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Inspirational Quotes

Chapter 2 by Kristi Hines

Need an extra bit of inspiration to get started? These ecommerce experts share some inspirational quotes to help motivate you to jumpstart your business today.

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Inspirational Quotes from Top Ecommerce Experts

Jeff Cleasby                                                                                                                                                                                                         
VP of Strategic Accounts, LeadCrunch
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Inspirational Quotes - Jeff Cleasby

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“My best tip is for store owners to build, market and grow their business is summed up in one all encompassing overarching word. That one word: “willingness”. Are you willing to take the shot, put in the extra hours, zig when everyone else zags, network like mad, conduct market research, act on that market research, lose sleep when dreaming big, step out on the skinny part of the branch, fail forward, leverage big data, learn, take the hit, get back up, get gritty!

Myself personally I was taught and learned what willingness was and looked like from a young age. I have used this trait to benefit both my personal life and obtaining continued business success.”

Nicole Martins Ferreira   
Ecommerce Entrepreneur, Oberlo Content Marketer and Author of 50 Ways to Get Sales with Dropshipping     
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Inspirational Quotes - Nicole Martins Ferreira

“If you’re waiting for the perfect moment to start it’s already here. Start now. Seriously, stop reading this and take that baby step. I know you’re busy and tired. But even if you were on a two week vacation you’d probably find an excuse not to start then too. You’re not going to have that special moment where you suddenly have more time and resources. Your success will come from the baby steps you take today. Were you only able to buy your domain name today? That’s cool. Tomorrow sign up for a store. The day after that add ten products. The day after that write descriptions for those products and add them to your store. Because in the end, those baby steps lead you to a complete store pushing you further along than people who daydream about it in their heads. Business is about action. Daydreamers don’t prosper. But you can. Just take that first small step. It’s the biggest game changer.”

Matt Lawrence   
Ecommerce Growth Specialist, Whitecap SEO   
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Inspirational Quotes - Matt Lawrence

“Focus.  It’s so easy to be distracted by the hot new marketing trend that promises to triple your sales, but if you spread your resources and attention too thin, you won’t be effective in any channel.  Figure out what makes your brand unique, pick the right marketing channel to spread that message, and set measurable goals to define success or failure. Only once you’ve mastered this channel should you move on to the next one.”

Ivan Kreimer   
Content Marketing Consultant, Content Fiesta       
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Inspirational Quotes - Ivan Kreimer

“Start with what you know best. Whenever you start marketing an e-commerce store, the first thing you’ll end up doing is Googling something like ‘how to grow an e-commerce store.’ That search will lead to a hundred different articles featuring a wide set of marketing tactics. The articles will promise low-cost high-reward results which will push you to try them out. It will be soon a year when you look back and you see the dozen tactics you tried which led to zero growth.

Please, I beg you, don’t spread yourself too thin. Follow the path of least resistance. If you have experience with SEO, start with that. If you know how to optimize a landing page, do it. Even if your skillset isn’t marketing related; a web designer can create a beautiful page that will surprise your customers and even attract links. If you start with what you know best, not only you will grow faster, you will avoid the ‘shiny object syndrome’ that so many entrepreneurs face when they start their ecommerce store. The decision is up to you; your store’s growth rate will tell you whether you made the right one or not.”

David Vranicar       
Content Marketer, Oberlo                                                                                                                                                                                     
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Inspirational Quotes - David Vranicar

“The unbelievable software and apps out there have solved some of the biggest challenges in ecommerce. Finding products, reaching customers, and so on. But these tools are so good that they’ve introduced a new challenge all their own: Lots of beginning entrepreneurs have fairy tale expectations about how hard it is to launch businesses. Truth is, it’s still hard. As tools evolve and crush more barriers to entry, we have to make sure that entrepreneurs keep plugging away when things get tough. And they will get tough.”

Nick Elzenni McLeod                                                                                                                                                                           
Principal CoFounder, Bespoke Haus                                                                                                                                                                   
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Inspirational Quotes - Nick Elzenni McLeod

“Build or create with the customer in mind: always engage them on a human and personal level, then service them with wow!  If you can repeatedly execute this authentically, you will (in theory) never have to worry for profit or word-of-mouth!”

Ronnie McKenzie                                                                                                                                                                                 
Founder,  Store Hacks
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Inspirational Quotes - Ronnie McKenzie

“Having the right mindset, discipline, consistency and motivation when starting out is integral to your overall success. You need to be able to wake up each day with a spring in your step motivated to take on whatever the day throws at you.

