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10 Best Wedding Decorations and More to Sell in 2020

Chapter 13 by Nicole Martins Ferreira

What are the best wedding decorations, wedding supplies, and bridal accessories for 2020? In this ebook section, we used a combination of data while consulting wedding experts to get a deep dive look into the biggest wedding trends for 2020. The wedding products featured in this list are some of the most popular upcoming products for the year. So if you’d like to get a head start in this niche, you can start by adding these wedding products to your store.

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10 Best Products for Wedding Decorations, Wedding Supplies and Bridal Accessories

1. Wedding Evening Dress


Of all bridal accessories, a bride’s gown is the most important. While traditional brides may choose to buy their main wedding dress in-store, an evening dress for the reception is often bought online.

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Budget-friendly brides may also choose to do some of their bridal shopping online as well. Shoppers may choose to purchase a white evening dress like this lace off-shoulder dress.

You can upsell other bridal accessories like a belt, sash, or lace bolero to create a more figure-flattering appearance for your customers. When it comes to marketing bridal accessories like evening gowns, your best bet is to stick to ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Using targeting options, you can target women who are recently engaged. If you want to tap into influencer marketing, you can have influencers create videos of them wearing the dress. Then, you can repost those videos not only on your own social media but also on bridal fan pages on Instagram to get more eyes on your bridal accessories.

2. Bridal Ball Gown


Budget brides are slowly taking over the wedding industry. With more brides shopping online for a cheaper wedding dress alternative, online retailers can land a number of sales from selling wedding dresses on their store.

You can sell wedding dresses like this bridal ball gown along with other bridal accessories to increase average order value. Items like jewelry, veils, footwear, hairpieces, and more can be curated for the customer to complete her bridal look.

To market this bridal ballgown to brides, you can use Facebook ads to target women who are “Newly engaged” with options to target 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. While you’ll likely want to target brides in the 3-6 months range, keep in mind some brides have two-year engagements so don’t discount a newly engaged bride of one year!

You can also target women who are listed as “Engaged.” You can also promote this dress on popular open boards on Pinterest to increase the free visibility the product gets. Then run retargeting ads to win back visitors of the dress.

3. Wedding Belt Sash


Brides will be adorning their wedding dresses with wedding belt sashes in 2020. This popular wedding belt sash is used to add some sparkle to a bride’s dress, especially if the dress is simple in nature. Brides simply tie the belt around the waistline to glamorize their gowns.

You can sell this product with other wedding accessories to generate a higher volume of sales. For example, you might sell this sash with another sparkly accessory like a bridal tiara or a set of bridal jewelry. 

To promote this sash, you might find yourself in luck by pinning this on popular Pinterest boards. Using a website like PinGroupie, you can find popular group boards in the wedding or bridal niche. Since these group boards are actively looking for contributors, you can apply to be accepted. The boards already have a massive number of followers so your pins gain more visibility. You can still build your own boards as well and you’ll find your wedding products will gain website traffic from Pinterest over time. 

4. LED Wedding Balloons


Wedding decorations like these LED wedding balloons can brighten your customers’ wedding venue. Brides can use these wedding decorations for decorating a kid’s table, to light up a pathway at their outdoor wedding venue, or as simple decor inside their dimly lit venue.

These balloons can be lit up with helium and activated with a switch of a button. The balloon even comes with its own LED rope. With these LED wedding balloons, you can focus on bulk selling – especially for weddings.

You can use a Shopify app like Product Bundles by Bold to create higher volume bundles so you can increase your average order value and make a higher profit. When it comes to marketing, you’ll likely choose to target women who are currently engaged and potentially wedding planners as well.

If you have a niche wedding store, you can partner with wedding bloggers to get shout-outs and links to your store to drive more qualified website traffic.

5. Plus Size Evening Dress 


From wedding guests to bride, you might find this plus-size evening dress is perfect for that special occasion. The dress is available in white so plus-size brides who’d rather shop online for a dress might decide to shop on your website instead. But as with many other bridal websites, you might want to offer dresses for wedding guests as well. 

This plus size evening dress can be promoted on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can run ads targeting engaged females while showing the white dress on your ad. If you plan on targeting wedding guests, you might choose to target people between the ages of 25-34 which is often the range that most people get married and likely their friends are within the same range. 

You can upsell wedding accessories like jewelry, hairpieces, and other products to help boost your sales. It’s important to remember that brides are usually only a potential customer for a year or two maximum so it’s essential to promote other wedding products to them to keep your business afloat.

