Chart showing: Mobile Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Mobile Ecommerce Conversion Rate (2023–2024)

With mobile commerce sales on the rise, one of the most essential things ecommerce businesses prioritize is providing their buyers with a mobile-friendly experience. This includes optimizing your mobile online store and constantly tweaking it to ensure you’re adapting to consumers’ ever-changing online shopping behavior. This is especially since the latest mobile commerce trends show that nearly one in three consumers shop or browse for products on their phones. 

When doing so, one key metric to monitor is the mobile ecommerce conversion rate. This then begs the question—what is a good mobile ecommerce conversion rate? 

Mobile ecommerce conversion rates: key data

  • As of June 2024, the average mobile conversion rate across online stores was 2.89%.
  • Between July 2023 and June 2024, the two highest mobile ecommerce conversion rates were observed during the year-end holiday shopping season in November and December.

What is a good mobile ecommerce conversion rate?

Before we dive into what a good mobile ecommerce conversion rate is, we need to have a look at recent monthly averages.


Average mobile ecommerce conversion rate

Jul 2023


Aug 2023


Sep 2023


Oct 2023


Nov 2023


Dec 2023


Jan 2024


Feb 2024


Mar 2024


Apr 2024


May 2024


Jun 2024


According to the latest data, mobile conversion rates for ecommerce stores have fluctuated over the past year. The most recent data shows that as of June 2024, the average mobile ecommerce conversion rate is 2.89%. In other words, just under out of every 35 visits to an online store via a mobile device converts. This marks a marginal 0.01 percentage point rise from May 2024 and is the highest mobile conversion rate in four months.

It’s worth noting that conversion rates on mobile are lower than that of desktops and tablets, which are 4.32% and 3.58%, respectively. 

From July 2023 to October 2023, average mobile conversion rates hovered between 3.1% and 3.2%. In November 2023, it was 3.94%, the highest in the past 12 months, after rising 0.77 percentage points from October. It fell marginally to 3.69% in December. The peak observed in the final two months of the year can be attributed to the year-end holiday shopping season, which ranks among the busiest shopping events of the year

The average ecommerce conversion rate on mobile devices from the past 12 months is 3.13%, 0.24 percentage points higher than the latest rate registered in June 2024. As an ecommerce business owner, these mobile conversion rates are what you should be targeting, as they reflect the average across all online stores.

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