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10 Best Women’s Clothing to Sell in 2020

Chapter 4 by Nicole Martins Ferreira

Women around the world are getting ready to upgrade their closets with the latest women’s clothing for 2020 – and your store can cash in on these new fashion trends. The trendy clothes on this list make up some of the hottest fashion trends women will be snatching up over the year.

This list of women’s clothing will be updated throughout the year so that you can always sell women’s fashion women actually want to wear.

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10 Best Women’s Clothing Items to Sell in 2020

1. Animal Socks


There are two wildly popular niches that always rack up the sales: pets and women’s fashion. Combining the two powerhouses often leads to sky-high sales. No wonder animal socks are one of the best women’s clothing items to sell in 2020. Searches often soar in December for the term “animal socks” because of holiday shopping as fashion’s peak season tends to be in November and December each year. The term “animal socks” gets about 4,400 monthly searches – not too bad, especially since these are more likely to be an impulse buy and not a search-based buy. 

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To promote your animal socks, you’ll likely want to focus on Instagram. The pet niche is huge on the app so you can pair up with specific animal pages to cross-promote your socks. You can pay for shout-outs on fan pages for pandas, monkeys, and other animal socks you sell. By requesting an Instagram Stories shout-out, you can benefit from getting traffic directly to your site rather than having people find the link in your bio. You can also target people based on their interests, targeting specific animals. 

2. Lambswool Coat


Sometimes the most popular women’s clothing isn’t flashy, but comfy. And boy, does this lambswool coat look and feel comfy! This is a great women’s clothing product to sell in the cold winter months. It’s one of the most popular women’s fashion items, too.

This product has been purchased over 2400 times in the last few months. It comes in nine colors from red to army green. It’s also available in sizes S to 3XL, allowing you to sell these items to women of all sizes.

Want to bundle up more women in trendy clothes like this coat? Reach out to influencers on Instagram, such as fashion bloggers who have massive audiences. Offer them compensation to take a picture wearing your product and tag your brand in the post.

Customers will likely post comments like “I need this” or “I want this” in the post’s comment section. 

Reply to their comments or send them a DM to let them know your store carries it in case they don’t automatically check your brand’s brand page. On the day the influencer posts about your dropshipping store, change the URL in your bio to that exact product page so that customers can find the product by clicking your Instagram bio link.

3. Oversized Sweater


Women’s clothing items like this oversized sweater proves that even practical sweaters can be considered trendy clothes. This long-sleeved pullover is oversized, meaning that you can add extra layers underneath for the colder months.

It comes in five different fashionable colors including brown, red, beige, black, and white. There have been hundreds of orders on this single sweater in the past 30 days, and thousands in the past six months.

The way to attract more customers to this oversized sweater is by creating ads on Instagram and Facebook. You’ll need to test out a variety of targeting options. Since you’re selling sweaters, you’ll likely want to target countries that are currently having colder, winter weather.

For example, in January, Canada and northern states have colder, harsher climates. However, a country like Australia is having their summer during the same month. Be sure to keep that in mind when marketing your products.

4. Bodycon Dress


Bodycon dresses are so popular they could almost be a niche on their own. With 201,000 monthly searches, it’s no surprise that women love wearing form-fitting dresses when they head out on the town. One dress that’s expected to do particularly well in 2020 is this off-shoulder bodycon dress. In recent months, it’s racked up over 6,800 orders proving its popularity. Peak season for bodycon dresses tends to be around September which tends to have a sharp spike. This could likely be due to the wedding season, as September is one of the most popular months for weddings, and bodycon dresses are popular among wedding guests.

You can run ads on Facebook and Instagram to get the impulse buy. You can target women in their 20s and early 30s who follow popular bodycon brands. Think Pretty Little Thing, Lulus, and BooHoo. By targeting fans of those pages, you’ll likely find the audience that would shop and buy bodycon dresses from your website. You can also run a search-based play targeting keywords like “bodycon dresses” and related keywords in Google Shopping. For Google ads, the most popular regions searching for this type of dress are Maryland, Delaware, Louisiana, Mississippi, and New York. So you might want to start there. 

5. Shapewear


Whether a woman has just given birth or has put on a couple extra pounds, she may feel uncomfortable with the appearance of her stomach. As a result, she turns to a product like shapewear to help create a slimmer figure.

Wearing shapewear underneath clothing makes your tummy appear flatter, creating a slimmer silhouette. According to Google Trends, “shapewear” searches have been climbing for a couple of years now.

Direct women towards this shapewear by targeting Facebook ads towards women who are classified as “New Parents”. By doing this, you’ll find women who may feel self-conscious about their midsection after birth.

This can help them fit into their clothing without buying a new wardrobe or spending hours at the gym.

6. Nipple Covers


Your customers can’t wear a bra with every dress they buy. Many people use sticky bra cups or nipple covers to wear their dress without flashing their goods. These nipple covers provide a breast lift to create cleavage in the dress they wear. They’re so popular, they’ve generated over 2,900 orders in the past month. They’re likely to continue to skyrocket into popularity throughout 2020. 

You can promote your nipple covers via Google Shopping ads. There are several different key terms you can target such as “nipple covers,” “bra tape,” “stick on bra,” and others just like it. There is quite a bit of search volume for any of the keywords. You’ll have to play around a bit to see which keywords convert the best for your business. If you focus on a bra, lingerie, or shapewear store, you should consider creating a blog on your website where you create blog content around your products and content your customers would find valuable. You’ll need to pick high volume keywords you can revolve your content around so that each article brings relevant traffic to your blog. 

