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Best Buy

Chapter 8 by Nicole Martins Ferreira

Best Buy is a great example of an online store to use as inspiration for your first store. The electronics retailer has marketing messaging visible on their homepage. From ‘free shipping’ to ‘easy returns’ Best Buy helps ease the minds of customers to convert the sale. Their drop-down menu is also visually stimulating with a unique look for different sections.

Best Buy’s ‘Contact Us’ page allows customers to contact them in multiple ways. Customers can contact Best Buy via email, by telephone, in person or via mail. Having multiple means of communication gives customers the ability to resolve their issue in the way they’d feel most comfortable.

Best Buy’s sales items stand out within the product listings as their price is in a bright red font. It also lists how much a customer will save if they choose to purchase that item. Once a customer clicks onto a product page, they’re also shown special offers specific to that product. This allows customers to benefit even more from their purchase.

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