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Chapter 4 by Nicole Martins Ferreira

According to Entrepreneur, Amazon originally started as a bookstore. Back in 1994, bookstores could only carry a few hundred books but Jeff Bezos recognized that by selling books online, he’d be able to sell them by the millions. Eventually, Amazon’s online store began carrying a range of other products. This story is a great example for online store owners.

It doesn’t matter what your first niche is because you can eventually expand into other categories.

Many new entrepreneurs start by trying to cater to everyone and fail to find their niche. However, by starting with one niche focus, you can eventually expand into other categories and grow into a mega brand.

Amazon’s product category layout is also worth noting. The online store uses specific product categories with a range of products. For example, under clothing, you can find the dress sub category and under that there are seven other subcategories. This allows customers to easily find the exact type of product they’re looking for.

Notably, Amazon also does a great job with product curation. For example, on Valentine’s Day, there are nine categories of curated Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Each curated category has beautiful gifts you can choose from for your significant other.

Amazon’s homepage showcases the most popular items. While they may not be catered specifically to you, it allows you to know what’s trending on their store. You may be able to find an item you wouldn’t normally buy but still love. However, Amazon is also big on personalization. You can also find a selection of recommendations that have been tailored for you.

Lastly, no matter which page you end up on, you can always access your browsing history. Most websites lack this feature. However, it comes in handy if you’ve visited a product page and forgot the name of the product you wanted to buy.

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