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9 Best Smart Home Products to Sell in 2020

Chapter 2 by Nicole Martins Ferreira

Smart homes are one of the biggest trends of 2020. You’ll find a range of smart products like 3D pens, robot vacuums, and smart trackers will help you locate your possessions, help you around the home, or keep you and your loved ones safe. Here’s our list on the best smart home devices to sell in 2020.

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9 Best Smart Home Products to Sell in 2020

1. Robot Vacuum 


A smart home wouldn’t be complete without a robot cleaner sweeping up pet hair, human hair, dust, dirt, and any other mess your customers have laying around. This particular popular robot vacuum has amassed over 8,900 orders in recent months. But it’s definitely not the only popular robot cleaner model you’ll find on Oberlo. This trend is so popular the term “robot vacuum” gets an astounding 135,000 monthly searches. Not only that but even Google Trends is showing sharper increases in search over the years. And it’s expected to keep growing! This product has over 3,300 reviews and a 4.9 out of 5 star rating so it’s pretty safe to say this one’s a winner.

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To promote your robot vacuum, you’ll likely want to start with a search-based approach. There’s a massive pool of monthly searches, so you’ll want to run Google ads for various terms like “robot vacuum” or “robot cleaner.” Testing out different keywords will help you find which term converts best for you. Another strategy is to create a video ad on Facebook targeting female homeowners. By showing video clips of the robot cleaning your home while listing a few benefits, you’ll help convince browsers to buy.

2. Smart Water Purifier


Water purifiers are insanely popular. In fact, this one has 201,000 monthly searches for that exact key term. But with having a smart home being one of the biggest trends of 2020, it’s safe to say that even water purifiers can benefit from being a bit more technologically advanced. This smart water purifier has higher filtration precision than most purifiers, and it is a cost-effective way to get more purified water. 

What’s interesting about water purifiers is that they’re actually an evergreen niche. They’re not trendy at all. They’ve been the same level of popularity for a few years, so it’s a reliable niche to get into –  kind of how women’s fashion has always been super popular. So if you’re looking for a reliable, long-term product to sell, this could be it. 

To promote your smart water purifier, you can run Google ads targeting terms like “water purifier.” If you check out Google Trends you’ll find that the most popular searches come from Montana, Hawaii, Idaho, Utah, and Alaska. You might want to start your targeting in those States first. Outside the US, searches are popular in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. So, if you plan on taking your ads outside of the US, those might be some good countries to target for your smart home water purifier. 

3. Smart Tracker


One of the most popular smart home products are tracking devices. This works well for people who own a dog and want to be cautious. It could also be useful for drivers who tend to forget where they park. 

Search volume for “smart tracker” is increasing quite rapidly and is expected to continue growth through 2020. There are about 14,800 monthly searches for the term, according to Keywords Everywhere. You can sell an item like this smart tracker on your smart home products store. It’s available in different shapes, colors, and includes a hole so you can attach it to a dog collar or keychain. 

To market your smart tracker, you can create a video on Facebook listing the benefits of having one. You can show a dog being reunited with its owner,  an owner finding a car in a crowded parking lot, or someone finding their keys after misplacing them in their house. By listing the benefits and many uses of the product, you’ll help customers envision how having one could benefit them. If you focus on Google Ads, the countries searching for smart trackers the most are based in Bangladesh, Philippines, South Africa, United Kingdom, and Singapore. In the United States, the states searching for it the most are Michigan, Utah, Iowa, Indiana, and Wisconsin. 

4. Smart Pet Toys


Smart homes aren’t complete without catering to our four-legged friends. We’re seeing a rise in smart pet toys. You can sell this one which spins around to entertain cats and dogs during the day. However, there’s a wide assortment of them on Oberlo so feel free to add other smart pet toy models as well. 

This trend is still in the very early stages, but we’ll be seeing an uptick in sales over the coming years. If you’re in the pet niche, you might add an entire collection of smart products for your pets. If you’re in the smart home niche, you might add this and a few other best-sellers to your collection. 

You can advertise your smart pet toys on Facebook and Instagram. You can ask for shout-outs from Instagram dog or cat fan pages. The cost is typically lower than the cost of hiring an influencer for a shout-out. For dog fan pages, I’ve seen everything from $35 to $200 per shout-out. Whereas hiring an influencer is typically $400 or more. But with fan pages the targeting is more specific so you’ll benefit from attracting a relevant audience. If you’re staying in the pet niche, you’ll have more success building your own audience long-term. But in the short-term, reaching out to popular dog Instagram accounts can work well. 

5. Smartwatches


Smartwatches are some of the most popular smart products you can sell. A quick look in Keywords Everywhere shows that the keyword “smartwatch” gets 1.83 million monthly searches. Massive! So it’s no surprise when this smartwatch proves to be a powerhouse with thousands of orders in the past 30 days. Peak season for smartwatches tends to be around December each year, but in the non-peak season we’re seeing growth year over year, too. So don’t underestimate the power of the summer months.

