, burgundy, and more.

The neutral tones of this sweatshirt prove that this isn’t just another men’s fashion fad but perfect for men to wear for years to come as well.

Promoting these sweatshirts will involve a mix of influencer marketing and Instagram marketing. You can reach out to male influencers on Instagram and ask them to wear, photograph, and share your sweatshirt with their audience.

When the post goes live, you can DM all men who comment on the post to try to encourage the sale of your sweatshirt. Take notice of the people who say they like the shirt. They might be a great target audience. Figure out what those men have in common and create an ad targeting that interest.

For example, if you find men who work out a lot tend to want this sweatshirt, you might use fitness keywords to try to attract your audience with your ad.

3. Wool Coat


Men’s clothing can take the average guy and turn him into a fashionable, sophisticated one. All it takes is a simple wool coat to do the trick. With over 27,000 monthly searches for the keyword “men’s wool coat” in Google each month, it’s clear that this clothing piece is a must-have in every man’s closet.

Oberlo has a few wool coats you can choose to experiment with and sell on your store, like this one or this wool sweater jacket or this wool jean jacket.

When promoting these wool coats, jackets or sweaters, you can add them to a specific product category called “Wool Coats” so that men searching for wool coats will see all the options you have on your store.

Since there is a substantial search volume for that keyword, as mentioned earlier, you can begin to rank for the keyword over time.

All you have to do is continue to add new products regularly and remove unpopular products that don’t sell well to better optimize your product collection. You can also create Google Shopping ads or search-based ads to help attract more people to your store’s wool coats.

4. Men’s Compression Shirts


Last year we saw a rise in men’s shapewear. Compression shirts will be a niche in tip-top shape for 2020. According to Google Trends, there’s been a rise in search volume for “compression shirts” proving that it’s a viable and popular product to promote on your website. There are 27,100 monthly searches for that keyword but that number will likely continue to grow throughout the year. 

Men are buying compression shirts because it keeps muscles warm during workouts and prevents muscle strain. You can choose to have this item on a fitness store, a fitness apparel store, or a men’s fashion store.

A search-based approach will likely work best for this product. According to Google Trends, searches for compression shirts are most popular in New Mexico, West Virginia, New York, Alabama, and Nebraska. So you might want to start by targeting those states first. You can run Google ads to get immediate sales on day one. However, if you’re focusing on a fitness apparel store for men, you might want to create blog content around the topic such as “benefits of compression shirts” to help drive organic traffic to your website. Of course, you’ll still need to optimize your blog posts to drive eyeballs to your product pages, though. 

5. Bomber Jacket 


In the springtime, we’ll see more men wearing bomber jackets again. Surprisingly, peak season for purchasing these jackets isn’t actually in the spring. Instead, November and December tend to be peak season for searches – at least that’s what the seasonal trends show in Google Trends. Despite the seasonality of the product, we’re seeing greater rises during peak season proving that bomber jackets are exploding right now. This one has generated over 1,500 orders recently so it might be a good product to add to your store. 

There are 301,000 monthly searches for the term “bomber jacket.” The term is most searched in the states of New York, California, New Jersey, Illinois, and Maryland. So you might want to start your Google Shopping ad targeting there. You can add this jacket under the keyword “bomber jacket” while playing around with other related keywords to see what helps you convert sales at the best price. Of course, this will take some trial and error for you to see what works best.

6. Spring Jacket


This spring jacket has been springing up in sales, especially in recent months. Over 560 customers have placed orders for this spring jacket or one of the other two styles. 

Even though this jacket has a casual look, it can still create a polished men’s style making it perfect for everyday wear in the spring and autumn months.

The jacket also comes in five sizes, ranging from M to XXXL, to help store owners reach a bigger audience. To help you attract more sales for your men’s fashion store you might want to channel some help from male influencers on Instagram.

Men with large, engaged, male-dominated audiences might be good partners to help elevate your brand. The influencer can post an image or a video of them posing in your store’s jacket.

You’ll likely get sales from it so long as they tag your brand in the post, but feel free to also DM people commenting about your product in the post’s comment section.

7. Tech Gloves


Nobody wants those cheap winter gloves that make it impossible to text or use your phone. Fortunately, there’s been a rise in tech gloves which allow you to do just that – while keeping your hands nice and toasty.

These gloves can also be used for motorcyclists and winter sports enthusiasts. The sleek, thermal design makes it perfect for everyday wear in the winter months, and its appearance is perfect regardless of whether you dress up or down.

When targeting customers for tech gloves, you can start by targeting countries with colder climates during their winter season. You can also target people based on the mobile device they use.

Also, you might reach out to someone who has an iPhone and recommends these gloves to them so that they can use their phone while walking outdoors.

8. Mandarin Collar Shirts


Asian-inspired clothing is one of the popular trends in men’s clothing. In the summer months, we’ll be seeing loose and thin clothing to prevent overheating. And we also see a rise in products like this mandarin collar shirt. While most people tend to focus on the United States for men’s clothing, international audiences will also generate a tone of sales in the men’s clothing space as well. By broadening your audience reach, you can capitalize on sales from underserved markets in Africa, Asia, and Europe. 

