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10 Best Wedding Decorations and More to Sell in 2019

What are the best wedding decorations, wedding supplies, and bridal accessories for 2019? In this ebook section, we used a combination of data while consulting wedding experts to get a deep dive look into the biggest wedding trends for 2019.

The wedding products featured in this list are some of the most popular upcoming products for the year. So if you’d like to get a head start in this niche, you can start by adding these wedding products to your store.

10 Best Products for Wedding Decorations, Wedding Supplies and Bridal Accessories

#1. Wedding Evening Dress

Of all bridal accessories, a bride’s gown is the most important. While traditional brides may choose to buy their main wedding dress in store, an evening dress for the reception is often bought online.

Budget-friendly brides may also choose to do some of their bridal shopping online as well. Shoppers may choose to purchase a white evening dress like this lace off-shoulder dress.

You can upsell other bridal accessories like a belt, sash, or lace bolero to create a more figure-flattering appearance for your customers. When it comes to marketing bridal accessories like evening gowns, your best bet is to stick to ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Using targeting options, you can target women who are recently engaged. If you want to tap into influencer marketing, you can have influencers create videos of them wearing the dress. Then, you can repost those videos not only on your own social media but also on bridal fan pages on Instagram to get more eyes on your bridal accessories.

#2. Bridal Ball Gown

Budget brides are slowly taking over the wedding industry. With more brides shopping online for a cheaper wedding dress alternative, online retailers can land a number of sales from selling wedding dresses on their store.

You can sell wedding dresses like this bridal ball gown along with other bridal accessories to increase average order value. Items like jewelry, veils, footwear, hairpieces and more can be curated for the customer to complete her bridal look.

To market this bridal ball gown to brides, you can use Facebook ads to target women who are ‘Newly engaged’ with options to target 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. While you’ll likely want to target brides in the 3-6 months range, keep in mind some brides have two-year engagements so don’t discount a newly engaged bride of 1 year!

You can also target women who are listed as ‘Engaged.’ You can also promote this dress on popular open boards on Pinterest to increase the free visibility the product gets. Then run retargeting ads to win back visitors of the dress.

#3. Artificial Petals for Weddings

With flower costs increasing each year, brides have been turning to artificial flower petals for their weddings. These wedding decorations can be used by the flower girl or for table decor.

Rose petals can cost as much as $2.50 per cup. Imagine how many cups you’d need to cover each table for a wedding! Fortunately, artificial petals are much more affordable which may result in brides turning to an online purchase instead of their florist.

And considering these petals come in a bulk bag of 1000 pieces, you can position your product as cost-effective wedding decorations for your customers. You can promote these flower petals wedding decorations by showing different wedding decor using flower petals.

You can also create YouTube videos of center-pieces that use floral petals such as petals in a water-filled vase. Moreover, you can decorate a table top with flower petals next to candles to show a different look.

Plus, you can mention in your videos that these petals can also be used for flower girls so that you can increase bulk purchases. When it comes to ads, you can show pictures of the petals being used for wedding decor. And for targeting, you might want to target women who are Newly Engaged (6 months-1 year).

#4. LED Wedding Balloons

Wedding decorations like these LED wedding balloons can brighten your customers’ wedding venue. Brides can use these wedding decorations for decorating a kid’s table, to light up a pathway at their outdoor wedding venue, or as simple decor inside their dimly lit venue.

These balloons can be lit up with helium and activated with a switch of a button. The balloon even comes with its own LED rope. With these LED wedding balloons, you can focus on bulk selling – especially for weddings.

You can use a Shopify app like Product Bundles by Bold to create higher volume bundles so you can increase your average order value and make a higher profit. When it comes to marketing, you’ll likely choose to target women who are currently engaged and potentially wedding planners as well.

If you have a niche wedding store, you can partner with wedding bloggers to get shout-outs and links to your store to drive more qualified website traffic.

#5. Heart-shaped Wedding Confetti

Wedding supplies, especially for decor, are one of the biggest aspects when it comes to a wedding. Fortunately, there are many wedding decorations you can promote on your store. Kinda like this heart-shaped wedding confetti.

They come in several different colors including blue, red, pink, purple, white, off-white, and rosy. The reason why this confetti is ideal is because a lot of wedding venues ban smaller confettis as they’re harder to clean up.

However, since these take on a bigger shape they’re easier to pick up after being thrown. They can also be used for tabletop wedding decorations, confetti replacement for glitter or rice, or for flower girls to spread down the aisle.

You can promote these wedding decorations in a number of ways. First, you can create Facebook ads targeted recently engaged women. Second, you can take product photos of brides using this confetti in photos.

You might stage a photo yourself or offer the product to brides for free in return for a photo. Then, you can use the photo for visual social sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to drive traffic to the product.

You could also take photos of different tabletop decor using these products so customers can get unique ideas. Video marketing can also be included in your strategy to increase conversions but also drive traffic back to your website.

#6. Fake Wedding Flowers

With wedding flowers costing between $6000 and $11000 dollars on average, budget brides have been turning to alternative options. Some wedding experts recommend greenery as an alternative as it tends to have a lower cost (check out Erica Hartwig’s quote down below).

And others recommend fake wedding flowers. Okay, we’ll be the first to admit that some say that fake flowers at a wedding are tacky. But boy, are they cost effective – and quite popular at that too.

In the past 30 days, these fake wedding flowers have been purchased by 101 customers. Brides can choose to use these as their bridal and bridesmaids bouquets but can also use them for wedding decorations like centerpieces.

The ideal audience for fake wedding flowers is likely a DIY or budget bride.

