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Chapter 8 by Lily Cichanowicz

Congratulations! Now that you’ve finished this eBook, you have the tools you need to assess which marketing channels are best for your business. It’s time for you to get your hands dirty and to do some experimenting. Let the marketing tips presented here be your guide, and remember the following rules of thumb.

Focus on extrapolating different strategies from across the channels for marking online. For instance, learn performance metrics and analysis via Facebook marketing as these carry over to other channels.

Target a smaller, more refined audience rather than striving for a larger one with people who have little interest in what you’re doing. Offer value-added content over pure, unfettered self-promotion.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to test the waters and try new approaches to marketing, but always do your best to make data-driven decisions. A great marketing campaign is a key to making your business stand out from your competitors, and we’re sure you have what it takes!

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