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Chapter 7 by Nicole Martins Ferreira

Gucci has a unique online experience. Certain product pages include ‘Wear with’ sections with several different looks. When you click on ‘Get the Look’ you can see all of the products that complete the style and choose to buy those products. This helps customers create different looks with purchased items.

Another feature to use as inspiration for your online store is the callout on their product listings page.

Certain products have a bigger picture that adds more emphasis. If you have a best-selling item or a product that you want customers to check out, having a feature like this helps boost visibility.

In addition, Gucci has a ‘Gifts’ section that allows people to choose gifts for her, him or kids. The gifts in this section have high retail prices but are likely items that Gucci lovers would enjoy.

Notably, Gucci’s product selection has a consistent look that separates the brand from other online shops. When choosing products for your first store, consider choosing items with a similar style or appearance to help build a brand identity. The items don’t need to be identical. The goal is to choose products that have a similar style such as quirky, edgy or feminine.

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