Looking for some amazing life hacks?

We’ve searched the web and compiled a round-up of 50 popular life hacks for you to use. Some are more useful than others, a few are a little ridiculous, and more than a handful are simply brilliant.

These little tips, tricks, and tweaks can save you buckets of time and hassle – it would be mad not to use them!

But before we jump in, what are life hacks?

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What Are Life Hacks?

Life hacks are clever tips, techniques, or shortcuts that make little tasks easier. You can also think of them as creative, improvised solutions to common problems. 

A true life hack is simple and easy – let’s take a look at some!

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50 Useful Life Hacks That You Can Start Using Today

Want to make life a little easier and more convenient? Here are 50 of the best life hacks!

DIY Life Hacks for Electronics

Let’s start with some simple DIY hacks to help you manage your electronics.

1. How to Tidy Up Your Desk Cables

Do your desk cables constantly become tangled and messy? Are you always trying to find the right cable? Put an end to these problems with this simple life hack, and use binder clips to organize your cables.

Tidy Cables

2. How to Protect Your Cables

Have you ever owned charging cables that wore out and broke in the past? Smartphone and laptop charging cables aren’t cheap. Use this top life hack to protect them using a spring from an old pen.

3. A Handy Way to Charge Your Phone

Have you ever needed to charge your phone and realized that you’ve lost your charging adaptor? Remember this useful life hack and charge your phone using the USB port on the back of a TV.

4. How to Clean Your Electronics

Computer keyboards and charging ports on electronics often accumulate dust and dirt. Use this cool life hack to clean them. All you need is a squeezy-ketchup bottle top and your vacuum.


How to Clean Electronics

5. How to Organize Your Cables

If you’re like most people, you probably have a tangled bag of wires and cables somewhere. Use this easy life hack to get organized. All you need is a shoebox and a few toilet paper rolls.

How to Organize Cables

6. How to Charge Your Phone Wherever There’s a Socket

Have you ever gone to charge your phone, only to realize there’s nowhere to put it and your cable doesn’t reach the floor? Don’t let your phone hang from the cable, use this top life hack instead. All you need is a used plastic bottle and a pair of scissors.

DIY Phone Holder

7. How to Create Safe Passwords That You Can Remember

Use this real life hack to protect your accounts! Choose accented letters to include in your passwords to make them extra secure.

How to Protect Your Accounts

8. How to Stop a Plug from Slipping Out of a Socket

Urgh! This is so annoying, right? Not anymore. Just pinch the prongs together to give your plug some extra grip.

How to Stop Plugs Slipping Out

9. How to Keep Your Headphones Neat On-The-Go

Headphones can wear out quickly, so use this daily life hack to extend their life-span. All you need is a hair clip.

How to Organize Your headphones

10. How to Make a Cosy Light

Use this simple life hack to create a cozy light wherever you are. Just switch on your smartphone flashlight and place it under a water bottle.

How to Make a Cozy Light

Cool Life Hacks for Food

Now, let’s check out some of the best hacks to test out in the kitchen!

11. The Ice Cream Finish

Whenever you finish a jar of Nutella, jelly, or peanut butter don’t throw it out. Instead, remember this cool life hack and finish it off with some ice cream.

How to Finish Jars of Nutella

12. How to Stop Your Straw from Rising

If you’re fed up with your straw rising out of your drink, use this top life hack. Simply put your straw through the can’s tab.

How to Use a Straw

13. How to Stop Popsicles from Dripping

Want to enjoy your popsicle slowly without it dripping? Are you kids super messy when they eat popsicles? Poke the popsicle stick through a cupcake liner to catch the drips.

How to Eat a Popsicle

14. How to Store Your Pasta More Efficiently

This simple life hack can help you save cupboard space and prevent your pasta from breaking. All you need is an empty Pringles can.

How to Store Pasta

15. How to Improve Your Iced Coffee

If you love iced coffee, you probably don’t like it to be watered down by ice cubes. So, why not make coffee ice cubes? Use this cool life hack to never water down your iced coffee again.

How to Make Iced Coffee

16. How to Reseal Plastic Food Bags

Use this simple life hack whenever you run out of tupperware. Just cut the top off a plastic bottle and use it to create an air-tight seal.

How to Reseal Food Bags

17. How to Easily Peel a Boiled Egg 

This amazing life hack will save you time and mess! Add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water and eggshells will come off effortlessly.

How to Remove an Eggshell

18. How to Cut Soft Foods

This top life hack will help you cut food like a professional chef. Use some unscented floss to cut soft foods cleanly.

How to Cut Soft Food

19. How to Prevent Messy Cupcakes

This cool life hack makes it easier for kids to eat cupcakes – plus, it’s perfect for a party! All you need to do is bake cupcakes in ice-cream cones instead of liners.

How to Make Cupcakes

20. How to Serve Condiments at a BBQ

Don’t create work for yourself, use this simple life hack instead. When you have a BBQ, serve condiments in a muffin tin.

How to Serve Condiments

21. How to Get More Food Bag Clips

Use this easy life hack if you can’t find food bag clips. All you need is an old clip hanger.

How to Create More Food Clips

22. How to Start a Fire Without Kindling

Imagine it: You’re all set for your BBQ, but you forgot to get some kindling! No problem. Just remember this cool life hack and use tortilla chips instead.

