Mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular among United States consumers, as evidenced by the growing user expenditure and transaction value in recent years. Already, mobile payment service providers like Zelle and Venmo have seen their user base rise year after year. 

But what about Cash App, another popular payment service? Here’s a look at how many people use Cash App every month.

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How many users does Cash App have: 2022–2023

A recent analysis of the number of Cash App users shows this is set to hit 52.9 million in 2023—the first year it’s expected to surpass 50 million. This is 5.1 million more than 2022’s 47.8 million and an 18.7% annual increase. 

In comparison with some of Cash App’s biggest competitors, the number of Zelle users is expected to rise by 10.1% this year, to 67.8 million. Venmo’s user base is also forecasted to grow to 85.1 million, marking a 9.5% increase.

Experts credit Cash App’s growth in 2023 to parent company Block’s efforts to increase its focus on building the payment service. Reported plans for Cash App this year include further development of its savings and debit card features, as Block works toward establishing Cash App as consumers’ default wallet for day-to-day spending.

Cash App number of users: 2024–2026 forecast

Industry experts predict that Cash App’s number of users will continue to rise over the next few years, and at increasingly faster rates. 

In 2024, Cash App’s monthly active users are forecast to amount to 56.7 million, a 19.9% increase from this year. This is expected to rise to 60.3 million in 2025, after another strong growth performance of 21.1%. In 2026, the number of Cash App users is set to grow by 21.9%, to 63.1 million.

From 2022 to 2026, Cash App is forecast to grow its monthly active users by 15.3 million. This is an overall increase of 32% and an average annual growth rate of 19.7%.

Cash App users’ age demographic

Cash App is especially popular among young adults. It is used by 39% of consumers aged 18 to 29. Those between 30 and 39 years old form the second-largest group of Cash App users, with 35%.

Just 19% of consumers between 50 and 64 use Cash App, and this figure falls to 9% for consumers aged 65 and above.

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