The Complete Guide To Marketing Channels

8 chapters

The best way to set your ecommerce business apart from the competition is with an excellent marketing strategy. This free eBook guides you through the top ecommerce marketing channels that every entrepreneur should know about.

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8 chapters


Lily Cichanowicz

Photo of Lily Cichanowicz.

Lily Cichanowicz is a premium content writer at Oberlo, one of the leading pioneers in the world of dropshipping ecommerce. Prior to joining the content marketing team at Oberlo, Lily worked as a writer and editor for several publications based in Berlin and beyond. She graduated with honors from Cornell University, and has since applied her rigorous academic training and research skills to creating useful content that aids ecommerce entrepreneurs in realizing their goals. Her other passions include reading poetry, doing yoga, and sampling Berlin’s many vegan ice cream shops.

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