6. Bridal Hairband


Most brides use hair accessories in their hair. From hair pins to tiaras to bridal hairbands, you’ll want to ensure you stock your store with the hair accessories your potential customers will love. 

One of these hairpieces that tends to perform well is this bridal hairband. It comes in multiple styles but maintains that iconic pearl hairband look. The larger hairbands almost act like a pearl bridal tiara for brides going for that look.

To promote this hairband, you’ll likely want to target brides who’ve been engaged for at least six months. This is likely around the timeframe that brides will start looking for specific accessories to complete their wedding look. Of course, you can still target brides who’ve been engaged for less or more time as well. 

You can share this product on Instagram Stories, Pinterest, or via Facebook ads to help you generate sales from this product. You can also upsell this with a set of pearl earrings or necklace to boost sales. 

7. Silk Flowers 


Wedding decorations aren’t complete without silk flowers. These artificial flowers tend to be a more affordable option for brides while being absolutely stunning. Heck, I used only silk flowers for my wedding and the wedding decor looked gorgeous. In the past, it was a bit taboo to have fake flowers, but it’s starting to become much more common. 

These silk flowers can be used for bridal bouquets, floral arches, centerpieces, and other wedding decor pieces. This is one of the most popular wedding products you can sell right now with hundreds of orders in the past 30 days.

To promote these flowers, you can target engaged brides who are interested in DIY or follow DIY pages. You can also target wedding decor businesses who might be looking to purchase bulk silk flowers for their events. And you can also join DIY Facebook groups to share examples of DIY designs with your flowers while telling people in the comments where you got your supplies from. 

8. Silicone Wedding Band


According to Google Trends, men’s silicone wedding bands have been seeing strong and steady growth in the past few years. The main reason men turn to silicone instead of platinum or gold boils down to two things. First, silicone wedding bands are a much more cost-effective alternative to metal. Second, metal rings have been known to injure people who work in the trades. Some people have even lost their fingers due to their ring getting stuck while at work. 

Fortunately, silicone rings solve that problem too. The silicone wedding bands come in nine colors including gold, silver, copper and glitter designs. The silver and gold options allow you to market them as wedding bands. 

You can create ads targeting people who’ve recently gotten engaged. How you choose to position your ads is up to you. However, you can promote it as an affordable wedding band for someone more budget-conscious.

Or you can highlight it as a band for people in the trades by mentioning the injuries metal bands have caused. You can post a picture for your ad as well as create an informative video that details everything you’d like people to know to convince them to buy your wedding band.

With the product costing only 60 cents, you can sell these for as much $29.99 making it a great profit you can reinvest back into your store.

9. Bridal Robe


Bridal and bridal party robes and kimonos are all the rage. They’re often worn on the morning of the wedding. While they look really cute in bridal party photos, they’re also practical. The reason why people buy them is so that their hair and makeup doesn’t get messed up. For example, if you wear a t-shirt instead, when you lift your shirt over your head to put on your dress, the makeup can smudge and the hair gets shuffled around. So, makeup artists usually recommend bridal robes or button-down shirts to avoid this burning problem. Plus, they really do look great in photos.

To promote these bridal robes, you’ll want to target women who’ve been engaged for six months. That’s typically the time they’ll start shopping for these kinds of wedding accessories. Keep in mind that bridesmaids often buy the robes for the bride’s big day, so if you create an ad, ask the bride to tag her bridesmaids in the post to further the reach of the ad but to also attract the right people to the product. 

You can also post pictures of the robes being worn on a wedding day by asking for an influencer to take photos with your robes with her friends. Or have the influencer create a video of her and her bridesmaids wearing robes that you can use in ads. 

10. Men’s Formalwear Bowtie


Men’s suit sales have been growing steadily for quite some time. So naturally, accessories like bowties, cufflinks and pocket squares are increasingly popular.

You can sell these products either on a men’s formalwear or fashion store or on a wedding website catered to men. This bowtie, in particular, comes in 20 different colors allowing you to give your customers plenty of options.

It can be used as an add-on product to a higher-end suit or it can be marketed on its own. Marketing products like this men’s formalwear bowtie can be done via Facebook ads or Google Shopping ads.

‘Bow ties’ gets 90,500 monthly searches and ‘bowties’ gets 22,000 monthly searches.

