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10 Best Watches to Sell in 2020

Chapter 9 by Nicole Martins Ferreira

The watch niche is proving to be a popular evergreen niche you won’t want to miss out on.

Whether you sell smartwatches, fashion watches, or minimalist watches, you’ll find that there’ll always be an audience who loves wearing them on their wrist.

You can even choose different segments to target: men’s watches, women’s watches, or kids’ watches. And of course, you’ll want to sell all of the above in an online general store dedicated to watches.

So if you’re looking for the best watches to sell in 2020, you’ll want to read through this list.

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9 Best Watches to Sell in 2020

1. Smartwatch


Smartwatches are some of the most popular watches to sell. Each month, there are over 1.22 million searches for the term “smartwatch.” With so many different styles to sell, you could literally create an entire store selling smartwatches alone.

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This one smartwatch model has had over 12,000 orders in the past six months, proving that popular smartwatches are extremely popular.

And fortunately, there are many other popular smartwatch models that can be sold through your store.

All smartwatch models have varying features that you can use in your targeting. Some have pedometers and heart rate monitoring while others have calendars, GPS tracking, and allow you to make and receive phone calls.

Since “smartwatch” is such a popular search term for customers, creating an SEO strategy for your store can work out really well for you.

An easy way to do this would be to write reviews about smartwatch brands. This is a popular strategy among smartwatch stores. Even if you’re writing reviews for products you don’t sell, you might end up attracting people who are in the market for a new smartwatch, which will make your retargeting ads much more effective.

While this is more of a long-term strategy, it’ll help you lower your ad costs while allowing you to build a big and relevant audience.

2. Marble Watch 


Marble accessories have been popular for quite some time now, and they’ll still be generating watch sales in 2020. Over the past few months we’ve seen thousands of orders for marble watches like this one. The simple, minimalist design is popular among watches. So if you’re looking for complementary watches to add to your store along with your marble watch you might want to look for minimalist watches as well. They’d make a great complement to one another. 

The keyword “marble watches” gets 1,900 monthly searches. It’s really high intent so someone looking for that keyword is looking for a product just like this one. When selling the best watches, you’ll want to make sure your product pages are optimized for keywords like “marble watches.” And if you’re selling multiple marble watches you’ll want to make sure your collection is optimized for that keyword tool.

You can run Google Shopping ads to this product as there is volume for the keyword. You can also run Facebook and Instagram ads to capitalize on the impulse buy

3. Magnetic Starry Sky Watch 


Astronomy is a popular niche in 2020. This starry sky watch is no exception. In the past few months, there’s been an out of this world 41,000+ orders placed on this watch alone. Now that’s what I call astronomical

Search volume for “star watch” gets 6,600 monthly searches. While “astronomical watch” gets about 4,400 monthly searches. While this number may be lower than other main keywords on this list. It’s really high intent and the person searching is looking for a very specific product so they’ll be more likely to buy. That said, you might want to try dabbling in some Google ads to run paid Shopping Ads with your watch for those two keywords. 

Another option is to, of course, try Facebook and Instagram ads. The look of this watch screams impulse buy and those two platforms are best suited to it. You can post influencer photos or clip together influencer videos to create a captivating video ad. 

4. Luminous Watch


Luminous watches have been lighting up stores’ sales lately. These LED flashing lights have surpassed over 2,200 orders this month, with over 14k in the last six. While the search volume is low, it’s pretty clear that this watch can drive some impulse shoppers into buying.

The watch comes in both black and white and can light up in seven different colors.

It’s the perfect watch to help you tell the time in the dark and it is just bright enough for when you’re out dancing in a club or at a glow in the dark party. This watch will be best marketed on platforms like Instagram.

You can run Instagram ads using lookalike audiences based on other purchases on your store. You can also reach out to influencers who share pictures and drive traffic back to your website. Or you can partner with affiliates by offering a commission for each sale they bring to your store’s website.

You’ll want to post on social media regularly enough so that you grow your own audience on Instagram so that you drive sales to your watches when you post a new one to your collection.

5. Sport Watches 


Men’s sport watches are some of the most popular watches to sell online in 2020. Take a quick look at this one, in the past month it’s surpassed 1,000 orders. But in the past few months, it’s actually surpassed 30,000 orders… on a single product. The watch niche is a profitable one to get into with watches like this model stealing the show. If you look at its design, it’s captivating, unique, and acts as a statement piece. It has a 4.8 out of 5 star review and over 9200 reviews so when it comes to social proof, this watch has got it all. 

To sell watches, you likely want to focus on Facebook and Instagram ads. You can create custom videos of the watch to be used in your ads or clip together influencer photos or videos together to create an attention-grabbing video ad. Having male influencers take photos wearing the product can also entice shoppers to buy this watch for themselves. 

You can also try your hand at a little content marketing. The term “sport watches” gets 110,000 monthly searches. You can write blog posts such as ‘best sport watches for men” or “best sport watches for women” optimized for those exact keywords. And then you might include a list of ten of the products from your sport watches collection on your online store to entice people to shop on your website. 

