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Top 8 Products To Sell This Summer (2021)

Written by Deimantas Brandisauskas

It’s summertime and that means BBQs and picnics, and swimsuits and tank tops. Summer is a perfect time to start a dropshipping store or add summer-related products to your existing store. If you had to choose one thing to sell what would it be?

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And today we are going to give you the top 8 products that will be selling really well this entire summer. Furthermore, we are also going to give you Facebook Ad targeting ideas that you can implement right away and start running ads to those products, as well as links to AliExpress so you will spend only a couple of seconds to import products to your store via Oberlo app. 

And if you think that trending products are oversaturated and you cannot make your business succeed with these products, that's far from true. 

Let go of self-limiting beliefs that you can’t make your Shopify dropshipping business succeed with trending items. Consumers are willing to pay top dollar for viral new products as they look to earn bragging rights of being the first to try them. With that in mind, here’s a list of the top 8 products to sell this summer (2021). 

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Now without further ado, let's jump into the first product on our list. 

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Portable Air Cooler

The very first product on our list is a well-known portable air cooler that has been selling well for multiple summers in the past. And as always, we’re recommending you to create a branded-niche store and have around 5 to 10 products that are going to be really similar to this product (home appliances store, etc.). We know for a fact that this product sells well not only for our internal team but also for other merchants as well. 

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And we already see a huge uptrend with stores that are selling this particular product. With so much search volume centered around the air cooler, now’s the right time to sell this particular product in your store. 

Misting Cooling System

These misting cooling systems are selling really well right now (and will be highly in demand for the whole summer). They are able to cool outdoor temperatures up to 30 degrees, meaning a long and comfortable day outside for the kids, for yourself, and your plants.

Now, this particular product can be a perfect combination with the first one in our list (Portable Air Cooler), and add both of these products to your store as you can start designing and brand your store around this specific niche.

It will sell really well for the summer & autumn season for sure, as people will want to be prepared for an upcoming summer as well (hint: add discounts if they buy more than 1 product with quantity break apps). 

By doing super quick research on Google Trends we can see a big spike that is climbing up in the upcoming months it's going to be sold really well. 

Swimwear Products

Since it's summertime and a lot of people will want to try to travel more, swimwear products are going to be huge. Though, we’re not limiting you with a specific swimwear product here since you can just go to the AliExpress category under womens’/men’s fashion, and filter down by Swimwear there.

Literally, you can go ahead and build yourself a store where you’d only sell products related to swimwear, and you will be able to easily advertise it with great photos and videos that you can find within AliExpress product listing. Just go ahead and import 10 products to your store based on how many orders the product has on AliExpress, and drive traffic to it. If you’re not sure where to find such days, you can simply head over to Super simple!

Again, Google Trends data is showing that swimwear products start to sell really well in the summer, therefore you better not miss the current trend on jumping on the summer swimwear products.

Pet Water Drinking Fountain

Finding products to sell is not that hard and you should not overcomplicate yourselves by trying to find products that no one has sold or find insanely unique products that you’re going to be the first one selling.

Most probably there’re no such products. And this drinking fountain for pets has been sold for years now, and especially during summer. Every pet owner knows that summer is pretty rough for dogs and cats, and having water next to you is crucial (whether you’re on the go, or being at home).

Make sure to get yourself familiar with products that are related to making your pets comfortable during hot days. You can advertise your store for just selling pet-related products but make sure to not overcomplicate yourself and import only a maximum of 10 products.

Handbag Holder

Another product that fits really well into the whole summer products idea. We see a big uptrend from merchants who are selling handbag holder right now and that's without a reason. It’s a great product for summer as people will start to travel and they will need to store extra items in the car. Now, to not make things messy, this holder is a perfect solution to hold stuff like handbags, documents, phones, groceries, etc. 

Google Trends data shows a steady increase in handbag holder searches, indicating that it's going to be truly profitable for your business to sell this product this summer. 


One way to make sure you’re one step ahead of your competition is to check out the calendar and see if you can spot any upcoming events that will be happening.

This is huge since now you have an additional advantage to market your store and your products based on events and your copy will make a ton of sense.

One particular example that we wanted to tackle is sunglasses. This is super simple - just go to AliExpress and try to find sunglasses that have a lot of new orders. Sunglasses are going to be a perfect product to sell. And from what I saw, June 27th is a sunglasses day and you can go ahead and model your store to make sure it has sunglasses! 

Google Trends data just proves the point that sunglasses search is being hot every summer, and this particular summer is not going to be the exception. 

The Hover Ball

Let’s not forget one thing in particular, that this summer is going to have a ton of sports events.

From the European football championship to the Olympics it’s a perfect time to make use of it and start selling products related to sports, and especially the products that are really closely related to a particular sport/activity.

For the 7th product, we selected this interesting hover ball that can be played anywhere. Check out the video on AliExpress to see how it works, but the main thing here is that you want to make sure that you’re using all the upcoming sports events.

Just make sure that your ad as well as your store itself has a product video explaining/showing the product, as this is the type of product that has to be shown and make people excited to buy it from your store. 

Really interesting thing is that when we went to Google Trends to check the data for the general UEFA European Championship, we see a massive spike appearing right about this month (July), so there's no better time to sell this product. 

Bubble Machine

Finally, a super-fun product that has been on the uptrend for quite some time but we can see in our data that merchants are selling this item really well right now.

Bubble machine is a perfect product for children to play outside, and you can even try to do a bit of additional research and upload no more than 10 products that are related to bubble machines, toys, that should be fun to play outside during the hot days.

Once again - a perfect product for the summer season, and don’t forget to add quantity breaks to your store/product page so people who are buying more than 1 quantity are going to have some sort of discount if they buy more.

Moreover, we can see that just by looking into Google Trends data and what people are searching on Google, these bubble machines are on the uptrend right now and will be for the whole summer. 

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Trending products can help you increase your store’s sales. 

By testing high-potential items that are selling right now, you can better understand what types of products perform well. Feel free to check out these products and others in the articles below to better determine trending products to sell on your own. 

Also, if you're still not sure what do you want to sell and need an additional eye to check it out for you, feel free to contact our Oberlo Merchant Success Manager team by using the #REALTALK tag when writing a message.