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10 Best Pet Products to Sell in 2020

Chapter 1 by Nicole Martins Ferreira

Pet products are one of the most popular niches to start selling in. With millions of pet owners around the world, it’s no wonder why this niche always does so well. In 2020, the pet products niche will continue to be a stable niche to sell in. You’ll be able to sell everything from personalized pet products to biting toys and cat litter mats too. Here are the top ten best pet products to sell next year.

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10 Best Pet Products to Sell in 2020

1. Pet Bed



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This pet bed was very popular in 2019 and in 2020 we expect to see its popularity continue to rise with international sales. Traditionally, pet beds were stiff in design. But with this fluffy pet bed, we see a more comfortable pet bed being made for our furry friends. In recent months, its generated over 13,000 orders. It comes in various colors and sizes so you’ll be able to offer your customers quite a bit of variety to choose from. The search term “pet bed” gets about 22,000 monthly searches, which proves its popularity. Pet products like this bed are popular each year as it receives the same amount of volume each year making this a steady niche.

To promote pet products such as this bed, you might want to partner up with Instagram fan pages. You can reach out to pages of each dog and cat breed, asking for a shout-out or a link in Instagram Stories. You’ll need to pay a fee to make this happen but usually it’s under $50. When comparing fan pages over influencer marketing, not only are fan pages more effective at converting but they’re also usually cheaper than an influencer. 

2. Dog Seat Cover


Pet products like this dog seat cover help keep your car clean when taking your pet to the pet store or the veterinarian. Rather than having dog hair and dirty paws ruin your car seats, you can have this cover get dirty instead. And since it’s removable, you can put in the wash to clean it anytime. Thus, it’s easier to clean than your car seats would be. This pet product has had hundreds of orders in the past 30 days making it a popular product to sell right now. With the winter 2020 season starting, your customers will be more desperate to find something to keep their pet’s dirty paws from ruining their car seat. 

To promote this product, you’ll likely want to create a video ad of a dog entering a car in the winter. You can pair up with an influencer who has a dog and a car to create the video for you. You can then use the ad on your Facebook and Instagram to generate sales for the product. Since you’ll be showing the benefits of the dog seat cover through the video, people will clearly understand why they need to buy this: to keep a clean car.

3. Multifunction Biting Toys


Pet products such as multifunction biting toys are growing in popularity right now. Their popularity is still in the early phases, so it’ll be easy to jump on this trend. It has a suction end so customers can place the product on the floor while their dog tries to pull the toy away. As a biting toy, it helps strengthen your dog’s teeth by cleaning them. At the same time, your customer’s dog is entertained by playing with it. Dog toy search volume has been steady for a long time but has recently slightly grown. So, if you’re going to start a pet products store, you’ll definitely want to have a collection of dog toys on your website. What’s even more astounding is that the keyword “dog toys” gets 110,000 monthly searches according to Keywords Everywhere. 

Since there’s such a massive amount of search traffic for products like this, your best bet is a search-based approach. You should run search network or display Google ads or even Google Shopping ads. You can use keywords like “dog toys” and other keywords like “interactive dog toys” to see which terms convert best and help your store get the most sales. You can also start a pet blog to grow your search traffic back to your website. You can create listicles of the top ten dog toys to help your products rank. You can also write content about raising pets as well to demonstrate your expertise on the pet industry. 

4. Dog Toothbrush


Pet products like this dog toothbrush help keep your dog’s teeth clean. This plastic dog toothbrush allows dogs to bite and chew on their “toy” while it is actually cleaning their teeth. This pet product has received thousands of orders proving that owners are concerned about pet dental hygiene. According to Google Trends, the search volume for “dog toothbrush” has been increasing recently. The keyword generates 33,100 monthly searches, so it’s a fairly popular pet product to sell.

To promote your pet products, you can run Google Ads for “dog toothbrush.” You can create Google Shopping ads so customers can see the product you’re selling, price point, and other key product details. You can also create blog content around dog dental hygiene on your website adding in links to your product pages so you can drive traffic back to your products. This will help you build a bigger and more profitable website while also making sales. 

