According to the latest figures from the National Retail Foundation, Chedraui currently tops the list of the fastest-growing retailers in the US. The study analyzes the performances of retailers that brought in at least $2 billion in global sales and compares their total domestic sales in 2022 against their 2021 figures.

Chedraui, a grocery and department store chain, saw sales more than double from 2021 to 2022. In 2022, the company hit $7.45 billion in sales—a tremendous 137.3% annual increase from the $3.14 billion it recorded in 2021. Its 2022 sales figure reflects the company’s acquisition of the Smart & Final grocery chain.

Second on the list of the fastest-growing retail companies in the US is Raley's Supermarkets. The California-headquartered grocery and retail technology company saw its sales in the US skyrocket 73.5%, from $3.19 billion in 2021 to $5.53 billion in 2022, following its acquisition of Bashas’.

Raley’s Supermarkets is followed by Primark Stores, a multinational fast fashion retailer with outlets all across the US. The company’s retail operations in the US saw sales increase by 65.7% year-over-year. In 2022, the company added as much as $123 million to 2021’s sales to a total of $310 million.

In summary, Chedraui, Raley’s Supermarkets, and Primark Stores are the three fastest-growing retailers in the US in 2022.

The fourth- and fifth-fastest-growing retail companies in the US are Schwarz Group and 7-Eleven, growing by 52.3% and 30.2%, respectively. Schwarz Group, which owns popular grocery store chain Lidl, boosted its 2022 sales by more than $900 million. Meanwhile, sales from 7-Eleven grew from $23.16 billion in 2021 to $30.15 billion in 2022, adding $7 billion in the process. In total, these five fastest-growing retailers in the US increased their 2022 sales by $14.7 billion. 

Here’s a list of the sixth- to 10th-fastest-growing retailers in the US and their 2022 sales growth:

  1. Superior Grocers: 30.1% (+$398 million)
  2. BJ's Wholesale Club: 22.9% (+$3.82 billion)
  3. Inditex: 19.4% (+$429 million)
  4. Chico's: 18.5% (+$335 million)
  5. Ulta Beauty: 18.3% (+$1.58 billion)

It’s worth noting that Inditex also featured on the list of the fastest-growing retailers in the US from the previous year. In 2021, the fast fashion group, which owns the popular brand Zara, increased its sales by 76.6% year-on-year.

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