6. Luxury Watch


Luxury watches are a popular watch style you’ll want to promote on your store. They don’t need to be expensive or from a big name brand. However, their style needs to give off a luxurious look with just enough bling to attract customers to the style.

The search term “luxury watches” gets 49,500 monthly searches proving that customers love this watch style. If you create a collection of luxury watches on your store, you might want to add this women’s watch to it.

To promote your luxury watches you might want to try out an SEO strategy. You can curate a collection of luxury watches that you update with new products regularly. Then, you’ll also want to optimize the product pages for your luxury watches going after long-tail keywords.

You can also create blog content around the topic such as “best luxury watches for men under $500” while promoting some of the luxury watches from your collection.

7. Minimalist Watch


Minimalist watches have been seeing a steady increase in the growth of monthly searches for a few years now. The simplicity of the watch style makes it quite popular.

Each month, there are approximately 12,100 monthly searches for the keyword “minimalist watches,” which shows that there’s an audience for this watch trend.

This minimalist watch has amassed over 7,000 orders in the past six months proving that people who see this product will buy it.

Tap into influencer marketing when it comes to promoting these minimalist watches to your customers. You can have influencers take custom photos wearing your watches and promote them on social media.

You can even offer an affiliate link so that the influencers can make a commission of the sale of the watches they promote to help push them into driving sales back to your website. You can also offer your customers the ability to be your affiliates so that they can recommend your watches to their friends.

8. Kids’ Smartwatch


Kids’ smartwatches have been growing in popularity. Some parents have their children wear them so that they can monitor their movements on the GPS tracker as they link up to a parent’s smartphone device.

Parents are also able to send notifications such as telling them that dinner’s ready or that it’s time to come home so that they can communicate with them when they’re not there.

It also has a step counter so parents can monitor their children’s physical activity. This specific watch has over 3,400 orders in the past six months and this trend is likely to continue to rise over the year.

Kids’ smartwatches are best marketed to parents of young children.

You can highlight its safety features to attract parents who want to keep their children safe or find a better way to communicate with them when they’re out playing.

You’ll likely want to target parents of school-aged children on Facebook or Instagram to help find the parents who’d buy this smartwatch for their young child.

9. Fashion Watches


People don’t really turn to watches for their time, their phone does that for them. Instead, we’re seeing a shift towards watches as statement pieces… or fashion accessories. The best watches to sell will be the ones that complement most outfits. They may be minimalist in nature or act as a focal piece that draws the eye. 

A popular fashion watch to sell right now is this rose gold ladies’ watch. It’s had hundreds of orders in the past 30 days and over 15,000 in the past few months. This watch is so popular it has over 4400 reviews. 

To promote this watch, you might want to pair up with some influencers for captivating photos you can use for your Instagram or Facebook ads. You can also have the influencer post on their account but typically those don’t convert very well. Feel free to offer them an affiliate link in case they want to promote to their audience. However, focus on having them take photos with the products instead. If the photos are taken by someone who knows how to create engaging posts, you’ll have better success promoting them on your own anyway – at least long-term.

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Rudy Dewatine, Founder of Chronographed Rudy Dewatine, Founder of Chronographed, says, “Vintage style and ‘revival’ watches are becoming increasingly popular. Small micro brands are launching vintage-inspired timepieces on crowdfunding platforms, some of them effectively pulling off 6 figures launches. Considering the feedback from enthusiasts and growing confidence in the strength of the entire vintage-inspired trend, I expect to see more and more watches with smaller diameter, faux patine lume, and domed sapphire.”

Joel Flynn, Lifestyle and Fashion Expert of Gentleman Zone Joel Flynn, Lifestyle and Fashion Expert of Gentleman Zone, tells us, “Retro, technology, extravagant. Leading brands draw inspiration from the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and ’90s to incorporate vintage layouts like the “triple calendar” and bolted bezels. Watch-embedded nanograph materials take 96% empty space making wrist wear lighter than ever. While retro holds strong, other trendsetters look at extravagance and change. Shades of blue and green errthang, rose gold, bronze, amber, and smoking salmon-tinted ornaments dominate wrist wear fashion. Men mature and settled-down adore finesse and style of the classic gentleman, while Millenials and baby boomers are bored of the usual and seek to stand out from the crowd. Looking at the size, demand for 40mm products grows as opposed to those 42mm to 45mm making discrete proportions a favorable option.”

Steve Balzer, Cofounder of Mason Huxley Steve Balzer, Cofounder of Mason Huxley, details, “We will be seeing a trend back to more mechanical and analog wristwatches. This trend is most obvious in that we are seeing people buy vintage watches that don’t even work, just because they look cool! So, trending away from smartwatches will be big in 2020. This is also true for kids’ watches. Many kids can’t even tell time anymore! Kids trends usually lag slightly behind adult fashion, and 2020 will see a trend back to a more analog way of living, and that includes kids’ watches.”

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