5. Pet Grooming


Pet grooming is one of the most popular niches in the pet products space. This pet grooming nail trimmer allows your customers to save on pet grooming costs by grooming their pets at home instead of taking them to a professional. Ideally, your pet products store shouldn’t focus only on pet grooming – instead, it should include grooming products alongside other pet products. 

This product can be used on both cats and dogs. It is appealing because it can prevent furniture from ripping while helping them care for their pets’ skin, removing dirt, and reducing inflammation. Searches for “pet grooming” have been steadily increasing showing the popularity of this category. The keyword “pet grooming” gets 135,000 monthly searches according to Keywords Everywhere. This makes it clear that the pet niche has some of the most popular categories, making it a viable niche to get started in.

Pet grooming products are more of a search-based buy than an impulse buy play. To appeal to those who are searching for these products, you can run Google Shopping ads to showcase your pet grooming products. You can also create a video of a pet being groomed with your nail trimmer to place on your product page or on one of your Instagram posts to drive traffic back to your website. Consider creating pet grooming blog content on your website that includes a link to your pet grooming collection to bring in search traffic while easing customers into your product collection. You can also add an email opt-in form to your blog posts so that your search traffic subscribes to your email list. Since most people have pets for at least ten years, they’ll likely be customers for several years. 

6. Pet Painting


Two popular painting pet products came out in 2019: diamond painting and paint-by-numbers paintings. Since personalized products are one of the hottest trends of 2020, it makes sense that this pet product would end up on the list. Crafty DIYers can send their pet photo to you and AliExpress will send a custom paint-by-numbers sheet with paint to your customers so they can paint a photo of their pet. This pet product capitalizes on multiple trends, making it a clear-cut impulse buy. 

You can promote this product on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You might create a post or an ad highlighting the product. It’s a good idea to create a video of someone painting a pet photo so they can see how the product is used. You can target people who follow pet pages or join a DIY Facebook group to find your audience. On Pinterest, you can join group boards to place a link to your product page. Avoid spamming too many links to your website at once without repinning content from other pages – Pinterest will kick you off their platform for spam (yes, I do know from experience). 

7. Novelty Cat Beds


So, we’ve already established that pet beds are popular. But let’s dive into novelty pet beds. Rather than focusing on a search-based play, novelty pet beds are totally an impulse buy. I mean, seriously, how cute is this banana cat bed? Your customers are definitely going to want to snap a quick pic for their Instagram account. With over 1,200 orders in recent months, sales for this cat bed are growing. Search volume for “cat bed” is a steadily growing niche that’ll likely grow throughout 2020 too. The same term gets about 60,500 monthly searches according to Keywords Everywhere. 

To promote your novelty cat bed, you can try a search-based strategy. However, you’ll want to stick to generic terms like “cat bed” or “pet bed” to generate views, clicks, and sales to your website. The search volume for “banana bed” only gets 1,300 monthly searches and it likely won’t produce the volume you need for a sustainable store. This product would likely perform well on Facebook and Instagram as it’s visually stimulating. You can post a picture of a cat in the banana bed or create a few videos of a cat sleeping in or playing in the banana bed. Using that content for ads will help you capitalize on sales if you don’t have many Instagram followers.

8. Dog Jackets


Winter 2020 will be a cold season. And while our furry friends have fur to keep them warm, they still get cold. That’s why more dog owners are bundling up their four-legged friends with winter coats and vests. In recent months, this pet jacket generated over 7,000 orders. The term “dog jackets” generates 22,000 monthly searches. The jackets you sell don’t need to be limited to cold weather, and you can sell raincoats too. Since dog jackets tend to be seasonal products, you’ll want to make sure that it’s only a collection on your store rather than the basis of your niche. You should sell other pet products too so that you’re always generating income despite seasonal dips.

