With its low start-up costs and inventory-free set-up, it’s not hard to see why dropshipping has become one of the most popular online business models these days.

How is the dropshipping market size expected to perform over the next decade? Here’s a breakdown.

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Dropshipping market size: 2023–2033


Dropshipping market size

Annual change


$284.6 billion


$351.8 billion



$435.0 billion



$537.8 billion



$665.0 billion



$822.1 billion



$1,016.5 billion



$1,256.8 billion



$1,553.9 billion



$1,921.2 billion



$2,241.8 billion


According to the latest data, the global dropshipping market is forecast to reach $351.8 billion in 2024. This is also the first year it is set to surpass $300 billion, after a 23.6% increase from 2023’s numbers.

That’s not all—this figure is projected to continue rising in the coming years, with the data pointing toward continued and rapid increase. 

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The dropshipping market size is set for further growth, hitting $435 billion in 2025. Experts predict that by 2026, the dropshipping market size will be worth as much as $537.8 billion. To put things in perspective, this is nearly double its value in 2023 and an impressive $253.2 billion of growth in just a matter of three years. Growth is anticipated to persist, eventually surpassing $1 trillion in 2029 and continuing to rise every year until 2033. By then, analysts project that the dropshipping market size will reach $2.2 trillion, exceeding the $2 trillion milestone for the first time.

From 2023 to 2032, the dropshipping market size is expected to grow by 23.6% every year. In 2033, it’s expected to slow to 16.7%. 

Dropshipping market size increase: regions with the largest growth

Analysts credit the dropshipping market size’s significant growth to the Asia Pacific region, which is anticipated to lead the growing market through 2033. Experts say this is largely due to the growing middle class in many countries in the region contributing to rising disposable income and purchasing power.

In 2023, Asia Pacific accounted for more than one-third (35.2%) of the global dropshipping market share, the largest piece of the pie. North America made up 31.5%, and Europe followed with 24.3%.

The rise of mobile commerce and the increasing smartphone penetration globally have also facilitated the pivot toward ecommerce and dropshipping services. Meanwhile, the ease of starting up a dropshipping business encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to jump on this business model. Not only do dropshipping store owners not need to hold inventory, which means there’s no need for storage space, there’s also no cost of acquiring goods upfront. This, in turn, substantially lowers the start-up costs of a dropshipping business.

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