7. Cat Hoodie


When you cross women’s clothing with cats, you get the purrfect combination for a winning product. Each year, we see several clothing items for cat lovers skyrocket to the top of the sales leaderboard. The cat niche is a super popular one and when you pair that with women’s fashion, it’s easy for sales to shoot up to the top. You can either include this product on a pet store or on a women’s fashion store and it would likely perform well on both. This highly popular item has received hundreds of orders.

You can promote your cat hoodie on Instagram and Facebook targeting women who like cats or are fans of cat pages. Play around with age groups such as 22-34, which would likely be your ideal audience. You can reach out to cat Instagram pages offering compensation for a shout-out in a post or in Stories. 

8. Leather Jackets


For this section, we’re going to share two leather jacket styles that you can sell on your store in spring 2020.

This red leather jacket has had just over 1500 sales in recent months – a sure sign that people’s interest in this spring jacket is picking up. It also comes in four other colors: black, pink, sky blue and red giving your customers a pretty decent choice selection to choose from.

This motorcycle jacket is also another potential leather jacket to sell on your store. It comes in a few different colors. Help your customers add an edge to their look by promoting these leather jackets on your store.

A great way to promote them would be to reach out to influencers. The jacket style is attention-grabbing, especially the vibrant red jacket. If customers see influencers wearing the jacket, they’re more likely to envision themselves wearing it. You can create ads using the influencer’s photos, as long as you’ve got their permission, and you can use their influence to help sell more of them on your store.

You can also try working on an SEO strategy by creating content about leather jackets on your store’s blog. Keep in mind that you’ll need to devote a few months to this practice so be sure to start a few months before the spring and autumn seasons arrive.

9. Floral Spring Jacket


Nothing says spring and summer 2020 better than floral patterns taking over your wardrobe. Fortunately, there’s a never-ending selection of floral women’s clothing items on Oberlo.

You can stock up your store with products like this floral spring jacket which has had over 100 orders in the past month or this floral skirt which also has a lot of potential.

And of course, you can also sell floral dresses, bathing suits, and other women’s clothing items with a floral pattern. Google Trends shows that between March and July search volume is at its highest for the keyword “floral clothing” so that would be the best time of year to sell women’s clothing with floral patterns.

You can create Facebook and Instagram ads targeting women in their twenties and thirties to help promote your floral apparel. Create ads that lead directly to the product page of the product you’re selling (the one in your picture) so that customers can find the exact product with ease.

You might end up adding a floral section under a Trends collection for the spring and summer seasons that customers can browse as well. You could also add recommended products that feature a floral pattern for customers to see the other designs as well.

10. TV Blanket 


In the cold, winter months of 2020, we’ll be seeing more people bundling up with TV blankets. This isn’t a blanket you wrap around yourself. Nope. It’s one you wear. Hoodie and all. 

The product has generated thousands of orders from various of suppliers recently proving that people really do just want to lounge around on their couch. The fleece blanket is sure to keep your customers toasty and warm during the brisk winter nights. It comes in two colors: red and blue. There’s also an upsell version where you can sell two blankets in a single order which can help increase average order value.

To sell these blankets, you can go after keywords like “snuggie.” You can’t include the word in your ad as it’s trademarked, but you can still target the keyword in your ads as it has 74,000 monthly searches and the product is similar in nature. You can also run Facebook ads targeting women ages 25-45. You might try to target people who are fans of the Snuggies page as the audience is likely to overlap. 

Erum Ilyas, CEO & Founder, Certified Dermatologist Erum Ilyas, CEO & Founder, Certified Dermatologist, says, “The wellness trend for health and beauty is taking on a whole new life as clothing is factored into the discussion. Fashion trends for 2020 and onwards will start to look more to clothing and textiles to provide both style and function. Sun protective clothing, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, insect repellent, and eczema relief are some of the many functions that textiles and clothing have started to take on. As these functions take shape, to reach a larger audience adding style and beauty to the use of the textiles makes them more widely available and practical to add to any wardrobe. The functional clothing trend has been elevated to the next stage of environmental and health awareness by contributing less to fast fashion trends and focusing on styles that are timeless.”

Malvika Sheth, Fashion Blogger of StyleByMalvika Malvika Sheth, Fashion Blogger of StyleByMalvika, tells us: I’m excited to see what the next season of shows this February has to offer, but judging from the shows I attended in New York, Milan, and Paris this past September for the Spring/Summer 2020 season, I saw a lot of big handbags, black and white looks, blue and brown color pairings, glossy lips and ponytails. Overall, slicked-back hair with classic, well-fitted looks seems to have remained a popular go-to. I believe we just might start seeing these classic looks with different color pairings based on season, as well as the addition of layered, yet minimal jewelry and larger than usual handbags to personalize those classic looks as we continue through 2020.”

Kristian Lorén Lopez, Fashion Designer of Kristian Lorén Kristian Lorén Lopez, Fashion Designer of Kristian Lorén, says, “The upcoming year, 2020 is the beginning of a new decade where traditional fashion norms are forgotten. You’ll see more lingerie worn as daywear, which will no longer be reserved for just after hours. Bustier, corset-inspired tops, romantic shirts and skirts trimmed with lace are in. We’ll see a lot of mixing and pairing of plaids and prints that aren’t typically paired together, and soft silhouettes paired with structured pieces. We’ll also continue to see a rise in streetwear. With more start-up businesses, there is an increased desire for casual business attire. There is more acceptance for casual, streetwear, and light business attire. The next year marks the decade of ‘liberated comfort but make-it fashionable.’ This year solidifies the era of smart fashion. Technology, sustainability, gender fluidity, and utility fashion is becoming a key factor that is en vogue. Shoppers are no longer concerned with only looking good, they want products that do not harm the earth, which are trans-seasonal to avoid polluting the planet through fast fashion and they want gender-fluid fashions.”

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