To promote your dog jackets, you’ll likely want to start in October of 2020. Peak season for dog jackets is November and December according to Google Trends so you’ll want to make sure your website has content up and loaded. When peak season finally arrives, you’ll want to have Google Shopping ads running so people can see the dog jackets you’re selling. You may go after terms like “dog jackets” or “dog puffer jacket” to see which keywords convert best. It’ll require a bit of trial and error but sometimes it’s the random keywords that convert well. 

9. Cat Litter Mat


The term “cat litter” has been skyrocketing in search volume recently, according to Google Trends. So, it’s no surprise that pet products relating to cat litter are racking up high order volume too. 

Take this cat litter mat for instance. In recent months, this mat has had over 9700 orders purchased by real customers. With “cat litter” getting 74,000 monthly searches, it makes sense that related accessories are a must-sell for pet store owners such as mats and scoops. There are close to 10,000 monthly searches for “cat litter mat” that you’ll be able to capitalize on as a seller. 

You can run Google Ads to related “cat litter” and “cat litter mat” keywords to help entice people to buy your product. You can create content around cat litter on your cat or pet store. By ranking organically in search for popular but relevant keywords, you will drive more traffic to your website. You can collect email addresses from that increase in traffic or add links to your product pages to generate sales from this free traffic. Keep in mind that you’ll need to create content on a consistent schedule each week for at least six months before seeing the impact of your results. It’s a slow-paced game but one where you could surely win. 

10. Personalized Dog Collar


Dog collars are a must-have pet product on any pet store. These personalized pet collars add the extra touch that makes them so popular. We already know how popular personalized products are, so it’s no wonder this product has generated over 5,600 orders recently. While pet collars are typically search-based products, the personalization element makes them a bit more of an impulse buy. You’ll need to include a note box on your website so that customers can fill in the personalized details they want on the product page when checking out so that you can send those details to AliExpress promptly. 

To sell pet products like dog collars, you can run Facebook and Instagram ads and target people who are fans of dog pages or have an interest in dogs. You can also target people who are in dog-related Facebook groups. There are many groups for specific dog breeds, so it might be a good idea to target specific groups. But keep in mind that not all dog breeds wear collars – for example, pugs wear harnesses. You can also do a search-based play targeting keywords related to “dog collars.”

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David Ng Whye Tye, CEO of Pet Lovers Centre David Ng Whye Tye, CEO of Pet Lovers Centre, says, “The growing popularity of [pet] trackers can be attributed to the rising awareness among pet owners about their pets’ health. These devices can help a pet owner keep a close eye on their furry friend’s health and monitor their behaviour.

These wearables can track daily activities and generate data on:

  • The recommended food intake for their pet
  • The number of calories burnt during the day 
  •  Respiratory patterns

A rising number of people are also adopting pets as companions for their mental stability and entertainment. As a result, owners are more inclined to invest in their pets, boosting expenditure on ensuring their well being. With the increasing emphasis on maintaining their pets’ health, the global pet wearable trackers market is expected to expand greatly.”

Vijay J., the founder of dog food brand Kabo, says, The biggest pet product trends throughout 2020 will be:

Premiumization. With pet spending increasing YoY we’re seeing more and more pet parents spending on higher-quality goods for their furbabies.

Transparency.  There has been an increase in human-grade dog food businesses like Pet Plate, Butternutbox and Kabo dog food providing fresh, healthy food in 2019. Pet owners will continue to look for that transparency in ingredients for treats and also move into toys and other accessory products.

We’ve seen an increase in demand from our customers alone asking about safe cleaners to use in their home with pets, human-grade treats, and so on. ”

Anna judge Anna Judge, Pet Specialist at NHV Natural Pet, explains, “With many pet owners looking to ensure the health of their pets for years to come, there’s a huge focus on natural health and the environment. 

People are looking for environmentally conscious pet products such as pet toys made from recycled materials. Natural health supplements are in demand and pet owners want the highest quality. 

Our pets are our family and furthering that relationship through quality food and supplements is key.”

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