Optimism allows you to take on the world and is the catalyst for forming habits and being able to see the light at the tunnel in the darkest times. Some days you won’t achieve what you set out, however the consistency to show up, work to the tasks you have scheduled will allow that light to get much closer, much faster.”

Prerna Malik                                                                                                                                                                                               
Online Persuasion Copywriter and eCommerce Content Marketer, Content Bistro                                                                                 
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Inspirational Quotes - Prerna Malik

“As cliche as this may sound… stand out in a crowded niche by being totally YOU. Get super clear on what your ‘secret sauce’ is and your brand – your site, your social media content and your emails. Your product descriptions should leap off the page and connect with customers, your social media copy and blog posts should create a solid community,  your emails should make them want to get to know you better and more importantly, buy from you.

The first step is to nail your brand voice and then, USE that voice.

As an eCommerce copywriter, the first exercise I do with my clients is diving deep into not just who their brand is but more importantly, who their customers are and then, blend all of this research to create that ‘secret sauce’ that makes customers come back to a business because they just LOVE who they are, what they do and how they do it!

Once you’ve nailed your ‘secret sauce’ recipe, implementing all that fancy content marketing, growth hacking and SEO-ing will become MUCH easier because you’ll know exactly what to write, how to write it and why you should be writing it!”

Deepak Jain                                                                                                                                                                                         
Community Lead,MySmartPrice                                                                                                                                                                         
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Inspirational Quotes - Deepak Jain

“Just like any other brick & mortar business, the secret sauce of ecommerce success lies in patience, persistence, and the right marketing of your product to the right audience at the right time.

Also, you cannot go wrong in investing a small budget towards paid & organic digital campaigns. Make sure that you spend at least 20% of your resources towards Content Marketing, Social Media, SEO and Influencer relationships.”

Andrew Roach                                                                                                                                                                                           
Content Marketer, Oberlo                                                                                                                                                                                   

Inspirational Quotes - Andrew Roach

“Research is absolutely imperative when you’re starting your business. If you take the time at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey to really gain an understanding of your niche (your potential customers), and the best way to market your products, everything else will come easier later on.

Each and every one of us has access to a wealth of data. If you don’t use it, you can bet that competitors will. Knowledge really is power, and taking the time to learn will help you to unlock your path to success.”

Tracy Champagne
Marketing Consultant, Smallbizmke
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Inspirational Quotes - Tracy Champagne

“Consistency in failing and trying again, and the self discipline to be consistent in your daily activities will give you the results that you want, if you just keep going.”

Reza Khadjavi
CEO, Shoelace
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Inspirational Quotes - Reza Khadjavi

“There are no shortcuts. Embrace the journey.”

Nakul Anand
UI-UX Designer, Social Peanuts
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Inspirational Quotes - Nakul Anand

“Research constantly. Research your business – or absence of them – to earlier days and even years. Research your merchant offer through. Research your opposition and research their [customers]. Research your [customers] and the [customers] you need to [attract]. Research constantly.”

Tomas Slimas
Founder, Oberlo
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Inspirational Quotes - Tomas Slimas

“There’s no silver bullet to success. Set yourself a target, read blogs, execute ideas, measure results, keep what’s working, and learn from what isn’t. Repeat this process until you crush your goals. It’s simple but it ain’t easy.”

Chris Brewer
Co-Founder, OMG Commerce
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Inspirational Quotes - Chris Brewer

“You must know enough to understand what they are doing to grow your business and why.  Otherwise, you can fall prey to a good salesperson and waste countless hours and capital that you can’t afford to burn. Equip  yourself with knowledge that allows you to make good business decisions.”

Oleksiy Kuryliak
Founder, Rioks
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Inspirational Quotes - Oleksiy Kuryliak

“Be present and have a purpose. People are no longer looking forward to interacting with faceless large corporations – they are look for a purpose, for a brand with identity and a clear cause. Providing social value is becoming critical in the dynamic environment of millennials and they comprise a huge portion of your favorite customers, regardless of whatever it is that you’re selling.

The best and easiest way to differentiate yourself from the many faceless e-commerce businesses out there is to be constantly present. Work hard on your responses and answer all the questions and queries across all the platforms that you’re on.

Be consistent with the above and you will quickly start building consumer trust, which is ultimately what you must be looking forward to.”

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