How to Light a Fire Without Kindling

23. How to Make Ice Water On-the-Go

Want ice-cold water on the go? Fill your water bottle halfway and freeze it on its side.

How to Make Ice-Water To-Go

24. How to Make a Toasted Sandwich with a Standard Toaster

Use this simple life hack to make toasted sandwiches quickly, even if you don’t have a toasted sandwich maker. Just put two slices into the same slot!

How to Make Toasted Sandwiches

25. How to Heat Up Leftovers

Have you ever heated up leftovers in a microwave and discovered cold patches when you’re eating? Spread food out on the plate and leave a space in the middle to ensure it heats up evenly.

How to Reheat Food

26. How to Keep Takeout Hot

Whenever you get takeout, turn on your seat warmer to keep it hot on the drive home.

How to Keep Takeout Warm

27. How to Prevent Pancake Mess

Making pancakes can be messy, so use this simple life hack to prevent the mess. Clean out an old ketchup bottle and use it to store and pour pancake mix.

How to Pour Pancake Mix

28. How to Get Rid of Unpopped Popcorn Kernels

Once you’ve made a bag of popcorn, open the bag a touch. Then, turn it upside down and shake it over the trash to get rid of all the unpopped kernels.

How to Remove Popcorn Kernels

29. How to Make a Cookbook Holder

Use this amazing life hack to hold your cookbook in the kitchen. All you need is a clip hanger.

How to Hold Cookbooks

General Life Hacks

Here are some general hacks to make little tasks easier.

30. How to Keep Your Valuables Safe at The Beach

Just clean out an old bottle of lotion and use it to store your phone, keys, and money.

How to Keep Things Safe at the Beach

31. How to Identify Keys More Easily

Never fumble around looking for the right key again with this simple life hack. All you have to do is paint the tips of your keys with different colored nail polish.

How to Identify Keys

32. How to Fix Your Flip-Flops

Don’t throw away flip-flops with split holes just yet. Use a bread clip to prolong their life.

How to Save Your Flip-Flops

33. How to Clean Your Shower Head

This cool life hack can help you to save time. Pour some vinegar in a bag and tie it around your shower head. Come back the next day and it’ll be clean as a whistle!

How to Clean Shower Heads

34. How to Carry Grocery Bags

Fed up with grocery bags cutting into your hands? Use this cool life hack instead and clip them to a carabiner.

How to Carry Groceries

35. How to Iron a Shirt with Buttons

Make ironing easier with this simple life hack. Turn your shirt inside out to iron over the buttons easily.

How to Iron a Shirt

36. How to Create an Ice Pack That Won’t Drip

Use this simple life hack to avoid drips. Put a wet sponge in a sealable bag and freeze it. 

How to Make an Ice Pack

37. How to Stop Kids Falling Out of Bed

Four words: fitted sheet, pool noodle.

How to Stop Kids Falling Out of Bed

38. How to Cover Up Wooden Furniture Dings

Get a couple of walnuts and rub them on damaged wood to cover up the scuffs and dings.

How to Fix Dings on Wooden Furniture

39. How to Cross Out Writing

If you don’t want others to be able to read crossed out words, don’t scribble over them. Instead, write random numbers and letters over them.

How to Scribble Out Words

40. How to Clean Hazy Car Headlights

Do you have hazy car headlights? Use this real life hack and clean them with toothpaste.

How to Clean Hazy Headlights

41. How to Stash Your Cash

This amazing life hack is perfect for vacations or nights out on the town. Clean out an old chapstick tube and hide your cash in it.

How to Stash Your Cash

42. How to Take Out the Trash – Suction Free

You know how trash bags don’t come out of the can easily because the vacuum creates suction? Not anymore with this simple life hack. Drill some holes into the bottom of your can to let air flow freely.

How to Take Out the Trash

43. How to Test Battery Life

If you drop batteries onto a table and they bounce once and fall over, they’re good. If they bounce more than once, they’re probably dead or on the way out.

How to Check Battery Life

44. How to Prevent Car Door Dings

All you need is an old pool noodle for this simple life hack. Attach it to your garage wall to prevent damaging your car.

How to Protect Car Doors

45. How to Untie Plastic Bags

Untie knots faster with this simple life hack. Instead of trying to pull the knot apart, twist the ends and push them into each other.

How to Untie Bags

46. How to Handle the Last Bit of Soap

Whenever you use a bar of soap and there’s a little piece left, stick it onto the new bar to make washing easier.

How to Use the End of the Soap

47. How to Know Which Lane to Use

Don’t forget this essential life hack. When you’re on the highway, the signs will tell you which lane to use so you can exit safely.

How to Use the Correct Driving Lane

48. How to Identify Your Luggage

Save time and make it easier to spot your luggage by tying a small piece of brightly colored ribbon to your case.

How to Identify Luggage

49. How to Stay Safe in an Emergency

This amazing life hack could save your life. Consider keeping a card in your wallet or purse with your emergency medical details.

Medical Life Hack  
50. How to Pack Heavy Items When Moving House

Use this easy life hack to make moving house easier. Don’t use boxes for heavy items, instead use a suitcase with wheels.

How to Move Heavy Things

Closing Remarks: 50 of the Best Life Hacks

Life hacks are creative ways to make the little things in life easier. 

We found these hacks on Reddit – which is your favorite? And did we miss any amazing hacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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