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Advertising Quotes

Chapter 6 by Kristi Hines

Are you struggling to figure out how to create a profitable ad? Maybe you want to take your advertising to the next level. We reached out to the top ecommerce experts and asked them to share their best advertising quotes.

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Advertising Quotes from the Top Ecommerce Experts

Aaron Zakowski
CEO and Facebook Ads Expert, Zammo Digital Marketing
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Advertising Quotes - Aaron Zakowski

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“As most ecommerce marketers already know, Facebook ads are one of the best ways to grow your store. Here’s are two of the most important Facebook tools you need to be using in 2018 and beyond:

First, make sure that you are running Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) for your store. These Facebook ad campaigns are one of the few effective “set it and forget it” marketing opportunities available today and usually provide the highest return on ad spend of any ad campaigns you can run. Once you set up your DPA campaign, visitors will continue to be shown ads with the exact products that they viewed on your website.

The other opportunity that you need to get on right away, is to start with Facebook Messenger. Did you know that you can build a subscriber list in Messenger that allows you to broadcast messages and offers to your customers very similar to how to you send promotions via email? This is a huge opportunity to take advantage of a new marketing channel before other marketers get in and ruin it. You already know that email marketing is one of the most profitable traffic channels. Messenger is another way to drive traffic in a very similar way.”

Cosmin Daraban
CEO, Silkweb
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Advertising Quotes - Cosmin Daraban

“Start with a limited budget for your online marketing campaigns and scale according to the results you get. See what works, what types of campaigns, which channels are more profitable (Google, Facebook, e-mail) and which message is more appealing for [customers], then increase the budget in that direction. Only this way you will be able to grow your business.”

Ellen Dunne
Senior Product Manager, Kit
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Advertising Quotes - Ellen Dunne

“Your basic marketing strategy should always include activities targeted to all levels of your customer funnel. Direct response ads (Facebook, Instagram or Google Shopping) will bring new visitors into the top of the funnel. Retargeting campaigns and abandoned cart emails are designed for the middle of the funnel, to re-engage those visitors who have already shown interest.

Consistent email marketing to your mailing list announcing new products, discounts or sales will encourage past customers to come back again to buy. These tactics will ensure that you are consistently driving sales.”

Murray Lunn
Lead Editor & Content Developer,

Advertising Quotes - Murray Lunn

“There are thousands of qualified leads within a 1-mile radius of your business. Import your customer list and create lookalike audiences on Facebook. Run local campaigns within this small proximity. Tie in local shout-outs and references to connect with the audience.

Many businesses getting online will overreach — building a global community — and neglect real opportunities in their “backyard.” Who better to own the local market than your business?

Doing so will develop strong business relationships with people you’ll actually meet. Face-to-face interaction is powerful for brand building and enticing referrals. These interactions will provide feedback and capital to radiate (local -> regional -> statewide -> countrywide -> global).

Campaigns are cheaper. There’s less competition. Targeting is greater. You’ll rally locals to become brand ambassadors (and merge with the sales team).”

Adam Willhoeft
Partner, 1UP Media Inc.
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Advertising Quotes - Adam Willhoeft

“Immediately boost your remarketing efforts into overdrive. Remarketing increases your ROI/ROAS and lowers your CPA/CAC. Build a remarketing list for every level of engagement throughout every aspect of your sales funnels in Facebook and Adwords; product landing pages, shopping carts, checkout pages, email submits, product upsells, video views, website visits, button clicks, time on site, # of pages viewed, etc. Think of your remarketing list as email lists that you can constantly advertise to. Aim to create 10+ remarketing list and go as granular as possible. Trust me 10+ is not a lot as I’ve provided you with 10 of them above. One last final KNOWLEDGE BOMB, Facebook and Google rewards you when you start advertising with lower CPCs; up to 50+%. Just think of the advantage you have over your competitors if you are driving traffic to your site at a 50+% discount and think how many more people you can send to your store. Do you see an unfair advantage to start building your remarketing list today?”

Ryan Cruz
Co-founder and Chief Strategist, TrafficSalad
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Advertising Quotes - Ryan Cruz

“Most eCommerce business owners diversify with too many traffic sources. They try to do Pinterest, Facebook Ads, Google shopping, Instagram, Youtube Ads, etc all at the same time. What I would recommend instead is to focus on only TWO sources of traffic and go ‘deep’ with each traffic source. What I mean by that is to really master these two sources of traffic first before trying to use another traffic source. But one of these traffic sources should be always be EMAIL. When you launch at day one, you want to be capturing email subscribers already whether through optin forms or other forms of lead capture on the website. Research shows that it is still one of the channels that provides the highest ROI in digital marketing. For an ecommerce business, you should have abandoned cart emails, upsell emails, onboarding emails and promotion emails running at least. There are many tools out there that can provide these advanced marketing automation capabilities without spending a lot.

For the other traffic source, I highly recommend Facebook Advertising with video content as this is one of the best ways to reach your ideal customers for as little as $5/day. When you launch your ads on Facebook, you have to use all the arsenals that Facebook is giving you for that unfair advantage. For starters, make sure you have custom audiences setup. Run remarketing campaigns to previous visitors and finally run Dynamic product ads to personalize the shopping experience for each of your customer. And don’t forget to measure and track everything. My final bonus tip is to ensure that you are using Google Tag Manager to implement advanced scripts, event tracking and dynamic remarketing.”

Zane McIntyre
CEO & Co-founder, Commission Factory
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Advertising Quotes - Zane McIntyre

“If you’re a wantrepreneur or have a great passion and interest in starting your own online store, then the best method of dipping your toes into the water is by drop shipping products and listing them on an existing platform (think Etsy, Ebay etc) or your friends store with broad reach. Combine paid media (FB ads and Adwords) and affiliate marketing in order to test product market fit, instead of spending a lot of time and effort building up your own site.”

Michael Tortorice
SEO and Digital Marketing Manager, Infront Webworks
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Advertising Quotes - Michael Tortorice

“My biggest tip for marketing and growing an e-commerce business is two-fold. The first, especially for newer stores would be to incorporate an advertising campaign with Facebook and to develop multiple personas to target your typical customers. I have seen many successful eCommerce stores thrive only after understanding their audience and building up your Facebook ads to target these audiences specifically.  If you dial in the perfect buyer and match it to your campaign with effective video ads, sales start to pour in and the ability to scale these ads once your Facebook pixel seasons is easy. The success of these types of stores depends on effective social media advertising.

Second to including a healthy social media advertising budget would be the inclusion of proper optimization for the website just like any other website. Ecommerce is no exception when it comes to SEO. Reach out to product reviewers to see if they would like to review your product for the possibility of a good backlink. Make your website great with original content and descriptions and finally, be sure to incorporate best practices when it comes to on-page SEO from metadata to, site speed.”

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