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Social Media Quotes

Chapter 5 by Kristi Hines

These social media quotes will help you drive higher levels of engagement on your online store. If you’ve always wanted to master social media, you’ll want to check out these expert quotes:

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Top Social Media Quotes

Anna Vanlandingham
Owner, Pinterest Pro Solutions
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Social Media Quotes - Anna Vanlandingham

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“When utilizing Pinterest for visits to your eCommerce site, remember consistency, consistency, consistency are the best 3 words of advice.”

Jean-Christophe Lavocat
CEO, Elokenz
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Social Media Quotes - Jean-Christophe Lavocat

“Use your social networks to repeatedly share your best-selling products with your audience.

Analyze your past posts (or those from your competitors) and find the most shared/commented. Then try to understand what made it popular (picture, caption, CTA, …). Finally, use this knowledge to schedule several variations about each of your best selling items and recycle them all year long.

You should now have a scalable process to drive traffic all year long from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like.”

Josepha Edman
Owner, Pitchy Tea Delights
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Social Media Quotes - Josepha Edman

“Start a video blog and post videos 5 times a week. Upload the video to Youtube and post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin. This is the best exposure you will get.”

Michael Kawula
CEO, Social Quant
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Social Media Quotes - Michael Kawula

“Here’s a simple 4 step strategy that will drive massive sales for any eCommerce owner. The great thing about this strategy is it only takes moments a day and it can send you massive amounts of website traffic. I know this strategy works, because I implemented this back in 2009, when I had my eCommerce business and we were selling over 200,000 different products.

This strategy still works today and guess what? It doesn’t cost you anything other than a few minutes a day. Let me give you the 4 steps to implement this immediately.

Twitter Marketing for eCommerce

Optimize your Twitter Profile

First thing you need to do is set up your Twitter profile correctly and it only takes 20 minutes to do this.

Here’s the 5 things you need to do to Optimize your Twitter Profile:

Twitter Cover: Create a Twitter Cover that is simple and lets visitors know exactly who you are with some social proof. For example, my Twitter cover was of an office supply room, had our company name and in smaller text stated “Lowest Prices on Over 200,000 Office Supplies” To add social proof, we added to the bottom “Ranked 144th Fastest Growing Business by Inc. Magazine”

Twitter Profile Picture: I recommend putting a picture of your team or yourself over your logo. People connect with people, not logos. You can have your logo over your picture in the corner for some branding, but stick to the face behind the brand.

Twitter Bio: You have a 160 characters to create a message on who you are, use this space creatively. The keywords you use can help you show up in search, so put something crafty together and never use a hashtag in your bio. Lastly, keep it personal also. Remember people connect with people.

Website Link: Include a link to your eCommerce store (obviously).

Pinned Tweet: This is very important for step 2 (so put some thought into this one). A pinned tweet is the first Tweet someone sees when they visit your profile. This tweet should speak to the “pain” your business solves. For instance, if you have a fitness eCommerce store, you could create a piece of content on ways to lose weight. Your pinned Tweet could say: “Lose 20 pounds in 40 days” include a link to the piece of content on your website and a nice image.

Step 2 is all about getting relevant eyeballs to your optimized Twitter profile and you do this by what’s called a Twitter follow strategy.

You can do this either using Twitter advanced search (for free) or use a tool that will help speed up the process.

What you want to do is find people on Twitter having conversations around what your business solves. For example if you sell a weight loss product, listen for people tweeting with the hashtag #Gymrat, #Fitness, #Workhard or countless others.

When you find these people follow them.

When you follow people, they get a notification that someone just followed them.

Since the average person on Twitter only has a few hundred people following them on Twitter, they’ll look to see who followed them.

Twenty percent of these people will follow you back (since you’re following relevant people) and a large percentage will click on your pinned tweet, going back to your website.

Do this daily and if you’re following 500 people, you’ll grow by 2000-3000 followers a month and a large percentage will also visit your website.

See that’s FREE traffic and relevant.

Step 3 is now that you’ve got an optimized Twitter profile and relevant followers, you need to Tweet frequently to stay in front of your current followers.

Once someone follows you, they’ll rarely come to your Twitter profile, so you want to share content that can get in front of them on Twitter.

My current company analyzed over a billion Tweet impressions and what we learned was those who Tweet 40 times or more a day, compared to those who Tweet 10 times a day get not 4 times more traffic, but 40X more traffic. It’s exponential so Tweet away, but keep it good content and relevant.

I know this sounds like a lot, but you can use a tool like either Buffer to schedule your Tweets or a tool like Meet Edgar and automate the process.

The final step is engaging with your followers or people having conversations around your niche.

This works.

Using Twitter advanced search I heard someone complaining about my competition while they were in the office supply store. I jumped in, provided support and got a $27,000 order.

I also heard Gary Vaynerchuk mention he was “moving office” and jumped in a conversation that resulted in several nice size orders.

The success stores from engaging are countless, but seriously this is the one thing I see many skip and yet it’s so powerful.”

Fazal Marakkar
Digital Marketing Consultant & Trainer – Recruiter, FazalMarakkar
Twitter LinkedIn

Social Media Quotes - Fazal Marakkar

“Chatbots are going to rock the world of ecommerce. Ecommerce can benefit from a correct use of Messenger chatbots. Messenger chatbots can help ecommerce to improve their customer experience and, ultimately, their conversions.”

Alisa Meredith
Owner, Alisa Meredith Marketing
Twitter LinkedIn

Social Media Quotes - Alisa Meredith

“Use Pinterest Promoted Pins (advertising). While Pinterest is great at delivering website traffic when used organically, advertising can open your content out to a new audience – fast! New options for targeting, including highly-specific interests and the ability to target people based on events such as “add to cart,” put Pinterest ads in the ecommerce big leagues!  People are there to plan, shop, and buy, meaning that the activity people take on the platform translates to real dollars for your business. If you have $100 a day to spend for a month, sign up for Pinterest’s “Propel” program and get help setting up your first campaigns for free.”

Spencer Butt
Social Media Content Producer, Shopify
Twitter LinkedIn

Social Media Quotes - Spencer Butt

“Don’t spread yourself too thin across all social media channels! Test out a handful of them, figure out what’s working best and where your demographic is most active and focus on that. It’s better to have one really good social media channel than five mediocre ones.”

Mark ‘MKWeb’ Hultgren
CEO – President, MKW Industries, Inc.
Twitter LinkedIn

Social Media Quotes - Mark 'MKWeb' Hultgren

“Create a website/blog and integrate it with your multiple social network pages to ensure when you post something on your website, it also gets added to your social network pages (but only post the excerpt on the networks to draw the people to your website). Blogs work best for this, but it can be done with HTML sites as well.”

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