This product has generated over 4,800 orders in recent months. Notably, it comes in larger XXXL and 4XL sizes. This is likely so that you can promote it to people in the United States who generally have larger body sizes than people in China.

Selling men’s clothing like this mandarin collar shirt will require some form of advertising. You can run Google Shopping ads targeting keywords like “mandarin collar shirt” which has 14,800 monthly searches according to Keywords Everywhere. Or even “collarless dress shirt” which gets about 4,400 monthly searches. You can also run Google ads targeting various subregions. For example, if you take a look at Google Trends, it shows that these keywords are searched most often in New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois, and Florida. This can help you better narrow down your targeting so you attract the right people. 

9. Men’s Joggers


Streetwear is one of the most popular men’s clothing you can sell. When it comes to men’s clothing, you’ll want to sell these men’s joggers, which have been racking up hundreds of orders. You can promote these joggers with sweatshirts or a pair of shoes to sell an entire outfit to customers interested in streetwear. According to Google Trends, searches for “streetwear” are trending upwards. You could actually create an entire brand around men’s streetwear clothing as it’s quite popular.

 Keywords Everywhere shows that there are 201,000 monthly searches for the term making it a viable niche right now. It has been growing for a while now and could very well continue to be popular over the next few years. 

You can target men who are interested in hip hop and create lookalike audiences of popular streetwear brand pages to promote your men’s joggers. Run Google Ads for streetwear related terms so that customers can find you as you build your domain authority. You can create blog content around streetwear related key terms to help Google understand that your store is a streetwear brand. 

10. Bamboo Socks


Bamboo socks have been growing in popularity because they’re soft, antibacterial, sustainable, and chemical-free. So if you’re looking to stock up on a great product to sell, these men’s bamboo socks are the way to go. In recent months, they’ve generated over 8,000 orders. And the term “bamboo socks” gets about 22,000 monthly searches. So while this is a niche type of sock, there is definitely an audience looking for them. This product could also be very popular on an eco-friendly store if you’re not looking to start a men’s clothing store in 2020. 

Bamboo socks can be promoted on Google with Shopping ads. You can target the main keyword “bamboo socks” and other related terms to generate views to your products. You can also create a video on Facebook where you list the benefits of bamboo socks in the video to help entice people to invest in this product and buy from your store. If you decide to go the eco-friendly route, you can write content around the benefits of bamboo socks while including a link to your product in the post so people can find and buy your products. 

Tori Famuyiwa, fashion designer of Toriola Tori Famuyiwa, fashion designer of Toriola, shares, “A few men’s fashion trends I see taking off in men’s fashion in 2020 are bell bottoms, 70s and 80s retro fits, bold jewelry, and shirt dresses just to mention a few. This trend has expanded the adventurous men’s clothing options while leaving him lots of room to explore the newfound freedom that comes with having lots more options and fun with fashion. I see men’s fashion embracing what was considered feminine silhouettes, bringing us closer to the age of gender fluidity and getting away from stereotypes and rules.

The Gen Z population are on the front end of this new gender-bending wave and its quickly pulling in Millennials, celebrities and influencers, and any man who dares to be different. In 2020, you will see more men in florals, pastels, sequins, lace, and sheers than we have seen in many generations. Get ready for a fun, colorful ride with men having fun in the new fashion revolution.”

Andreu Fernández, Founder of Hockerty Andreu Fernández, Founder of Hockerty, tells us, “In 2020, we believe men’s fashion will have a mixture of colorful trends and a return to old classical trends. We expect fabrics to be trending.

  • Pinstripes are coming back. Once favored by bankers and businessmen, for SS20 the fabric feels contemporary and chic
  • Ultra-extra animal print: from silk tiger-stripe camp collar shirts to the leopard-print extravaganza
  • Double-denim: combos of jeans plus shirts or jackets

In terms of classical trends, we expect to see:

  • Pockets, lots of pockets: field jackets, safari jackets, and field-safari hybrids
  • Oversized Oxford shirts: the bigger, the better
  • Super-shallow double-breasted items

However, these men’s fashion trends will have a minor impact on men’s business fashion. We expect suits to be less slim, fabrics to include more stripes and the appearance of field jackets as a complement to the suit. We could also start seeing more of the double-breasted jacket.”

Jake Smith, Founder of Smithers Swimwear Jake Smith, Founder of Smithers Swimwear, says, “The team at Smithers Swimwear has singled out the leading fashion trend for 2020 to be a nod to the 90s. The focus for Smithers this season is on the classic men’s swim brief. There’s been a wave of men shifting away from board shorts and embracing the speedo-style cut which was all the rage in the 90s in Australia. Sometimes less really is more! And the same applies to our prints too. We’ve avoided the gimmicky designs and kept things simple with low key lines and signature stripes. The 90s really come to life through our color palette with bright pinks, vibrant blues and mint green in the mix.”

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