You can use targeting options such as DIY and Newly Engaged to find your ideal customer. You can also create videos of DIY wedding decor with your flowers.

It can also be a good idea to showcase several different looks using different styles or color vases. You can mix and match flower colors to create a bigger bouquet. Or you can add special accessories to your flowers to help complete a more polished look.

By showing all the ways you can spruce up wedding decor with fake flowers, you’ll be more likely to help convince customers to buy your wedding products.

#7. Flower Girl Dress

Flower girl dresses can cost anywhere between $75 and an astronomical $200+ amount. Not everyone can shell out that kind of dough, though.

And fortunately, this flower girl dress is a cost-effective option for a budget-friendly bride. The product cost is only $5.50, but you can sell it for as much as $29.99 while being at a low-end price for your flower girl dress.

Plus, this dress has been ordered 40 times by customers in the past 30 days showing that simple dresses can be just as popular. Also, don’t forget the number of accessories you can upsell to customers such as hair accessories, children’s dress shoes, and more.

When it comes to promoting flower girl dresses you can approach it in two ways. First, you can create ads targeting the bride in hopes that she’ll share the dress with the flower girl’s mother.

However, it can also be just as likely that the flower girl’s mother is the target audience for the product. As a result, search-based ads may work quite well too. Search volume for a keyword like ‘flower girl dresses’ get about 246,000 monthly searches.

If you’re a new retailer, your website likely won’t rank for that keyword. However, you can create Google ads or Google shopping ads for that keyword to increase visibility for your products and your store.

#8. Silicone Wedding Band

According to Google Trends, men’s silicone wedding bands have been seeing strong and steady growth in the past few years. The main reason men turn to silicone instead of platinum or gold boils down to two things.

First, silicone wedding bands are a much more cost-effective alternative to metal. Second, metal rings have been known to injure men who work in the trades.

Some men have even lost their fingers due to their ring getting stuck while at work. Fortunately, silicone rings solve that problem too. The silicone wedding bands come in nine colors including gold, silver, copper and glitter designs.

The silver and gold options allow you to market them at wedding bands. The target audience of silicone wedding bands is likely the men who have to wear them.

You can create ads targeting men who’ve recently gotten engaged. How you choose to position your ads is up to you. However, you can promote it as an affordable wedding band for someone more budget-conscious.

Or you can highlight it as a band for people in the trades by mentioning the injuries metal bands have caused. You can post a picture for your ad as well as create an informative video that details everything you’d like people to know to convince them to buy your wedding band.

With the product costing only 60 cents, you can sell these for as much $29.99 making it a great profit you can reinvest back into your store.

#9. LED Marquee Letters

Light up wedding decorations are all the rage for 2019. From romantic ‘Marry Me’ signs for romantic proposals to ‘I Do’ signs for the head table at the wedding venue.

The best thing about this product is that it’s quite easy to increase your average order value. Each letter is purchased individually and multiple are needed to complete an entire sentence.

You can create bundles for popular phrases as well such as ‘Bride to Be’ or ‘The Smiths’ to showcase more variety. Marketing this marry me marquee sign doesn’t have to be tied to the wedding niche.

You can start promoting it for the wedding niche to start. However, as time goes on, you can start expanding your audiences with different phrases.

This can also be marketed for the decor of a child’s room, or you can use these lights to create a dim-lit ambiance in your home. The versatility of the product will allow you to target more audience segments so you can increase your odds of landing a higher volume of sales.

#10. Men’s Formalwear Bowtie

Men’s suit sales have been growing steadily for quite some time. So naturally, accessories like bowties, cufflinks and pocket squares are increasingly popular.

You can sell these products either on a men’s formalwear or fashion store or on a wedding website catered to men. This bowtie, in particular, comes in 20 different colors allowing you to give your customers plenty of options.

It can be used as an add-on product to a higher-end suit or it can be marketed on its own. Marketing products like this men’s formalwear bowtie can be done via Facebook ads or Google Shopping ads.

‘Bow ties’ gets 90,500 monthly searches and ‘bowties’ gets 22,000 monthly searches.

You can create ads for your products with those keywords in mind. You can also create separate ads for the different designs you offer, such as, ‘polka dot bow ties’ which only gets 880 monthly searches. However, a customer searching for that keyword knows exactly what they’re looking for so they can still convert well.

Wedding Trends 2019 According to Wedding Experts

Erica Hartwig, Director of Operations of Organic Moments PhotographyErica Hartwig, Director of Operations of Organic Moments Photography, shares “Greenery! It’s almost 2019 and brides want plants galore. I believe plants and vines will be everywhere. This trend has become more and more popular. Brides do not want boring ballrooms anymore. Sometimes that is the only option, so they are turning ballrooms and wedding halls into an inside garden room. Hanging plants from the ceilings and sweetheart table. Green, green green!

Lucas Horton, GIA Graduate Gemologist of Valeria Fine JewelryLucas Horton, GIA Graduate Gemologist of Valeria Fine Jewelry, says, One trend I have noticed is that brides and grooms have been creating a custom pendant, pin, or even a corkscrew to give to the entire bridal party. Everybody likes custom jewelry. With custom jewelry, you can create something showing your personality and that can’t be found at the mall. It is also cool knowing you have something one-of-a-kind and that no one or only a few others have.

Nicola Jackson, Author of Hanami DreamNicola Jackson, Author of Hanami Dream, explains, “Terracotta pots will see a rise in popularity as wedding decor in 2019. The greenery trend has meant fewer flowers and more plants and foliage are appearing at weddings. The use of potted plants and pots go hand in hand with another rising wedding trend of being eco conscious as they can be reused again after the wedding.”

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