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10 Best Watches to Sell in 2019

The watch niche is proving to be a popular evergreen niche you won’t want to miss out on.

Whether you sell smartwatches, trendy wooden watches, or pocket watches, you’ll find that there’ll always be an audience who loves wearing them on their wrist.

You can even choose different segments to target: mens’ watches, womens’ watches, or kids’ watches. And of course, you’ll want to sell all of the above in a general watch store.

So if you’re looking for the best watches to sell in 2019, you’ll want to read through this list.

10 Best Watches to Sell in 2019

#1. Smartwatch

Smartwatches are some of the most popular watches to sell.  Each month, there are over 1.22 million searches for the term “smartwatch.”  With so many different styles to sell, you could literally create an entire store selling smartwatches alone.

This one smartwatch model has had over 6,000 orders in the past six months, proving that popular smartwatches are extremely popular.

And fortunately, there are many other popular smartwatch models that can be sold through your store.

All smartwatch models have varying features which you can use in your targeting. Some have pedometers and heart rate monitoring while others have calendars, GPS tracking, and allow you to make and receive phone calls.

Since “smartwatch” is such a popular search term for customers, creating an SEO strategy for your store can work out really well for you.

An easy way to do this would be to write reviews about smartwatch brands. This is a popular strategy among smartwatch stores. Even if you’re writing reviews for products you don’t sell, you might end up attracting people who are in the market for a new smartwatch, which will make your retargeting ads much more effective.

While this is more of a long-term strategy, it’ll help you lower your ad costs while allowing you to build a big and relevant audience.

#2. Marble Watches

Sales for marble watches have been sky high over the past six months. I mean, with an astounding 17,890 orders on this one specific marble watch, it’s pretty safe to say this trend is popular.

And sales in the past thirty days are still in the thousands.

This women’s watch comes in four colors: black, gold, rose gold, and silver. That, combined with its low-cost and free shipping, make it a great option for those who want to sell higher quantities of this watch.

Since search volume for “marble watches” is only around 2,400 monthly searches, you’ll likely want to focus on impulse sales. Instagram is a popular platform for watch brands. You can also try Facebook and Pinterest.

To start, you might want to reach out to influencers on Instagram. Micro influencers are influencers with small but engaged audiences. They’re often more affordable due to their lower follower count.

You could DM the influencers to take custom photos and Instagram repost it to their audience for a small fee. If they’re small enough, you might be able to offer a free product instead of compensation.

#3. Starry Skies Watch

Looking for a watch that’s out of this world? This starry skies watch’s sales are sky high. In the past month, they’ve amassed over 1300 orders from customers. Over the past 6 months, they’ve surpassed the 12k mark.

The watch comes in multiple colors: rose gold, rose gold blue, rose gold purple, black, blue, and purple.

And with multiple styles to choose from and some steady sales rolling on through, this women’s watch is the perfect accessory for you to sell.

Getting your starry skies watch onto more wrists can be done through platforms like Instagram and Facebook.You can tap into the world of influencer marketing.

Reach out to influencers who will post pictures wearing your watch and share them with their audience driving traffic back to your store.

You can also run retargeting ads for people who’ve visited your website from the influencer traffic so that you can win back one time visitors. It’ll also help you improve your ad’s understanding of who your audience is so you can run more effective ads on Facebook and Instagram.

#4. Wooden Watches

While wooden watches may not be the newest watch trend of 2019, it’s definitely got a big enough audience to tap into.

Each month, there are 74,000 monthly searches for ‘wooden watches’. And with an audience of that size, wooden watches are still a product you’ll want to be adding to your store.

While it may not be sustainable as a standalone store, you can add a wooden watches category on your store so that you cover your bases on the types of watches you sell.

This one watch, in particular, has had a couple hundred sales in the last month. The best way to market your wooden watches is through a search-based play.

Since wooden watches get tens of thousands of monthly searches, you can explore Google Shopping adsGoogle search ads, and an SEO strategy for your website.

The two types of Google ads will help drive your immediate sales. However, you need to step up your SEO game so that long-term you’re lowering your ad costs and driving traffic to your website. You can create watch-related content on your blog and run retargeting ads showing your products to your blog readers.

#5. Luminous Watch

Luminous watches have been lighting up store’s sales lately. These LED flashing lights have surpassed over 2,200 orders this month, with over 14k in the last six. While the search volume is low, it’s pretty clear that this watch can drive some impulse shoppers into buying.

The watch comes in both black and white and can light up in seven different colors.