You can create ads for your products with those keywords in mind. You can also create separate ads for the different designs you offer, such as, ‘polka dot bow ties’ which only gets 880 monthly searches. However, a customer searching for that keyword knows exactly what they’re looking for so they can still convert well.

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Marie Kubin, CEO of Rent My Wedding Marie Kubin, CEO of Rent My Wedding, shares, “The biggest wedding trend for 2020 is DIY wedding lighting! We’re seeing more and more couples use monogram lighting to personalize their venue with their names in lights. Texture lighting is also trending. These patterns of light can be added to the walls, ceiling, or dance floor to add dimension. Think tropical palm fronds, elegant floral patterns, and abstract swirls… the possibilities are endless! The best part is that monogram lights and texture lights can be customized with any color or design, making it a very versatile decor element to transform any venue into the couple’s vision.” 

Marie McCord Jones Amy McCord Jones, Owner of Flower Moxie, says, “Overall, I’ve seen a huge shift in the overall floral style and color palettes which is exciting! Brides are moving away from expensive flowers like peonies and garden roses and embracing less pricey blooms with more interesting hues like Carmel or Minerva Fancy Carnations. Burgundy and blush palettes have dominated the real wedding world for the past five to seven years, but suddenly we’re seeing a huge interest in earthy flavors like terracotta, mustards, and dusty beige hues. Our DIY brides are also more open to achieving their desired color stories with floral spray paints as well as dried and bleached elements like bleached Italian ruscus and dried sun palms.”

Stefany Allongo Stefany Allongo, Founder of Married in Palm Beach, tells us “A huge trend in 2020 is focusing on creating an atmosphere and mood rather than specific color combinations. Couples want to plan a wedding that feels like “them”, which leads them to incorporate details that reflect who they are as a couple. Whether is their love for all things boho, their plans to travel the world, or including their favorite fandom (think GOT or Marvel), celebrations are truly showcasing their personalities.”

Karen Norian Karen Norian, Founder of Simply Eloped, recommends “One wedding accessory that’s making a huge comeback is the wedding veil. While veils in the past have been a subtle yet elegant addition to a bride’s look, we’ll be seeing more and more brides making a statement with their headpiece – whether it’s a dip-dyed fabric or having a customized quote or design, bridal veils are upping the wow-factor. Another wedding trend on the rise for 2020 is incorporating acrylic details into ceremony and reception spaces. Whether it’s a DIY welcome sign, seating chart, or individual place cards, acrylics are making a huge statement in a minimalistic way. Lastly, couples are taking a more mindful approach when it comes to their wedding day and are thinking of ways to become more eco-friendly and sustainable. Donating or composting wedding flowers, replacing products like glow sticks or sparklers for biodegradable confetti, and skipping on plastic dishware and cutlery all help to reduce a wedding day’s carbon footprint.” 

Whitney Cox Whitney Cox, Wedding Coordinator of Vegas Weddings, details, “The overall trend for 2020 is customization. Couples want a wedding that is uniquely “them,” and they don’t mind switching up traditions to create a personalized event. We’ll be seeing more non-traditional wedding dresses in 2020, meaning fewer white dresses and more colors and floral motifs. Wedding pantsuits and other atypical styles are also becoming popular. At the same time, veils and tiaras are being replaced with stylish barrettes and customized combs. This goes hand in hand with the trend of allowing bridesmaids to choose their own dress in a particular color or style rather than cookie-cutter dresses for each bridesmaid. For example, Lady Gaga was recently in a wedding where all the bridesmaids were simply asked to wear pink, silk dresses in a style of their choosing.

As far as decor goes, minimalist Japanese-inspired decor is becoming more popular as couples go for a more elegant and refined look. Galactic motifs, from moody color palettes that mimic the night sky to actual depictions of the moon and astrological symbols, are becoming trendy.

Nicola Jackson Nicola Jackson, Author of Hanami Dream, explains, “Neon signage, perhaps with a personalized pun, will be popular wedding decor in 2020 along with a nostalgic nineties injection of vibrant color. Nods to the nineties will be found in holographic stationery, glow in the dark elements, as well as lace seeing a revival. Colored linens will give white napkins a run for their money, whilst cutlery will come in iridescent colors. Décor is focused on concrete, stone and cement details such as pots, coasters, monogram letters and table numbers. And it’s all about unique lighting with vintage lampshades, statement chandeliers and 90s-inspired neon.”