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Love Money? Don’t Start Dropshipping.

If you want to succeed at earning money with dropshipping, you need a mindset change. Identify your reasons for earning money and use that to push yourself through the challenges and hurdles that come your way. It’s not money that makes us happy, it’s the ability to live our dreams with it.

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Magda: Jessica, do you wanna make money? 

Jessica: Yeah, that sounds good.

Magda: Well, then you should not start dropshipping.

Jessica: Magda, I’ve been pretty sure we tell everyone who watches our channel to start dropshipping if they wanna make money.

Magda: That’s not exactly what I meant. You might wanna make money, but you need to have something else beyond that to motivate you to keep going and get through challenges.

Jessica: Well, that sounds a little abstract. Is there a way to break that down in plain English? 

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What Really Motivates You to Make Money?

Magda: Okay. It is abstract. But the reason that it’s abstract is because it’s a mindset. If you change your mindset to thinking like this, you’ll still be able to make money and actually, you might even be able to make money easier, but you’ll have the motivation to push through challenges and difficulties as they come up.

Jessica: Give me some examples.

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Magda: Of course. So let’s say you wanna start a dropshipping business.

Jessica: To make money.

Magda: Yes, kind of. You wanna start a dropshipping business. But what do you wanna use that money for? 

Jessica: Personally, I would love to be able to go to Thailand. I’ve never been. Everyone keeps posting selfies from Thailand. I wanna be part of that.

Going to Thailand as a motivation to earn money

Magda: Huge dropshipper hotspot, absolutely. Well, if you wanna go to Thailand, then that’s a tangible realistic goal that you can work towards. Going to Thailand is going to cost a certain amount in terms of the flight, reservations if you’re gonna stay somewhere, the food, and things like that. That is kind of a unit that you can look towards and a goal that you can look towards.

Jessica: Totally. I’ve already budgeted my dream Thailand vacation. I know the number in my head. That’s why I wanna make money with dropshipping.

Magda: Amazing. If you keep that goal in your head and work towards it, it will be a lot easier to track your progress and you’ll actually be able to look to something more than money which is a trip, maybe freedom, spending time with new friends as your motivation rather than just making $100 a day.

Jessica: Okay. I see what you’re saying. The best way for me to actually make money is to think first about what really motivates me to make money in the first place. Is it so that I can take a trip or so that I can live a certain lifestyle or work from home or never have to work for a boss again or something like that.

Magda: Exactly. Money… Of course, we all want to make money.

But the reason we all want to make money is because money in itself doesn’t make us happy. But it does give us access to some resources, assets or other things that let us live out our dreams, our lives in the way that we want and pursue our hobbies and goals.

And those are the things that you need to focus on rather than actually making the money itself.

Jessica: Okay, this is sounding a little Reading Rainbow. I feel like, yeah, this is all well and good, but what does this mean for dropshippers? Say they come up with the thing that they want to use their money for, so what? They’re still dropshipping so they can make money to afford that. How does that make them better dropshippers? 

Magda: Well, it makes them better dropshippers because it gives them the motivation when the going gets tough to actually keep it moving. Just to give you an example, I have known a few dropshippers before whose focus is on helping to provide for their families. That’s what they would like to do and that’s why they want to make money. 

So when they come to an obstacle, for example, their Facebook ads aren’t working or they’re having a hard time finding the winning product, they can look beyond making just, let’s say, the money $100 a day to the goal behind that, which is being able to take care of their family as a reason that they’re gonna sit down, buckle in and keep it moving and figure out the problems and figure out how to find solutions to those problems.

Persisting when the going gets tough

Where Do You Want Dropshipping to Take You in Life?

Jessica: We’ve also seen dropshippers on this show actually that have had, let’s say, goals that are maybe realistic, if not quite so noble ’cause I think that goal is amazing. But maybe other people are a little bit more self-centered with that. There’s no problem. 

For example, Chris Wane was on this show and he wanted to start dropshipping just so he could finance a trip to the US and so whenever things got tough, Chris could just imagine sitting on the rim of the Grand Canyon after he’d work out that problem and that motivated him to keep going.

It was something he could really visualize, a future he could see himself in and not just an abstract dollar amount that he was going after.

Magda: Absolutely, and that’s the best way to keep motivated and keep going. If you have something that you can actually visualize, then you can manifest it. Of course, if you hear the word manifest, you might think, “Wow, we’re really going mumbo-jumbo with our mindset stuff.” 

But it’s really important because it’s something that the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners do for a reason. When you can focus on that, you can really figure out how to find solutions to any problems that come up to your path towards it and that is the way that you’ll be able to build a successful business and get to that level.

Jessica: Totally. So get out your journal, get out your vision boards, and really start to imagine where you want dropshipping to take you in life and then backward engineer and figure out how much money you need to get there because hey, to buy a pet cat costs a lot less than to be a digital nomad for a year. But it’s okay if you wanna be a digital nomad, you’ll just need to have that goal, that vision in mind, so you can get there. 

Magda, I’m just curious about what’s on your vision board.

Magda: Okay so, to be totally honest, my vision board is flying first-class. I am so tired of flying economy and I cannot wait to fly first-class everywhere. So yes, it is a little less noble than taking care of my family, which would be awesome too.

Flying first class as motivation to earn money

Jessica: No judgment here though…

Magda: Yeah and to be honest, if I can fit that in, I totally will. But number one is flying first-class.

Jessica: Can you guys leave your vision board items in the comments below because it’d be super motivating to hear what other people are working towards on their dropshipping journeys? 

Magda: Thank you guys so much. If there’s any other topic that you’d like us to cover in Monday motivation, let us know. Jessica and I read all the comments, every single one of them so it would be really helpful for us to know what you’d like to see and see you next time.

Jessica: Go get them.

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