It’s the perfect watch to help you tell time in the dark and it adds just enough brightness for when you’re out dancing in a club or at a glow in the dark party. This watch will be best marketed on platforms like Instagram.

You can run Instagram ads using lookalike audiences based on other purchases on your store. You can also reach out to influencers who share pictures and drive traffic back to your website. Or you can partner with affiliates by offering a commission for each sale they bring to your store’s website.

You’ll want to post on social media regularly enough so that you grow your own audience on Instagram so that you drive sales to your watches when you post a new one to your collection.

#6. Analog Watch

Analog watches are the original watch style people wore before digital watches grew in popularity.

And they’re still quite popular among watch consumers. The keyword “analog watch” has 33,100 monthly searches proving its still quite a powerhouse.

While there are various designs of analog watch, we’ve been seeing this particular model grow in sales recently. From a relatively small amount of imports, it’s had over 100 customer orders in the past month, showing that analog watches are still on trend.

This watch, and others just like it, can be promoted in various ways.

You can run ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping which tend to be more visual which will help attract customers who are interested in this watch style. You can also execute an SEO strategy to drive more sales to your watch store over the long-term which will drive down your ad costs.

#7. Luxury Watch

Luxury watches are a popular watch style you’ll want to promote on your store. They don’t need to be expensive or from a big name brand. However, their style needs to give off a luxurious look with just enough bling to attract customers to the style.

The search term “luxury watches” gets 49,500 monthly searches proving that customers love this watch style. If you create a collection of luxury watches on your store, you might want to add this women’s watch to it.

To promote your luxury watches you might want to try out an SEO strategy.

You can create a collection about luxury watches which you update with new products regularly. Then, you’ll also want to optimize the product pages for your luxury watches going after long-tail keywords.

You can also create blog content around the topic such as “best luxury watches for men under $500” while promoting some of the luxury watches from your collection.

#8. Minimalist Watch

Minimalist watches have been seeing a steady increase in the growth of monthly searches for a few years now. The simplicity of the watch style makes it quite popular.

Each month, there are approximately 12,100 monthly searches for the keyword “minimalist watches” proving that there’s an audience for this watch trend.

This minimalist watch has amassed over 7,000 orders in the past six months proving that people who see this product will buy it.

Tap into influencer marketing when it comes to promoting these minimalist watches to your customers. You can have influencers take custom photos wearing your watches and promote them on social media.

You can even offer an affiliate link so that the influencers can make a commission of the sale of the watches they promote to help push them into driving sales back to your website. You can also offer your customers the ability to be your affiliates so that they can recommend your watches to their friends.

#9. Kids’ Smartwatch

Kids’ smartwatches have been growing in popularity. Some parents have their children wear them so that they can monitor their movements on the GPS tracker as they link up to a parent’s smartphone device.

Parents are also able to send notifications such as telling them that dinner’s ready or that it’s time to come home so that they can communicate with them when they’re not there.

It also has a step counter so parents can monitor their children’s physical activity. This specific watch has over 3,400 orders in the past six months and this trend is likely to continue to rise over the year.

Kids’ smartwatches are best marketed to parents of young children.

You can highlight its safety features to attract parents who want to keep their children safe or find a better way to communicate with them when they’re out playing.

You’ll likely want to target “Parents of school-aged children” on Facebook or Instagram to help find the parents who’d buy this smartwatch for their young child.

#10. Kids’ Walkie Talkie Watch

The best kids’ watches have an element of play to them, like these kids’ walkie talkie watches. These watches do much more than tell time – they also allow kids to talk to each other even when they’re apart.

This makes it the perfect watch for kids to use for playing and for telling the time.

The set of two watches contains one red and one blue, allowing them to play with a friend. These kids’ watches can be marketed to parents of young, adventurous children.

You can position them as a way to help parents to get their kids to unplug from technology and play more. On Facebook, you can target parents of young children.  For example, “Parents with preschoolers” or “Parents with early school-aged children’ as those two groups target children between ages three to eight.

Watch Trends to Look Out For in 2019

Avi Suriano, owner of Watch Warehouse, shares, “2019 is going to be all about high fashion watch styles that bring an unexpected, quirky edge to everyday fashion. Large, chunky pieces with brightly colored faces and bands in unusual materials like sleek rubber, moldable silicone, and unexpected fabric patterns, will bring an unusually stylish edge to everyday wear. In particular, watch for styles from Tissot like the T-Race Chrono Stefan Bradl watch, which brings a standout, futuristic edge to everything from business wear to daytime styles.”

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