Smartwatches can perform well as both an impulse buy and a search-based product. If you decide to focus on search, the most active searchers in the US tend to be in Mississippi, Utah, Iowa, Tennessee, and Alabama. Outside the US, the most active searchers for smartwatch products tend to be in Greece, Cyprus, Nepal, Netherlands, and India. So you might want to try targeting your ads to those countries first, at least for Google. You can also promote your product on Facebook and Instagram as well. Create compelling video content that highlights the benefits your smartwatch offers.

6. Smart 3D Pens


Smart 3D pens are changing the game in the smart home industry. Kids are able to use these pens to design 3D objects using a smart pen. It’ll allow them to explore their imaginations and create crafts that come to life. The term “3D pen” gets about 90,500 monthly searches making it a massive opportunity for online retailers. Sales tend to rise in December, as it’s peak season, but they’re still expected to grow throughout 2020. This smart 3D pen has a lot of potential if marketed to the right audience.

For your ads, you can target parents with young children. You can promote this pen as a tool to help your child channel their creativity. You can create video ads showing children using the pen and creating 3D designs to entice parents to purchase this product for their children. Another targeting option would be graphic designers, entrepreneurs, and other types of artists or creators who make things such as jewelry designers. By targeting people who are in a design field, you’ll inch closer to generating higher volumes of sales. Countries who search for “3D pen” the most are Netherlands, Lebanon, United Kingdom, Belgium, and Singapore.

7. Reusable Smart Notebook 


Smart notebooks are the game-changers changing up the notebook industry. Your customers will be able to write or draw in the notebook and it’ll be saved to their phone. The pages can be erased with water or heat so you can reuse your smart notebook multiple times. This can save a ton of trees from destruction. The term “smart notebook” gets 33,100 monthly searches proving its popularity. This smart notebook product has had hundreds of orders in recent months. 

You can focus on a few different audiences when selling smart products like this notebook. First, you can target students in university who take notes for class. Notetakers who take notes for students with disabilities could be your ideal target group – it would be easier for those notetakers to use this product. Another audience you can target are artists who want to digitize hand-drawn designs. You can also target people by region as “smart notebooks” is searched for mostly in Delaware, Wisconsin, Missouri, New York, and Connecticut in the United States, according to Google Trends.

8. Smart Home Security 


Most people want a smart home for convenience or security purposes. This smart home security camera tracks humans so you’ll always know who came to your door. This can be particularly handy for those who live in houses and regularly have packages stolen from their front porches. There has been an increase in searches for “smart home security” according to Google Trends. And the term “smart home security” gets about 8,100 monthly searches. This particular smart home security camera has had over 13,300 orders in recent months proving its popularity. 

You’ll need to stick with a search-based approproach as surveillance equipment is prohibited on Facebook. You can target keywords such as “smart home security” or even “home security” or “best home security.” By playing around with different keywords, you’ll see which terms convert best for you. For “smart home security” the most active searchers tend to be based in St. Helena, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. In the United States, the states you’ll want to target first are Utah, Nevada, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas.

9. Smart Padlock


Safety is an important element of a smart home. Fortunately, it’s hard not to feel safe with this smart padlock. You’ll be able to lock and unlock doors with your fingerprint. From locking up gates to luggage or bags, you’ll feel secure knowing that your access requires a touch of your finger. This smart padlock has generated over 7,800 orders in recent months. And as the smart home trend keeps climbing, it’ll likely become a staple in smart home products. Search volume for “smart padlock” keeps climbing and is expected to continue growth through 2020. 

If you focus on selling your smart padlocks on Google, you might want to target the United States, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom, as that’s where most of the active searchers are based. You can create YouTube videos to show how your smart padlock works, benefits of having one, and a call to action. If you post a padlock review video, you might even end up in Google’s search results for the term “smart padlock” giving you more visibility. 

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Luqman Khan of Cliffy B Luqman Khan, of Cliffy B, says,People will be able to predict their health conditions and potential risks and threats through smart digitized wearable gadgets like smartwatches.”


Nino Vanich, Director of Operations and Marketing of EWC Technologies Nino Vanich, Director of Operations and Marketing of EWC Technologies, shares, “Products with voice activation will continue to grow in the market for 2020 because the technology for these products is getting better. Also, voice activation is an easy feature to add to any home or office gadget. Smart home products will gain in popularity in 2020. You will see this in products like smart thermostats, smart ovens and fridges, and smart home security devices like doorbells and cameras.”

Vidya Prabhu, Tech Writer at YoungWonks Vidya Prabhu, Tech Writer at YoungWonks, tells us, “In 2020, one can expect home automation systems to evolve to a stage where full integration (including tunable lighting and voice control integration) is on offer. This means much greater compatibility among all smart home products, making it easier to sync up all of one’s favorites into a single home automation system.” 

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