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Luxy Hair

Chapter 2 by Nicole Martins Ferreira

Luxy Hair is another great example of an online store that’s worth learning from.

Luxy Hair’s About Us page should be used as a template for all store owners. They start their About Us page by welcoming people to their website. Then, they transition to telling their story. You can see pictures of the founders which helps customers get to know the creator of their favorite brand. It continues with a short paragraph about why people should choose their products. Next, you read succinct mission statement. Then, they flow into why they love their customers. If you continue reading, you can even learn more about their factory. You then have an opportunity to meet the team which showcases pictures of their staff. It concludes with job opportunities making it the perfect finish.

One of the best things about Luxy Hair is their content marketing strategy. Their YouTube channel has nearly 3 million subscribers with hair tutorials and fun videos related to hair. Their blog features unique content about hair products and hairstyles.

Notably, when a customer clicks on ‘Shop Hair’ they don’t automatically land on a page of product listings. Customers are guided through a personalized process to help them determine the best hair extensions for their hair based on their hair texture and color.

Next, customers are able to ask questions on the product page which get answered publicly by Luxy Hair. This is great for customers to see as most don’t want to look for the FAQs nor do they want to wait for a response from customer support. By seeing customer questions and answers on the product page they can make a more informed decision about the product.

Luxy Hair’s product page also provides the customer everything she needs to buy the extensions. First, there are product videos showcasing the hair being moved around. It also includes hair styling videos, product reviews, FAQs and more. Their website also offers before and after pictures of their extensions. This helps

Their website also offers before and after pictures of their extensions. This helps customer see how their hair will transform after purchasing the product as it shows volume, texture and length differences.

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