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Chapter 9 by Nicole Martins Ferreira

For those of you planning on starting an online phone case store, Casetify is a great brand you can use as inspiration. Their product listings feature gifs that showcase movement, particularly with glitter cases. This helps bring the product to life as a product image isn’t enough. The product page’s imagery also pops with the gif image, different angles as well as a beautiful stylized shot.

Casetify organizes products in a great way. They allow customers to choose products based on phone or tablet model. They also have collections which allow customers to see products in similar styles such as marble, glitter, and more.

Lastly, Casetify also offers product discounts when you purchase at least two phone cases. This is an effective way to bundle products, especially if you showcase how much the customer will save when they make the purchase.

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BaubleBar is a great example of a jewelry store to use as inspiration. The navigation bar and its drop-down menu has ...